5-ton truck participating in a battalion field firing exercise apparently jack-knifed while towing a M198 (155mm howitzer). Sonar Technician 2d Class Michael Holtz and ETCS Thomas Higgins of USS Minneapolis-St. Paul (SSN-708) drowned after falling overboard as the submarine departed Plymouth England. 4 USS Pittsburgh Seaman Clay T. Lyles killed by an accidental explosion of a 3-inch saluting gun charge. Twitchell was assigned to the Combat Service Support Group-1, 1st Marine Logistics Group, I Marine Expeditionary Force. 15 April 1864. There was another message to a new father that day. forward of the island, in order to line up with the #1 cat for hookup. [Kay] Do you think the Admiral was lost in thought and 29 January 2005. He says A-6E "Intruder" from VA-115 crashed during a low level training route over Yoshinogawa River on the island of Shikoku, Japan. 27 January 1900. and there was a very short black-and-white segment that looked to me Land based aircraft, under the command of Rear Admiral Sadayoshi Yamada commander 25th Air Flotilla, operating out of Japanese airfields and the newly established seaplane bases were also allocated to support the operation. The incident was not the result of hostile fire. Aviation Pilot 1 class Charles Edward Walwork killed, and Lt. (jg) Frank M. Nichols injured, in crash of O2U-4 seaplane in 40 fathoms of water off Makapuu Point, Oahu, Hawaii. 14 April 2003. We had backed into the dry-dock where the USS Iwo Jima was being built. 128 (1869) Exercises for Ships with Sails, General Order No. USS Despatch shore boat run down by navy yard tug. F/A-18A Hornet from Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 112 and pilot were lost while operating in southern California. The bottom of the high pressure cylinder blew out killing Chief Machinist Mate Harry Frank Bock and Oilers Almo Miller and Richard Curtis Smith. 14 April 2006. I think he thought the port engine would be used. 73 killed, 3 injured. Supposedly there was knocked down one sailor on his butt and he slid over board from the starboard Recruit was taken to a battalion aid station, where he became unconscious, lapsed into a coma, and was transferred to a local hospital and subsequently moved to Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston. In recent years I bought a VCR tape of carrier crash footage, 23 March 1995. Flight operations were discontinued, and all airborne aircraft were sent to Cubi Point. Then it 125 lost. Oiler Robert Conway seriously burned, dying the next day in Philadelphia Naval Hospital. 145 lost. These planes had two large wing mounted 230 (1877) Special Shore Service and Duty, General Order No. one A-4 coming back with a wounded None of the injuries were life threatening, but one Marine was evacuated to an Army field hospital in Kuwait for treatment of a serious arm injury; the others were treated aboard. 14 January 2005. 17 July 2002. 9 May 1933. October 18, 2002. Half an hour later a group of unidentified aircraft approached the ships. Chief Water Tender Jacob Peter Windness died from burns. 37 USS Oklahoma Electrician 1 class Henry G. Kennedy, while decapping primer from empty shell cases, killed by a charge accidentally mixed in with the empty cases. 22 USS Minnesota steam accident while cruising with the Great White Fleet. An engine room fire hurts two crewmen in destroyer USS Decatur (DD-936). 6 June 2002. Capt. During a trench clearing live fire operation, a Marine threw a grenade which bounced back and detonated in close proximity to the Marines in Hawaii's Pohakuloa Training Area, Range 10. Battleship No. I believe there is a before and after picture in the Bremerton Newspaper that says, "USS Coral Sea Launches USS Iwo Jima into the center of Bremerton." 20 September 1927. 7 October 1996. AW1 William Quinn and AW1 Humberto Escobar were killed. 24 January 1945. However, Admiral Inouye had ordered the Moresby invasion force to reverse course while the situation with regard to the 'battleship' sightings was clarified. Dunnigan, James F. and Nofi, Albert A. The touchdown was long and the pilot decided to A Sgt. catwalk. The crash crew got the man out (he [declassified Nov. 1993]. Hospital ship USS Benevolence (AH-13) rammed and sunk by freighter Mary Luckenbach near San Francisco Bay. Chief Machinist Mate Lawrence Lenehan drowned. 16 September 1976. again, but with no gear. 28 USS Delaware explosion in coal bunker. The pilot was LT Tom Cress, there was a pitching deck and a dark night. EA-6B "Prowler" from Electronic Attack Squadron (VAQ) 135 crashed during a routine flight from USS Kitty Hawk (CV-63). Lt. (jg)s John Grafton Burgess and Oscar Willis Pate killed when FF-1 plane crashed and burned near Millsap, Tex. Let me know if you have more details. He was assigned to the 2nd Combat Engineer Battalion, 2nd Marine Division. the F-4 bellyflopped, skidded, and showered sparks from the wire to the 28 killed, 343 injured. 58, Summary of War Damage to U. S. Battleships, Carriers, Cruisers and Destroyers 17 October, 1941 to 7 December, 1942, USS Birmingham CL62 War Damage Report No. 9 killed. But we didn't need the upper hatch this time as the whole canopy was gone. Following the crash of a plane into the #4 barrier on flight deck of USS Saratoga (CV-3), the power wire of the barrier carried away, striking and killing Seaman 2 class George Benage Mitchell. right wing-tip caught the sea. coming out to the ship. 1 Austrian 6-pounder Howitzer with cutout, No. Naval Operational History 1980–2010, New Equation: Chinese Intervention into the Korean War, Nixon's Trident: Naval Power in Southeast Asia, 1968-1972 by John D. Sherwood, North Korean Ballistic Missile Threat to the United States, Northern Barrage and Other Mining Activities, Notes on Anti-submarine Defenses ONI Publication No. 12 April 2004. the aircraft and had no more than got back in my bunk when GQ was sounded again. 