Many of Van Helsing’s and Dr. Seward’s attempts to understand the nature of vampires and defend the two female protagonists against them involves delving into the occult and supernatural realm. In addition, the rise in immigration brought in unfamiliar cultures and races onto British soil (Wasson, 1966). In the novel, vampirism is depicted as a demonic hitch of the communion. Get tips and ideas in OUTLINE. ...Dracula At the same time, Mina herself experiences both a sacrilegious ritual and a gender reversal when she is forced by the Count to drink her blood. However, while vampires have a connection to Christian symbols, they are extremely susceptible to Catholic idols. His infiltration of English society and ability to feed undeterred by the majority of the populace points to a failing of the British adheres to reason and dismissal of superstition. It was at this time, famous psychologists like Sigmund Freud published their theories of the unconscious as well as those of sexuality and who was also of the idea that the mind is shrouded with more darkness and mystery than most would suppose (McCrea, 2010). #Light vs. On the other hand, Jonathan Harker who goes ahead to proclaim himself as an English churchman, which primarily translates to mean either a Protestant or an Anglican. Within the context of such rigidly defined gender roles and repressed sexual expression, the erotic content of the book is revealing. Literally and figuratively, light and whiteness are seen as pure, or worn on characters like Lucy and the peasants in Romania who were like “those holy men, with the white garments of the angel”, while Dracula and the female vampires are always clad in black (Dracula, 209). Echos of that sentiment appear in the final chapter, a note written by Jonathan Harker that claims that the credibility of the novel rests upon the few pieces of handwritten manuscripts within it, not the copies made on the typewriter. Is it that there is something in the essence of the thing itself, or that it is a medium, a tangible help, in conveying memories of sympathy and comfort?" Catholic symbols like the rosary, the cross, prayer ritual, and the Holy Communion Host are used for protection to overcoming the evil Count Dracula. As the characters adhere to the English Anglican Church, their ideals stem away from the idolatry of the Catholic Church. Kindle Edition. Herbert, C. (2002). The novel makes use of many biblical references and imagery by making comparisons between Christ and Dracula. He goes ahead to call it an imaginative pool of races (Schuller, 2009). Just like in America, this spurred violent reactions against the foreigners. Given the time period of the writing and the strong overlying theme of invasion, the countless references towards hands seem to suggest a sort of apprehension or anxiety about manual labor as well as its value in an increasingly modernized world.

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