Keep your customers coming back for more!". For allergies we retrieve untouched ingredients from storage. Sold by Castell Howell, Enjoyed by Wales. Italian heritage, Welsh ingredients. This is luxury dairy ice cream done right. The Cone Guys Cone Display. We always have at least 2 no sugar added hard serve options alongside our homemade flavors so ask us what flavors are available to suit your needs. Ice Cream Novelties Cones Toppings Mix ... Welsh Farms Bulk Ice Cream *3 Gallon. Gil's Wholesale carries snacks and cookies from Nabisco. Hard and soft serve Ice Cream Mix. Hard and soft serve Ice Cream Mix. Quality remains after price is forgotten. The farm is situated in Michaelston-le-Pit, which is about 2 miles (as the crow flies) from Cardiff. We add new items to our product line seasonally. Follow us on our Social Media ❣Make sure to follow us on all social media platforms. As a "One Stop Shop" we also supply cups, straws, spoons & all of the paper products you need for your Ice Cream & Italian Ice business or fundraising event. Gil's handles a wide variety of cake and waffle cones such as Novelty Cones for your next event. Gil's Wholesale carries a variety of M&M candys in King size, individual size and convenience store boxes of 24 count packages. We have many treats ranging from banana splits to hot waffle sundaes, egg creams, and more. Thank you for visiting us at, To see Gil's Wholesale Distributors products. Chocolate CheesecakeSalted Caramel ChipSmores, Home ■ About ■ Menu ■ Cakes ■ Arcade ■ Local Events ■ Employment ■ Contact, Iceberg Associates, LLC Website and photography by Morgan Sartori, 403 Grand Central AvenueLavallette, New Jersey. If you have any allergies or special request please alert us so we can serve you safely. in the Ice Cream, Italian Ice & Frozen Dessert business. She oversees the farm, the ice cream production and the parlour. Our Range. Gil's Ice Cream Supplies, Italian Ice Products & Gelato, Cups, Containers, Paper & Plastic Products, Your "One Stop Shop" for over 8,000 items, of wholesale Ice Cream Products, Gelato and Italian Ice Supplies, Ice Cream Mix and everything else you need. Weaver Popcorn. We buy Welsh Farms 16% super premium ice cream mix from a local dairy in Wallington, NJ. Cone Guys Specialty Cones from Gil's Wholesale . We also sell Welsh Farms Ice Cream Mix for Hard & Soft Serve manufacturers, and Master Martini Gelato Mix. We also carry an extensive variety of popcorn, snow cone and cotton candy concession, convenience store items, candy, bottled water, snacks and cleaning & sanitizing products for your business. Gil's now carries Master Martini line of Gelato manufacturing supplies. Contact. 10043 Banana 19017 Black Raspberry 19003 Butter Pecan 10957 Cake Batter 19063 Caramel Sea Salt 10377 Caramel Apple 19051 Cherry Vanilla 19055 Cherry Vanilla (No Sugar Added) 19002 Chocolate 19012 Chocolate Peanut Butter 19013 Cinnamon 10016 Coconut 19010 Coffee 19062 Coffee Fudge 19025 Cookie Dough … "Personalized Service & Product Expertise". We buy Welsh Farms 16% super premium ice cream mix from a local dairy in Wallington, NJ.

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