As a truly international community, we recognise the importance of clear guidance > Senator Ron Wyden is one the foremost defenders of Americans’ civil liberties in the U.S. Senate, and a tireless advocate for smart tech policies. from Harvard Law School and a D.Phil. A graduate of McGill University and Harvard Law School, Mr. Wu became an academic superstar for helping invent the idea of "net neutrality," the concept that Internet service providers and government offices should treat all Web content equally and not charge different prices based on content type or user. In fact, I think the reason Michel Powell, sorry, the Republican FCC chairman who put in place net neutrality rules really, he was like, “Well, this is a light touch. She clerked for Hon. 5 Robin Thicke A professor at Columbia Law School since 2006, Wu has also held posts in public service. Some have painted Mr. Wu as a cult-of-personality dilettante with no real business in politics. I think you have forthcoming book about this topic too, right? The centerpiece of his campaign is closing the income gap, and he and Ms. Teachout charge that Mr. Cuomo has "served his donors" with favorable economic policies rather than the public interest. Obviously, everybody’s talking to you about net neutrality right now because of what’s going on this week, but you’re also very focused these days on antitrust issues, and that’s something we’ve talked a lot about on the show, as well. and M.Phil. Robert Duffy, is stepping down. Slate is published by The Slate Group, a Graham Holdings Company. They need bursts of new activity to get going, so yes, I’m obsessed with antitrust. Richard C. Wesley of the Second Circuit. But then Mr. Tierney, a former Maine attorney general, discovered a left-of-center Democrat running for New York's second-highest office: Tim Wu, a Columbia Law School professor with "a huge reputation" on area campuses. Praise has been heaped on him by no shortage of current and former Columbia students and faculty members, many of whom said they would otherwise vote for Mr. Cuomo's running mate. Richard C. Wesley of the Second Circuit. She holds a J.D. Elections. Tim Wu is a Columbia Law School professor who is making a bid to be New York's lieutenant governor. Documentaries and series produced under her auspices earned multiple honors, including three Peabody Awards, four Alfred I. DuPont-Columbia University Awards, and dozens of Emmys. It was already a light touch. Section 230, a usually obscure clause of an internet law written in 1996, might just turn out to be one of the biggest flash-points of the 2020 election. Wu is a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. Supporters of Mr. Cuomo's campaign called this a faulty premise, pointing out that legislation to raise the minimum wage passed during the governor's tenure. In this week’s episode of their podcast If Then, Slate’s April Glaser and Will Oremus spoke with Tim Wu, the Columbia Law School professor who coined the term net neutrality. I don’t think they would ever say, “This is in our interest. When the economy gets too big and concentrated, the industries stagnate. Mr. Wu begs to differ. The working title, at least for now, is The Curse of Bigness Revisited. Slate relies on advertising to support our journalism. "The challenge for politicians is to be interesting but not controversial, and it's so hard," he said. In this excerpt from their interview, which has been edited and condensed for clarity, they discuss why the large tech companies that feel philosophically aligned with net neutrality stand to gain so much once it is killed—and why, contra the arguments of net neutrality opponents in favor of less government oversight, the internet is already subject to extremely light regulation. The Federal Communications Commission is poised to repeal its net neutrality rules this week, opening the doors for internet service providers to charge companies that can afford it for faster-lane access to users—a potentially significant blow to the open internet. One of the arguments in a recent commentary by Ben Thompson was that basically we should be using a “light touch” when it comes to regulation of ISPs. ©2020 The Aspen Institute. She is an affiliated fellow at the Yale Law School Information Society Project where she is spending the Fall of 2019 while on research leave to write on the topics of platform governance and oversight. But for many people who regularly follow state politics, Mr. Wu's candidacy is a long shot—even something of a head-scratcher—since he has never held public office and is largely unknown statewide. "But I'm starting to see why politicians want it," he added. Many in Mr. Wu's world view that prospect seriously. Seriously? Colorful artwork by Mr. Wu's wife—fellow Columbia professor Kathryn Judge—filled the space. from Georgetown University Law Center where she was a Senior Editor on the Georgetown Law Journal, and a Ph.D. in Law from Yale Law School where she was also a resident fellow at the Information Society Project. "He's a first-rate academic," said Robert Scott, the dean of Columbia Law. Kate Klonick joined the St. John’s Law School faculty in 2018. "He could be