First, I checked if there's already a new approach by the SwiftGen contributors and found that there was already some discussion going on regarding the new LocalizedStringKey struct. Xcode uses the concept of base internationalization for the default state of your app. Let’s take a look at a few code examples. What do you think of my approach taken here? Update Policy             I am trying to localize my SwiftUI Watch app. But the workflow was designed for Interface Builder and NSLocalizedString and while it does continue to work because you could simply pass NSLocalizedString objects into SwiftUI views (they also accept plain Strings), it didn't feel natural to the new way of things in SwiftUI, so I've started exploring new approaches here. But I tried to find a new way to improve on the other two issues and could quickly find a fix for the "consistency across languages" one as for that I could simply use some lesser known features of BartyCrouch: I use this .bartycrouch.toml configuration file: Note that Shared/App/Resources is the path my .lproj folders are within, including the Localizable.strings files. @arcdale I found preview sometimes works sometimes doesn't, maybe a bug. In the case where there is no provided translation, it will use the key as a dummy string value. I decided to skip the "no autocompletion" issue for now as that can only be provided by generated code. If you select the file again you should see something similar to the first image below (be sure to select both the supported languages). For example: But I also want to localize stings using interpolation. When that command completes (it will only take a fraction of a second), you should see the following in the English version of Localizable.strings: Now you can see the importance of adding comments to each NSLocalizedString() call – it will automatically get used to generate your localization data. This is because it’s now available in both our languages: if you open that indicator arrow you’ll see “Localizable.strings (English)” and “Localizable.strings (French)”, both as separate text files you can edit. The only other improvement I actually did was to write a custom lint check using AnyLint to make sure I never forget to use the safe: APIs over the default ones. In a 32-bit system, Int is Int32, the key of "int32 key \(Int32(8))" is "int32 key %d". Asking for help, clarification, or responding to other answers. All the other translations are right, but this one seems to only use the English Localizable.strings. Inside this file insert a unique code and the label text, below you can find an example: Now we need to add another language to our app! With SwiftUI being recently introduced, I was curious if we could take advantage of SwiftUI preview to speed up testing localization and make sure your app looks great for any language. workingdog. This will ask you what language this file should be moved to, but it’s empty so it doesn’t matter what you choose – I went for English. In the code sample above, we pass a DateFormatter, which converts a Date representation into a proper localized string value. How to find published article from arxiv preprint. Once both languages are selected you’ll see a disclosure indicator appear next to Localizable.strings in your project navigator. We're a place where coders share, stay up-to-date and grow their careers. Fortunately, LocalizedStringKey conforms ExpressibleByStringInterpolation protocol, which allows us to use String interpolation to pass data into our string values. The examples I had seen so far from Apple and all the popular posts and guides were not really going into any detail there and it just looked like localization is somehow magically baked into the SwiftUI views. You can forget my last comment. Localization with SwiftUI, how to preview your localized content January 19, 2020 in Mobile. Any idea on how to reduce or merge them like ubuntu 16? This week I want to talk about another crucial feature of any app, which is Localization. Is the nucleus smaller than the electron? I chose “bear” specifically because it has several meanings in English – it could mean carrying weight, it could mean giving birth, it could mean “turn” as in “turn left”, and it could mean the large carnivorous animal. Add a new file to the project and filter for string on the top right menu. So far so good, I'm happy enough with this solution for now. I use LocalizedKeyStrings in my Text views and add my translations in Localizable.strings files. Xcode will now create directories similar to “en.lproj” and “fr.lproj” depending on which language you chose, and in there will be strings files for the storyboards you selected when creating the localization. As you add other languages, more of these folders will be created. In case anyone else is having problems, I finally discovered with Xcode 12.0.1 that the SwiftUI iOS 14 previews DO NOT work with localizations of strings with variables, e.g.

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