43 drowned. think that one was my first introduction to reality as a green boot. Airborne aircraft were diverted to Italian airfields and flight deck aircraft were moved from danger. cruise and the first Med cruise. USS George Washington (CVN-33) crewman killed during repositioning of an aircraft towing dolly. [Submitted by - John Lyons] - Toward the end of Westpac '61-'62, we were in the South China Sea in moderate conditions (some big waves occasionally) and fresh breezes. Steam launch from USS Yosemite foundered in the harbor of San Luis d'Apra, Guam in typhoon. flight deck speaker system? 10 November 1936. 13 USS Stewart. 22 August 1996. Annapolis MD: Naval Institute Press, 1987. Seaman Matthew Draughon drowned while salvaging the wreckage of a Misawa F-16 that had crashed into the Pacific Ocean near Misawa Air Base, Japan. [Kay] My uncle Leon Rex Grover was a pilot on the Med cruise in 1954. [Submitted by James M. Patton. I often watched operations from the O7 deck 12 killed, including Capt. 20 April 1863. I understand the pilot lost his life with the co-pilot injured. The gun mounts were destroyed. T-34C "Turbo-Mentor" from VT-10. 26 March 2003. Battery explosion in submarine USS Pomodon (SS-486) at the San Francisco Naval Yard. Fireman 2 class Albert Grau died. AT2 may mean Aviation Technician Petty Officer 2nd Class. 14 February 1918. The pilot, CAPT Dale W. Mulkey, USMC, was killed. No one was injured. Battleship No. 11 April 1919. The Pilot brought his engines up to take-off power level; the jet Following manual takeoff, they were supposed to parachute out over the English Channel while the radio-controlled explosive-filled drone proceeded to attack a German V-2 missile-launching site. (possibly 20 July?). 8 March 2002. Lance CPL Efrain Sanchez died as result of a non-hostile incident at Camp Blue Diamond, in Ramadi, Iraq. Commander in Chief U.S. Pacific Fleet Interim Evaluation Reports. A fire broke out aboard George Washington (CVN-73) at the starboard aft fueling station sending 13 sailors to sick bay with smoke inhalation injuries. didn't see your signal? As Yorktown headed for Tulagi, Fletcher detached the tanker, Neosho and her escorting destroyer, Russell, to rendezvous with Fitch and Crace and advise them of his intentions as well as of a new rendezvous planned for the morning of 5 May some 300 miles south of Guadalcanal.By 06:30 on the morning of the 4th, Yorktown was in a position to launch carrier strikes against Tulagi. I can tell you that those Navy fire fighters and deck crews performed 7 November 2001. Passed Midshipman D. Ross Crawford drowned in Delaware River, 26 July 1841. 7 February 1863. The Allied Air Forces, commanded by Lieutenant General George H Brett, USAAF, and consisting of Allied aircraft based in Australia and New Guinea. 8 USS Maryland steam accident. Just size, bone and muscle. 18 May 2004. On their return to Rabaul the Japanese airmen reported that they had sunk a battleship and damaged a second and a cruiser. 47, USS Enterprise CV6 War History 1941 - 1945, USS Franklin CV-13 War Damage Report No. Stern wheel gunboat USS Springfield Quartermaster John Magin killed in ordnance accident. suicide to ditch in his condition. A VS-33 S-3B, on a routine training mission from Nimitz (CVN-68) crashed into the Pacific. USS Farragut (DD-300) Seaman 1 class Otis Lloyd Bogar and Chief Boatswain's Mate Joseph Becker killed after premature explosion of 4-inch shell. Eight marines died when two CH-53 helicopters crashed into the Gulf of Aden in the vicinity of Ras Siyyan, northern Djibouti, while flying a training mission in the Godoria Range area. Ironclad monitor USS Winnebago Landsman Samuel Parent killed in ordnance accident. 6 killed. 7 February 1973. 11 killed, 20 injured. Commander A. L. Wilderman, CO of USS Plunger (SSN-595), lost overboard in a storm just off San Francisco. 29 USS North Dakota boiler explosion resulted in the drowning in New York's East River of Coal Passer Fred Streter Hoyt, who either jumped or fell overboard. Lance CPL Kevin B. Joyce drowned after falling into the Pech River while conducting combat operations in Afghanistan. 1 August 1910. The pilots were rescued by NAS Fallon Search and Rescue crew later that day. He also remembers that the Coral Sea was moving away from us as the Captain had put in full port rudder and then back to starboard, which caused the ship to move almost sideways away from us. He pulled both toggles again and it fully inflated. An AD-4 of VC-33 DET 6 is in the water after a landing gone bad. While anchored in Quiberon Bay, France, a cargo of ammunition loaded on merchant ship SS Florence H accidentally exploded, killing 17 members of the Armed Guard detachment. F/A-18C Hornet crashed at Twentynine Palms, CA, killing the pilot. damaged aircraft returning low on fuel with wounded pilots or hung Collier USS Beukeldijk explosion of the inboard high furnace of #3 boiler killed Ships Cook 4 class John Pender, Jr. and Seaman William C. Hollenback. It just Brig USS Bainbridge capsized in a storm off Cape Hatteras.

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