the Tish James of New York state," she said, referring to the New York City public advocate, a position that has operated partly as a check on the mayor's power. She is also strategic advisor to Craig Newmark Philanthropies. Photo illustration by Slate. When busy with courses and research, "most academics don't even know what state they're living in," Mr. Tierney said—let alone who is running for office. Our Cambridge Judge Business School community came together and welcomed many students to Cambridge for a blend of online study, in-class sessions, and small discussion groups with our leading academics. I picked up on Louis Brandeis’ legacy and his vision of what the American economy should be like. That’s right. April Glaser: Yes, they stand to gain from this. He makes a point I think that’s hard to contest that small companies grow. She is the President and Legislative and Tech Policy Director of the Cyber Civil Rights Initiative, a nonprofit organization dedicated to combating online discrimination and abuse. But some who hail Mr. Wu's professorial skill are undecided on Mr. Wu the politician. "It's a reason for a lot of people who wouldn't ordinarily look at this race to get into it," said Andrew Reich, one of Mr. Wu's former Columbia Law students who, along with fellow alumni, is helping him fundraise. Tim Wu: It’s about to get a lot harder to take on Facebook, Google, even Netflix, any of these companies. Now, Mr. Tierney has put his own political hat back on, advising Mr. Wu's campaign. Click on a judge’s name for additional information, including staff contacts, standing orders and forms, if applicable. Tim Wu: It’s about to get a lot harder to take on Facebook, Google, even Netflix, any of these companies.It’s gotten way harder because they’re the ones with the money. Wyden is a senior member of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence and the top Democrat on the Senate Finance Committee. Those include: President and CEO of NPR; Global Chair of News at Twitter; General Manager of; Chief Digital Office of NBC News; chief of the Discovery Times Channel, a joint venture of The New York Times and Discovery Communications; and head of CNN documentary and long form divisions. She clerked for Hon. WSJ Opinion: Vote for Joe Biden? He then became a campus celebrity for a decided lack of self-seriousness, writing an ode to dumplings for Slate magazine and attending the Burning Man experimental-arts festival in his free time. Can I make just one thing about that light touch? Eric N. Vitaliano of the Eastern District of New York and Hon. Wyden has fought to protect Americans’ privacy and security against unwanted intrusion from the government, criminals and foreign hackers alike. Biden Focuses on Pennsylvania, Trump Hits Five Battleground States, 20% off your next car rental with Hertz promo code, Sign up to email and get a 50% coupon, Earn a 10% Priceline coupon and book today, Walmart promo code: $10 off all departments, iPhone 11 Pro now $1000 off - AT&T Wireless promo code, News Corp is a network of leading companies in the worlds of diversified media, news, education, and information services. She teaches Property, Internet Law, and a seminar on information privacy. I think we’ve just entered an ice age in a weird way of the media and internet markets, which we always assumed, “OK, when’s the next new thing? In recent days, the long-running tension between the President, his allies, and social media platforms has erupted into an unprecedented showdown—and raised complex questions about censorship, the First Amendment, and the true intent of this section of the Communications Decency Act. For Mr. Wu, the academic community doesn't represent a significant voting bloc, but it can help him gain attention and money in an uphill battle. "For him, it's really just a platform to get attention to his views.". Mr. Wu can become lieutenant governor even if Ms. Teachout loses, a scenario that would leave Mr. Cuomo with an outspoken critic at his side. from Georgetown University Law Center where she was a Senior Editor on the Georgetown Law Journal, and a Ph.D. in Law from Yale Law School where she was also a resident fellow at the Information Society Project. Dr. Franks is also an Affiliate Fellow of the Yale Law School Information Society Project (ISP). Tim Wu, widely known for coining the term net neutrality in 2002 and championing the equal access to the Internet, writes and teaches about private power, free speech, and information warfare. Going from big man on campus to political underdog hasn't been easy, said Mr. Wu. April Glaser: Yes, it was already a light touch. That draws on a tradition of the FCC trying to use a light touch when it comes to applying scrutiny to all kinds of mergers, I guess, but also to regulating the internet in particular, where the idea is that the landscape is always shifting. "But those people are terribly bored by being politicians. He lives in Portland, Oregon. Photos by Thinkstock and Teachout/Wu for New York. Over the last 30 years, Vivian has held executive roles at some of the most respected media organization in the world.

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