However, there have been vampire societies over the thousand years or so that the species has existed. Distinction One such reason for this is because the amount of history the vampire has experienced gives them a great deal of knowledge, which translates to certain bragging rights in the community, especially when the elder vampires interact with the younger vampires, werewolves, witches, and in-the-know humans they encounter. Although the vampires established their own community in New Orleans, several other supernatural communities cohabited in the town, including several packs of werewolves and at least nine Covens of witches, who were, according to Rebekah, "not a lot to be trifled with." However, as the vampire population continued to grow and their influence began to spread even farther as they gained more power, the community found themselves in an intense war with the French Quarter Coven, who harbored hatred toward the vampires and, like many witches, believed them to be abominations of Nature. In a flash-forward, he's shown to have grown old in Mystic Falls with Elena. The Vampire Diaries Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. The font used for the title card is very similar to Helvetica light, with a modified “V”. As leverage, they brought out the werewolf Hayley Marshall, whom they had discovered was miraculously impregnated with Klaus' hybrid child after a one-night-stand few months earlier, and threatened to kill her and the baby if they didn't join their cause. However, they attempted to defeat the Originals with White Oak Ash Daggers created by the witch who empowered them, not knowing that Klaus' werewolf heritage made him immune to weapons made of silver. The number one rule of the community, however, is that vampires are forbidden from killing any of their own kind, and vampires who have violated this rule have faced strict punishment, such one hundred years of solitary confinement and starvation in the Garden prison or even death. Set where you live, what language you speak, and the currency you use. However, it will still burn them upon contact, but if ingested, it will not weaken them as much if they take small amounts over time to increase their immunity. The only known substances that can have a serious negative effect on vampires are vervain and werewolf venom. Unfortunately, Marcel and his vampires arrived to the cemetery where the ritual was being performed too late, and by the time they made their attack, the elders had already sacrificed three of the four girls. Tristan was then overthrown in 2013 and replaced by Aya and Marcel in turn. Etsy will be dropping support for older versions of your web browser in the near future in order to ensure that user data remains secure. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. There are 335 vampire diaries shirts for sale on Etsy, and they cost $21.73 on average. The most popular color? If vampirism is removed through the cure to immortality, the body will return to the state of a healthy alive adult so long as the cure remains in their blood. They began hunting vampires in Italy during the early 12th century as the Normans conquered southern Europe. Some see humans as simply food, servants, and/or entertainment, while others feel compassion for humans, remembering their lives before becoming vampires and not wanting to cause any more harm to them than necessary, and even regarding certain humans as close friends, lovers, or family. However, the progeny of the Original vampires soon proved to be much weaker than their sires, even those who were closest to them in age, giving the Originals a high status that demanded respect from their younger sired vampires. Upon gaining leadership of the community, Marcel created many rules that he strongly enforces within the borders of New Orleans, which includes the following: vampires can only feed on tourists (though feeding on consenting locals seems to be allowed as long as they're willing to keep the secret or can be compelled to do so); and all vampires are responsible for keeping the number of vampire-related killings of humans to a minimum so as to not negatively affect tourism rates, which thereby affects their food supply and the city's general prosperity. However, the spell that empowered the hunters did not die with them—instead, several new hunters emerged during the following centuries with the same powers and dedication of the first. The bite of a vampire is so powerful that it can sever the limbs of both animals and humans, as vampires are known for having extremely sharp and strong teeth. Afterward, Marcel and Father Kieran made a deal regarding their respective communities: the humans would look the other way when it came to the vampires' feeding habits so long as they limited their feedings to tourists rather than locals and kept their number of kills to a minimum in order to prevent a decrease in the tourism rates that kept the city financially prosperous. As Ayana expected, the creation of the Original vampires eventually led to the start of a "plague" in 1002 after the Originals inadvertently learned they could turn humans into more of their kind by feeding them their blood and killing them, which caused the population of vampires to multiply in increasing numbers over the centuries following the species' creation. This spell made it possible to kill an Original without killing their sirelings in the process. The only exception to this was Alaric Saltzman, who was successfully transformed from an Enhanced Original vampire into a human as a result of his serious, but not absolutely fatal, injury being instantly treated by Dr. Josette Laughlin. However, as Ayana predicted, Nature was furious that one of their witch servants disrupted its balance using their magical gifts, and so, to counter this imbalance, it created a weakness for every strength the Originals had gained through the dark magic, which were then inherited by the Originals' vampire offspring as well, sometimes in even more potent forms than their progenitors.

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