Daraufhin besorgte er sich einen Nansen-Pass, und Frits Kerkhoven versorgte ihn mit Kleidung und Schuhen, in denen Diamanten versteckt waren, die Riphagen bei Kerkhoven zurückgelassen hatte. The spectrum of “bad behavior” stretches all the way from kicking puppies to genocide. Riphagen was employed in the last year of the war by the Hoffmann Group of the SD in Assen, which specialized in the detection of shot-down Allied airmen and weapons that had been dropped to the resistance. After the end of war in Europe, he faked his death and went into hiding. From March 4 to March 31, 1943, the Column, which consisted mainly of professional criminals, handed over 3,190 Jews to the German authorities, who deported them to concentration camps in Eastern Europe. Auf diese Zeit geht sein späterer Spitzname Al Capone zurück. It was his task, together with his "colleagues" from the Amsterdam underworld, to uncover the black market as well as to track down Jewish property, which was being sold outside the German foreign exchange regulations. [1][2] Die Kolonne erpresste auch jüdische Menschen mit der Drohung von Deportation, damit sie andere Untergetauchte verrieten. [1] Riphagen played an important role in 1944 in partially rolling-up the underground resistance organisation Identity Cards Centre (Persoonbewijzencentrale), in the course of which the Jewish-German resistance fighter Gerhard Badrian was shot. Dries Riphagen soon took part in the hunt for Jews (Judenjagd) together with members of the Olij family, who were feared Jodenklopper (Jew beaters). His last known address was in Madrid. 2016 Riphagen (special thanks) Getting Started | Contributor Zone » Contribute to This Page. You’d think that military occupation and iron dictatorship would put a damper on this kind of thing, but no. The Dutch TV station VPRO showed it as a three-part series (padded with extra material) in January 2017. [1], Nach dem Sturz Peróns kehrte Riphagen nach Europa zurück und reiste umher, vornehmlich in Spanien, Deutschland und der Schweiz. [1], The fact that Riphagen was not handed over to the Netherlands was most likely due to his good connections. Sherlock Holmes . Even Willy Lages (Richard Gonlag), the SD commander who tries and largely fails to keep Riphagen on the reservation, is relatable as every corporate manager who’s had to wrangle with a gifted but rebellious star employee. Riphagen was born as the eighth child into a Dutch family in Amsterdam. On IMDb TV, you can catch Hollywood hits and popular TV series at no cost. He stayed in the United States for two years working for Standard Oil, during which time he came into contact with local criminal circles and learned their methods. Dries Riphagen wurde als achtes Kind einer Amsterdamer Familie geboren, sein Vater arbeitete für die Marine.Riphagens Mutter starb, als er sechs Jahre alt war, und sein Vater heiratete ein zweites Mal, kümmerte sich aber kaum um die Kinder, da er Alkoholiker war. Als Bonus erhielten die Männer fünf bis zehn Prozent der beschlagnahmten Waren, aber sie ließen auch viele Werte in den eigenen Taschen verschwinden. Finally the Henneicke Column was dissolved on the grounds of corruption. Meet Andries Riphagen, the driving force of the three-part Dutch TV series Riphagen, now streaming on Amazon Prime. That’s bad enough, but Riphagen and his gangster buddies keep the loot. After the war Dries Riphagen was wanted by the police for the betrayal of Jews as well as treason and the public prosecutor considered him responsible for the death of at least 200 people. His contact address there was also that of a Jesuit priest but nothing is known of any connection with the ratlines. The recreations of the Netherlands of the 1940s feel authentic, though some street scenes seem underpopulated, as if there wasn’t quite enough budget to get all the extras the producers needed.

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