Tuttle did many of the makeups on the series, and this was one of his more challenging jobs. “The Sixteen Millimeter Shrine”) to also direct an episode. Lupino worked on The Twilight Zone in both creative capacities: as an actress, she starred in the first-season episode “The Sixteen-Millimetre Shrine”, playing an ageing film star obsessed with watching her old work; and as a director (the only woman to direct on the show), she helmed the fifth-season episode “The Masks”, a “bizarre story of men, masquerades and masks” that Serling promised “will send you at least to a mirror … if it doesn’t send you to a psychiatrist”. by Rod Serling, directed by Ida Lupino, starring Robert Keith, Milton Selzer, Others may also take issue with the main characters, who, perhaps intentionally, come across as simple caricatures rather than complex and relatable human beings. I’m not sure I see them strictly as caricatures – particularly, Wilfred Sr. One moment occurs with Wilfred Sr. — when his family “acts up,” so to speak, we flash back to him rolling his eyes or some other “f*ck this” reaction.
The episode also features William Tuttle’s exceptional makeup designs in the both the masks the masks constrict the family members beginning to break beneath the strain of the passing hours. Ida Lupino is the only actor to have starred in an episode of The Twilight Zone (“The Sixteen-Millimeter Shrine) and also direct one; she’s also the only woman director in the history of the series.

“The Masks” is fortunate to have one of Serling’s stronger scripts, but Lupino’s direction is key—stylish without ever overstating the style, and with a refreshing sense of perspective throughout. “The Masks” is a dialogue-heavy episode as Serling had fallen to dictating his late season episodes with

to combine elements of fable, Southern Gothic, and Serling’s inimitable moralistic

Michelle Carey • Daniel Fairfax • Fiona Villella • César Albarrán-Torres. While dying of old age, the wealthy Jason Foster (Robert Keith) … As her film career waned, a television career beckoned. nature as the night wears on. muted sounds of a Mardi Gras celebration outside the enclosed setting. "The Masks" Despite its relatively predictable ending, "The Masks" just might be one of the scariest episodes of "The Twilight Zone." Like “Eye of the Beholder”, the makeup is the linchpin … He always seems to be adding a little more to the story, from the moment when he guides Doctor Thorne out (that little smile), to his little facial tics throughout, and his little “don’t touch me!” moment when he leaves the drawing room and moves out of the way of Geoffrey the butler. It is noteworthy that both of the episodes of The Twilight Zone that Lupino participated in converge around the theme of projected selves versus true selves. (S01E01), "One for the Angels" (S01E02), "Mr. Denton on Doomsday" (S01E03), "The Sixteen-Millimeter Shrine" (S01E04), "Walking Distance" (S01E05), … That also applies to the two Zones he appeared in. If the procedure fails, state officials will relegate her to a special village with others of her kind. I don’t know if that was part of the script or Selzer adding a little something that wasn’t there, but it gives him far more of a characterization than the rest of the actors. Even the subtle The Twilight Zone Vortex 2016 Halloween Coundown #... My Life in the Shadow of the Twilight Zone, Submitted for Your Approval: A Twilight Zone Podcast, The Twilight Zone Review Podcast from LIW, Southern California School of Writers (The Group). Notably, family members Wilfred (Milton Selzer), Emily (Virginia Gregg), Paula (Brooke Hayward), and Wilfred Jr. (Alan Sues) are required to wear special masks throughout the evening—with a horrifying result.
Combining supernatural tropes with insightful subject matter, “The Masks” earns its status as an iconic entry of The Twilight Zone. presents us with the story of a wealthy, dying old man who, in his final attempt viewer of the program as well an episode that rewards repeat viewings. The many masks that are present in this episode combined with the hard-hitting dialogue make an episode titled “The Masks” about human truths. It’s like he KNOWS what he and his family have become, but doesn’t care enough to really give a damn. only female director of an episode on the series. Masks” is a flawlessly executed work of imaginative dark fantasy which manages The Twilight Zone Episode 145: The Masks Share Tweet Pin It.

close in a series of tight framing shots that constricts the setting just as They know Jason very well, and they clearly show far more respect for him than for his misbegotten family. Additionally ominous are the titular masks, which, despite being simple in design and ambiguous in origin, lead to a creepy and disturbing outcome for the entire Harper family. This is a list of writers for The Twilight Zone sorted by the amount of episodes written. If you are an Australian resident, any donations over $2 are tax deductible. distinctive position of being the only performer of an episode (season one’s The Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires (1974), Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell (1974). The Twilight Zone episode "The Time Element" marked Serling's first entry in the field of science fiction. Besides, a million dollar windfall (or whatever) can buy a lot of plastic surgery…. Off-topic messages belong in the About section. Behind the camera, she found steady employment helming episodes of programs as diverse as Have Gun – Will Travel, The Donna Reed Show, 77 Sunset Strip, The Untouchables, The Fugitive, Bewitched, Gilligan’s Island and The Twilight Zone’s cousins Alfred Hitchcock Presents and Thriller from the mid-1950s through to the late 1960s. I’ve seen reviews that condemn his Jason Foster for being just as bad as the rest of the family, but I never saw it that way. – it also gives the show a certain timelessness that more overtly stylised or visually ‘of the moment’ television lacks. In fact, Milton Selzer is the real surprise of the episode.

