The PRT was a joke. My Hero Academia - The Grand Gamer by Geriosa. ...I'm using a school computer, Neptune. Aww...then what are you going to do... A/N: I've wanted to do something like this for a while and I'm now sitting on about 30,000 words of it. Maybe? I'm starting this thread here, which I think is the correct place to start it, because I have some ideas for the engine behind my fanfiction(Which I have already written a few chapters of... Threadmarks: Prologue: Leisurely Walks can be Headache Inducing Too. Although it could be. When it comes to fanfictions which make use of the gamer build you tend not to see as much variety as you'd like, most often seeing point hoarders and magical builds, fanfics which do nothing but echo the story that already exists, in rare cases they evolve it beyond what the story was such as... No I am not putting my Mand'alor story on the shelf, but I will be working on this to try and get around my writers block for that story, hopefully this will get the creative juices flowing again. Can a Pokemon Trainer stand alongside the mythological might of Mr Incredible, and other super powered heroes? Anyway here goes. It seems that I've awoken in a place full of... bright colors. "REEEEEEEEEE-!" Dad said hesitantly as he got off the phone. Discussion in 'I'm Looking For...' started by kestasx15, Jun 20, 2017. Synopsis: After getting rejected from Signal again, Jaune Arc starts seeing strange blue screens, titles and levels appear above people's heads, and weird things begin to happen to him, as if he was in a game. 3.3K 79 3. Comments: A well written fanfiction that takes the original concept of "The Gamer" and gives us a much more cowardly and human Jee-Han, which is good since it can give him more. Jaune realizes he has become a Gamer, with all the, Notable for (among other things) being extraordinarily long, and having an. Part 1 Too bad it's James. Trying to look around, the panel followed your gaze and no matter where you turned your head it was always in front of you, like a... Hello. "It's OK, Dad." The Protectorate was deeply flawed. I replied, forcing a smile despite the sudden appearance of twenty pounds of lead in my guts. The Game Game Fruit, Rambling and Discussion. Emma Barnes - Gamer Extraordinaire by Roffster. "LOL, bet. Synopsis: In which a homeless guy by the name of Peter Gardner, who while doing some contracting for the Merchants as a temporary show of force triggers with The Gamer's powers (minus Gamer's Mind and Body). I'm quite aware of this method. I'll manage." Things go about as normally as they can, until things like dates with Izumi, fights against minor criminals, and missions involving investigations. Feel free to add a fanfic of your own to the list, but remember to use the template found here. Sitting up on the dirty cot, I lose my balance a bit, but stay upright. gamer gaming youtube fanfiction youtubers games game romance anime malereader rwby videogames love markiplier xreader gamergirl minecraft harem thegamer reincarnation 1.2K Stories Sort by: Hot These are recommendations made by Tropers for The Gamer fanfics, all of which have to be signed to stay on the page. I'm bored. If Gaia wanted to save her babies, save herself, she'd need to interfere.,,,,,,,, (You must log in or sign up to reply here. Authors Notes: Set in the Incredibles universe, our protagonist is handed some gifts from an unknown source. I'll be... Summary: Itachi is the gamer, so his life works like a video game. Chapter 1: Chosen Xander smirked, “A Gamer’s Mind which keeps me calm and allows me time to think about things, Gamer’s body which makes it so I can treat the world like a video game. For reference... [A minute before the posting of this thread] This is a story about Shirou's gaining The Gamer Ability Refrain from posting Conversation in the Main Page though; that goes in the discussion page. Alright...done with some fanfic writing, with time to spare! It was unusual, the complete lack of sound, especially with the fact that he lived so close to the the red district in Konoha. My eyes widened a... Threadmarks: 1 - Jacob has entered the Game. Constructive criticism would be appreciated. I've always wanted to die, this ain't a special occasion." Snow was rare in the Land of Fire, but New Year's Eve usually brought a snowstorm of two, or at least severe sleet. Come in to read stories and fanfics that span multiple fandoms in the Gamer universe. Summary: Itachi is the gamer, so his life works like a video game. This year had been colder than most, and the usual celebrations had been cancelled in favor of more private gatherings. I mean it hurt but... meh. 