**** Over 1000 reviews with a rating of 4.5 stars out of … Continue reading → Your email address will not be published. Unfortunately, our services and products are not available at your location. And if you’ve caught them using other methods, jigging is a great technique to add to your arsenal. Make sure the line's test matches the average weight of the targeted species, is capable of absorbing shock loads when the fish hits, and has enough strength in the knot areas. While the 3X is sometimes considered too light for bigger fish, I have landed fish in 200-pound range on it without issue. Click "Ask the Captain" above to ask Capt Andy, Capt Rich, and the rest of their crew your toughest saltwater fishing questions. If there’s a weak link, this is the fish that is going to expose it. A line's shock resistance withstands breakage when fish hit at high speeds especially during trolling. But it is difficult to cast, therefore I make casting … And if you’re lucky or brave enough to hook one of these beasts, you’re in for a real test of strength and endurance. A giant bluefin tuna will test the drag strength of any reel, the breaking point of any line, and the mettle of any angler. I believe that with the larger average size of the fish this year, this will be my go-to setup for landing tuna in the 300-pound class. "I just thought this was going to fizzle out and he was just going to be excited to catch a fish," said Herma as he reflected on the moments that took place before the Huk crew headed offshore. The 130lb class reels are simply too heavy for stand-up. However, in certain instances, some line stretch is desirable, (e.g. A large bluefin tuna can … Less stretch in fishing line results in more sensitivity to feel the fish, which is what anglers are looking for. While you continuously learn from experience, the lesson is remembering to switch it up when necessary to improve your success. High-performance line produced by thermal bonding of small fibers is called thermal filament and has a smaller diameter per pound test than monofilament. 130-pound Spectra test has the same diameter as conventional 30-pound test Nylon line). But that requires experience, a zest for a long fight and, above all, solid technique. When targeting giant bluefin tuna we use a bimini twist knot to create at approx 20ft length of double main line passed twice through the eye of a 300-400lb ball bearing swivel. Memory refers to a line's ability to retain its shape after deformation. For Bluefin likely to be over 100lbs, I use 100lb leader for casting and 130lb leader for jigging. And if you’re body’s aching after the battle, how do you think your reel is feeling?

We strongly recommend using only 9/0 – 11/0 3x circle hooks for several reasons: We recommend the Black Magic Fighting Belt and Harness. Smaller Diameter – compared to other brands allowing you to stuff more fishing line on your fishing reels.
Did we say that they’re built liketorpedoes? "Well, we get up here, and sure enough, Verner shows up with two brand new Stellas.".

TJ Ott: 1,250 pounds, 125 inches; it was caught off of Cape Cod in 2009. In selecting your lure of choice, consider what bait the tuna are dialed in on. This is how much pressure needs to be applied to your fishing line to break it. Butterfly jigs will list the hook and split-ring sizes right on the package, while some brands come already setup. If the cow tunas are there but they are being very finicky give 60 Lb fluorocarbon a shot.

Your choice of gear and how to rig it for these vertical jigging outings is critical.
Long leaders are key for vertical jigging as they hide your line, therefore leave about 15 feet of leader after splicing in about 4 to 5 inches, whipping your splice with wax fly-tying line. A large bluefin tuna can take about 200 yards of fishing line as it tries to get away from the fishing … Remember to check the back of the crimp box to know the scale and match it exactly with the leader. Fluorocarbon For Long Range Cow Tunas If you are planning on going on a long range tuna fishing trip, ... (13% thicker than 40 Lb flouro), and thin enough to make your line virtually invisible in the blue water offshore. The early bite was best.

TJO: $27 per pound in North Carolina in 2004, but in the mid 1990s my dad got one for $44 pound in Gloucester. product you want, try searching Amazon. Check it out here…KastKing SuperPower Superline Braided fishing line at Amazon.com. Fishing line that is extruded in a single continuous filament and left untwisted is called monofilament. The strength of fishing line is called test and is measured in pounds. All Rights Reserved, Tackle Guide: Vertical Jigging for Bluefin Tuna. It is by far the most popular big game fishing line according to online sales. Bait-casting on a lake requires lighter and more sensitive line than saltwater game fishing because it is a more active style of fishing and the targeted species are smaller. It is many times stronger than steel, more durable than polyester and so light, it floats. (I also have similar combos holding 100-pound C16 and a 130-pound fluorocarbon leader.) Using the right crimp with the right line diameter is essential. They can reach speeds of 60 miles per hour and can weigh over one thousand pounds. The Seaguar Premier is also of good quality, but it’s not as stiff. Nylon, the oldest and most common of the synthetic fibers for fishing line, is made from linear polyamides and offers a good compromise between strength, stretch and abrasion resistance. The other fish was 1,174 pounds. Both fish were around 126 inches. Too light a line may be difficult to cast or may be broken by an excessive load. Having latched on so quickly, he must have known, must have been waiting for Verner, ready to put the Stella spinning reel to the test. Rods, Reels & Line. The fish were keyed in on herring and mackerel in early June, so perhaps the black worked better because it mimicked the darker backs of the baitfish or the darker stripes of the mackerel.

By West Advisor Staff, Last updated: 5/2/2018. 45 pounds) if the fish hits at full throttle and takes off with the bait. visit the manufacturer's website. The 90-pound-test Big Game coils are available in 30 meter lengths, so you can get about five 18- to 20-foot leaders off one of these coils. From Butterfly jigs to RonZ baits to other topwater lures and live bait, every year and even during the season there is a shift as to which will be the leader, making it important to keep altering your strategies to stay on top of what the fish want. He told Verner, "Oh yeah, cool man, you're gonna get it,” but in his mind he was thinking, There's no way. That was back in 1998.

Ultra -High sensitivity and zero stretch – superior hook setting which will increases your catch ratio. Your email address will not be published. Van Staal makes a GT rod that is 8 feet long for casting lures to topwater fish. There's just no way.

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