And none of that was found. Both twins were separated from their mother at birth and from each other at age five. According to Dimitri who was there at their birth Scarlett is less vampire than her sister Vanessa. Jim Axelrod is the chief investigative correspondent and senior national correspondent for CBS News, reporting for "CBS This Morning," "CBS Evening News," "CBS Sunday Morning" and other CBS News broadcasts. it was kind of a joke, the approved friend list -- that could actually do things with Amy. .. the dots don't even remotely connect, here. Todd Mullis maintained he was innocent and said he had not known Amy was having an affair during his trial for Amy's murder. Scarlett Van Helsing, known as Scarlett Harker was a recurring character during Season Two and a main character in Season Three on SyFy's Van Helsing. Dina Nesheiwat: His dad was with him the whole time. Deputies began digging into the Mullis' marriage. He said he planned on using some heavy machinery later and didn't want to run them over. It stars Richard Roxburgh as rake Cleaver Greene, a brilliant but self-destructive Sydney barrister, defending a usually guilty client. Initially showed as a rogue ninja assailant. Cleaver chats with his son about his trial separation from his girlfriend. During the awards ceremony, photographer Reggie (Kim Gyngell), sneaks into their mansion and begins staring at a photograph of Star. So … he just said, "Go check on Mom.". Todd also told the jury why there was no security camera footage from the day Amy died. … She had quite a bit of blood on her -- on her -- on her clothes. Jim Axelrod: Go find mom. And Todd's position is she signed up for that. He was a cold fish. Cleaver insists the government will attempt to give him time even if he does plead guilty. As for Trysten? Juror: … we talked about all the different scenarios it could have been and it was -- we couldn't come up with a plausible explanation. For about three hours, Todd calmly addressed the many questions swirling around him, including why he didn't call 911 right away. Affiliates & Family Information Daniel Nesheiwat: There's no way that Todd could have killed Amy. A farmer's wife is found in a shed on their Iowa farm with a corn rake lodged in her back. That's the story. Trysten said he lost sight of Todd a couple of times when Trysten went to get some water in the office at the front of barn. Daniel Nesheiwat:  If someone wanted to commit murder …  in today's day and age know, don't bring your cell phone. After taking damage in the fight, both Kurama and Sasuke point out that Naruto has lost his edge, which the Hokage himself acknowledges. Jim Axelrod: The cell phone pinging only means that's where the cell phone was. Jon Turbett: We could see that Jerry Frasher's cell phone had cell phone activity around 10:45, 11:45, 12:45, all of that down in the Anamosa. There was no way Todd had enough time to get from the hog barn to the red shed. PATRICIA CHRISTOPHERSON:  I asked her why she stayed and … she said she was scared of Todd and if he found out about – wanting a divorce or an affair that he would kill her. Barney and Cleaver are back on speaking terms and share a case; Cleaver rescues Missy who's been enjoying a cocaine-hazed few days with Cal McGregor, and appeals to Wendy's better nature to take her in. Danielle has performed in many of Auckland Theatre Company productions: Caligula, Arcadia, The Shape of Things, The Vagina Monologues and The Blue Room. Matthew Troiano: The prosecution would want you to believe that he wants Trysten to find Mom. Me? Did Danielle Cormack want off of the show or did the writers simply have no further use for her? Special Agent Jon Turbett interviewed Frasher. Matthew Troiano: And then it morphs into a personal, romantic, sexual relationship.

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