They also didn't tell any locals because they didn't want to be tarred with the same brush. features of coat (colour, length, marks) : Describe any sounds or calls the animal made. It was It is believed that family groups could contain up to six members and the mating season from accounts was from September to October with 3 or four young being born in November or December. They have the benefits of privacy in the extensive mountain bush and ample hunting grounds on the myriads of grassy plains and lightly timbered areas that dot the mountainous region. The property was called "Whynot" near Silent Grove and the sighting was about two and a half years before he was talking to me- about 2005. Unfortunately, I cannot say with absolute certainty that I saw a since it was formed. I asked him what other animals he was concerned about and he went a bit quiet for a while, looking at the bottle of Cascade light in his hand. Did MacKenzie release thylacines on the mainland? And they replied "No we didn't see anything!" T.R.U. and he put his finger on the picture of the thylacine. I have a few ideas and would be interested to hear from anyone who has any pertinent information regarding the topics I have discussed, I am particularly interested in sightings from these areas. These animals could have entered the Strezlecki Ranges or Baw Baws Ranges. There are still many thousands of square kilometres of bush land that have had no more exploration than an aerial survey. (see map below). town when I got lost (lucky me) when I saw these two creatures crossing the road. Thylacine roadkill in Queensland, Australia? On seeing the car the animal ran at a very fast pace across our headlights and into the scrub, the sighting lasted 5 seconds, it was a clear night and the animal was about 10 metres away. big was the animal (e.g. The animal was no more than 10m from the front of the vehicle. The man approached some people at the university but to no avail. I asked him what the problem was, and he said there were some "special animals" that he thought might take the bait. Sighting Report - 2009 - tullah, tasmania from Jan M. Sighting Report from Joan H. preolenna, Tasmania, 1978, Email From Dave to Bill via YouTube Shout out Sighting on Coolomon plain, Amazing sighting in Round Hill Nature Reserve, NSW, 1971, Thylacine Research Unit - T.R.U. long tail held straight out. As accurately as you can using gps or road numbers etc. In the last half century, sightings have been reported from many parts of the country, with most from the well- watered, mountains in the East and South-East of the continent with over 500 recorded sightings. about 2 meters, very slim and sleek coat. "This picture doesn't show their legs- they are way more muscular than this". Finally he seemed to come to a decision and said: "I guess it doesn't matter so much now, 'cause I don't own the property anymore." T.R.U. eg 4:00pm : How nothing to be seen. After a late-afternoon hike  I was driving west towards home, my wife and daughter in the car road. I was immediately struck by its Animal seen: Unsure. I was on "high-alert" for more animals, and as we rounded a sweeping All site content (text and images) © wherelightmeetsdark except where otherwise credited. = 2.15pm, *The sighting lasted about one minute and was reported to Chris Coupland via the web, I was working as a Discovery Ranger on the Spirit of Tasmania III between Devonport and Sydney in 2008, walking about with a stuffed fox under my arm, and a guy asked me what I was doing with a fox. He proceeded to tell me about how he and his wife owned a property at the edge of a deep gorge in the Torrington area where they had a deer farm. View Larger Map. The Melbourne Zoo recorded the birth of four pups in captivity on the mainland, (contrary to most reports that no Thylacines were ever bred in captivity). The man kept his secret for 40 years before directly contacting T.R.U. What was the time of the sighting? The Australian Alps and surrounding ranges of The Great Dividing Range provide an environment preferable to the Thylacine (hilly, dense, dry sclerophyll, or mixed sclerophyll-rainforest communities, rocky outcrops). thylacine (I wish I could), but I know what I *did not* see. the guy told me "and they have such weird arses." An analysis of the 1973 Doyle footage of a thylacine, Chaotika Thylacine - Photographed September 2006, Carnivorous Marsupial Challenge - terms and conditions, On the trail of the tiger - thylacine sightings map and tour, 2007/04/08 - Correction to Naarding sighting location (based on Guiler book, yowiehunters website), add 1961 sighting at Sandy Bay where thylacine was killed by fishermen, 2007/04/06 - 9 new mainland sightings including: Snowy Mountains near Thredbo (2000 approx); Strezlecki Ranges, Victoria (1958); Wilson's Promontory, Victoria (1993); Northern NSW (1996 - 2006), Northern Territory (2003); NSW-Vic photo (1977); Bourke, NSW (1949), 2007/04/02 - Added 3 sightings from Victoria, 2005/6, 2007/03/28 - Now 38 sightings total including Hans Naarding, Klaus Emmerichs sightings (1982, 2005) and expedition information from David Fleay and Eric Guiler, 2007/03/26 - fixed bug where .kmz file had subfolder and tour not automatically checked. Years later he saw a picture in the dentist of a Thylacine which triggered the memory of the sighting and instilled in the young man that was what he saw. Reports of thylacines made directly to T.R.U. after researching it on the web and contacting us directly through the contact us web form and wanting T.R.U. Years later he was married and years after that the man told his wife of what he saw and she encouraged him to share the sighting, talk to someone and not take the sighting to the grave.

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