'Bright.' He opened his eyes, the absolute silence waking him from his semi peaceful slumber. Joined: Apr 18, 2017 Messages: 52 Likes Received: 6 Reading List: Link. If you like his being over-powered, there are many JPN Isekai novels that fit that mold. "Work must come first. [ ] Harry Potter How would you design The Gamer power if you had it? I wanted to start writing so here it is, tell me if anything is wrong with this. "Something just came up, Taylor." That's the only clue I'll be giving. Synopsis: In which Emma triggers in the alley with the Gamer ability and remains BFF with Taylor. But at the end of the day, despite having more bullshit power, he still has... As you wake up, you are greeted with a blue panel. TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Why don't you play some of your games and let me see? I DON'T OWN THIS STORY All rights go to Grademaster On The spin-off sequel to A Wizard's Game, a RWBY fanfiction. - [ ]... Hey guys, this is my first time writing a story on SB! This is a Communication Quest inspired quest with Gamer mechanics. Izuku Midoriya is quirkless. Village Hidden In the Leaves Synopsis: A retelling of the manhwa that removes Jee-Han's "Gamer's Mind" passive and forces him to grow up mentally to survive the Abyss. Not... Han Jihan is transported into Fate/Stay night universe just as the Fight Holy grail war starts he has all equipment he has ever had and is at his current level/His current feats How does he affect the War. That was what I thought when I opened my eyes. It has both game elements and has a modern world setting. "I know you've been looking forward to..." Recommendations The Gamer (fanfiction with game elements, 'system'. Chapter 1: Prologue: But thanks. Things go about as normally as they can, until things like dates with Izumi, fights against minor criminals, and missions involving investigations. Father hadn't believed Jacob when he told him the freezer had failed, he'd said: "You think I'm an idiot, boy? When you were a child, alone, you had no friends besides one that would later stab you in the back at the chance of gathering the attention of the popular crew. Follows a fairly straightforward progression parallel to. WI: Humanity had The Gamer power from the beginning? They even have harem if you want that. December 31st, 12 ANB Features world-travelling and an OC main... magic; fanfiction; thegamer +12 more #3. No, this is not actually about a new Devil Fruit called the Game Game Fruit. Fate is a cruel mistress (A Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Quest), Voicechat [Avengers Communication Inspired Quest], Fate: The Game [ Fate/Stay Night & The Gamer ], Magician Reads Fanfic (with friends): The Games We Play (by Ryuugi), The Game Game Fruit [One Piece/The Gamer SI]. Certain stat... For those who don't know, The Gamer is a Korean Webcomic starring a highschool student, Han Jee Han, who one day finds himself waking up to blue screens with notifications, skills, stat boxes, an inventory, and even party options that turn his life into a game. A road that had traffic. I hit the pavement with a dull wet 'twack'. Was going to go with something more concrete but then I decided to try something out. The years would go on... Chapter 1: Tutorial Comments: A well written fanfiction that takes the original concept of "The Gamer" and gives us a much more cowardly and human Jee-Han, which is good since it can give him more development. A/N: Despite my nervousness and doubts, here I am creating my first thread on this site. Thanks in advance. The King of Games (The Gamer SI/Yu-Gi-Oh Crossover), The Grindiest Ninja Ever (Naruto/The Gamer), A Dire Game In The Dark (Dishonored/The Gamer). Flames encompassed everything. Looking for novels similar to The Gamer manga. Start with. I'm not entirely sure if I can change the title of my thread, but when/if I post a second chapter, I'll change it to reflect the true nature of this crossover. Although I'm ironing out some details, most of which I'm doing on Spacebattles in the Creative Writing Index, in the The Game Game Fruit, Rambling and Discussion thread I started. Site: [][140625913660136:site] | Category: ... "That epic gamer moment when Snape unalives Dumbledore." The Gamer vs. Synopsis: In which Taylor triggers with the Game ability. JavaScript is disabled. Enter The Gamer. It follows the canon (or will, according to the author) up until a certain point and even adds in more depth to characters that were neglected (such as Sun-Il, Shi-Yun, and Sung-Ah). His eyes widened... A little quest idea that has been bugging me all month. It had hurt a lot at the time, but perhaps you would have done the same, you're not sure of it frankly enough. Well what do you like about The Gamer? Proof that the remaining 10% are worth dying for here. Gamer crossover fanfiction archive. You slept in your bed! "Father, it's not... Informational: Starting Post, Important Information? In a world where monsters consume the weak, it seems fate wills him down an … Pulling myself up, I blinked once, twice, and realized I was in the middle of the road. Synopsis: In which Taylor not only has the Gamer ability but also ninja powers and mage magic. I close my... For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next > kestasx15 Well-Known Member. Tl;dr Everyone now has the body/properties of a MMO character and can freely create or learn new skills (from skill books) assuming they meet the requirements. So you want a novel with game elements? "Ow," I said more out of social obligation then anything. Synopsis: What if Jee-han was born a girl? ☆☆☆ Hermione and Ron watched from the tent as Harry sat in the middle of a field and screeched, absolutely numb to his shit by now. Synopsis: Cauldron's plan was bad. It had been seven days since the generator failed. Also if anyone is willing to Beta this for me, I'd appreciate it. This is a Worm quest with some inspiration from The Gamer. Synopsis: The average person can easily understand that when it comes to living in a crime-infested city like Brockton Bay where villains carve out their own personal fiefdoms, treating life like a game can get you killed.

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