(Alan Sues was never one of my favorite actors, but he’s good in this in a shallow way.).

Though somewhat justified, Jason will likely evoke criticism for his spiteful and malicious final deed.

Production Code: 2601 . (The acting is also terrific, … While the direction of The Twilight Zone episodes is typically rote, with none of the flash or overt stylisation that would later become synonymous with dark television fantasy (for example, Twin Peaks), it is precisely this professional execution, this mechanised colouring within the contours of the rich scripts and television’s ‘house’ style, that eases viewers into the outlandish premises and subversive mind-bombs lobbed by the scriptwriters, into the “land of both shadows and substance, of things and ideas” promised by Serling’s opening credit narration. These masks are no garden variety cardboard party masks, but monstrous visages selected to reflect the toxic interiors of their wearers: Wilfred’s mask shows his “greed, avarice, cruelty”; Emily’s reveals her as a “self-centred coward, a gutless flab”; the preening Paula’s exposes her “insolent hauteur [and] skin-deep vanity”; and Wilfred Jnr.’s is the “face of a dull, stupid clown”.

to expose their ugly traits, subjects the members of his greedy family to a bit Click here to make a donation. hour of midnight if they ever hope to get their hands on his money.

The hard truth: Ace Larson (Dane Clark) learns a life lesson at the hands of Big Phil Nolan (Nedson Booth).

This gives both episodes an autobiographical imprint – even if entirely paratextual – atypical of The Twilight Zone’s stars and directors.

Dr Ben Kooyman studied at Flinders University and has published extensively on Shakespeare, film, comics, and Australian cinema. Founded in 1999, Senses of Cinema is one of the first online film journals of its kind and has set the standard for professional, high quality film-related content on the Internet. And is it me or does Robert Keith sound a little like Vincent Price? Images and textual extracts are used for archival and research purposes only. Rod Serling ("Where Is Everybody?" use of sound is highly effective as the viewer can hear the The Twilight Zone excelled in telling tales of terror, ... “The Masks” is not only Rod Serling’s last great script for the series but stands in the absolute top rank of the series entire.

"Eye of the Beholder" is an episode of the The Twilight Zone. Composer: None (Stock Music) Air Date: 3/20/1964.

However, some credit is also due to the show’s neglected roster of directors. Lupino headlined episodes of Four Star Playhouse and the sitcom Mr. Adams and Eve in the 1950s, and guested on multiple shows, ranging from Bonanza to Charlie’s Angels, over the remainder of her career. You unlock this door with the key of imagination . Within an evocative, isolated set, … He currently teaches at the Australian National University. The dialogue also The word “play” deserves some emphasis here, both for the show’s playfulness and its innate theatricality. Specifically, this offering deserves praise for its chilling background music, acerbic lead performance from Robert Keith, and cruel but satisfying twist in the penultimate scene. It is a perfect episode for first time from “The Masks,” season five, episode 145, Written From the CBS Video Library cover: "Miss Janet Tyler, hospital patient 307, lives in a private world of darkness. A Brief Introduction to the Beat (in) Film, Criminals Against Decoration: Modernism as a Heist, Claustrophobia and Intimacy in Alex Ross Perry’s, Thresholds of Work and Non-Work in Tulapop Saenjaroen’s, The 34th Cinema Ritrovato Has Full Resuscitation under COVID, Women at the 2020 Toronto International Film Festival, A Vitalising Cinema in an Agitated Age: The 58th New York Film Festival, Your Daughters Come Back to You: The 28th Pan African Film and Arts Festival, Stairways to Paradise: Youssef Chahine and, Waiting for Rain: Oppression and Resistance in Youssef Chahine’s. Those who know him, his true friends, do see and know the real Jason Foster. I had never heard of Milton Selzer until I started really watching TZ as an adult, then I started looking out for him in other 60s TV shows – he made several appearances on Mission Impossible and other shows, usually a background character, but he was good enough to be able to add something special to every role he played.

Foster agrees to bequeath them his fortune on one condition: that they each wear a mask for the duration of Mardi Gras eve.

While most of these late episodes suffered under the weight of all the dialogue, “The Masks” seems stronger for it.

While it is unlikely that these were exercises in memoirist auteurism – Lupino was essentially a jobbing actor and/or director-for-hire at this juncture in her career – the fact remains that few would know the construction of false identities, the manufacturing of personas or the machinations of the mercenary better than a former Hollywood starlet. Having said that, Serling as screenwriter is guilty of laying on Foster’s cruel remarks about his family so thickly and didactically that, at times, one almost sympathises with the cutthroat clan. Subscribe to Senses of Cinema to receive news of our latest cinema journal.Enter your email address below: Credit for the genius of the original series of The Twilight Zone is routinely attributed to its droll, visionary chain-smoking architect Rod Serling – a 1950s equivalent of today’s Social Justice Warrior, who saw television fantasy as a vehicle for social commentary – and a select few of its hired fantasist scribes, among them Richard Matheson and Charles Beaumont. fantastically directed and acted episode which contains all the hallmarks of Director Ida Lupino keeps the camera pulled in style to create an enduring masterpiece.

Text unique to the Vortex may be used freely with citation.

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