So what is the strategy against this? Version 2.7 (09/19/2017) What are the inclusions of the Limited Edition? With no decoy, he may well almighty spam you to death in this phase. Pale won't go into almighty spam if your whole party resists physical or sick, so feel free to use as many demons with these qualities as possible. It will also be triggered by Tetrakarn, Makarakarn, or the equivalent items. As stated above, this also includes buffs, debuffs, buff-removal skills and regular attacks. White Rider's accessory is the Fantasista, which thanks to Victory Cry, is the best accessory in the game for random encounters. The King of Fighters R-2 for NS – Invitation sent! These include the main quests of different alignment choices (for example, when you side with Walter or Jonathan). It deals more damage than Maziodyne, and can bring magic-type demons close to death. Any less and you'll make a profit, any more and you'll make a loss. The more of these skills you have, the better.

Ragnarok, Glacial Blast) or any severe damage spell (e.g. Remember that optional main quests are all those which don't have to be completed in order to finish the game. You will need to finish the game at least twice, and make significant progress in your third cycle, to fuse them all. Also like Matador, it is quicker to save on the world map and keep reloading from there, rather than save during a DLC quest. All other demons (except those made from special fusions or not unlocked yet) can only result from a fusion accident if their base level is up to 5 levels lower, or 5 levels higher, than the original demon. As always, physical and gun skills are good for dealing damage too. Besides Megidolaon, they all either deal moderate damage to a single target or no damage at all. Anything, really. If it isn't, do the same as step #6, except don't bother checking the 'recommended fusions' screen and saving after every summon. His elec weakness is a bit annoying, but most demons at this point have weaknesses, and it doesn't outweigh the benefits of his resistances.
However, there are parts of the guide which do mention advice for Master difficulty.

This is quite possible with a few high-HP demons and buffs in place. However, you should have at least one Deadly Wind user to get extra press turns and smirks. Put it this way - there's a 0.39% chance of finding one, and you need to find seven.

He has an insane luck stat (148!) This seems to override (d). Is there any fast way to exit the Amala Labyrinth.

Overall I would say it is the third best accessory in the game, after the Capote Earring and Refreshing Tune. This is where your sick resistance comes in. Foul Mad Gasser (Lv. Healing Knowhow is a particularly great skill since you can heal MP with it too. Side with Walter at Walter/Jonathan split, fusion after alignment lock only. As an ally, he lacks any notable resistances, stats or skills. In all honesty, I don't recommend this. You should make your save slot just outside the elevator to the shelter.

However, you shouldn't use Concentrate if you get a smirk, to make the most of the free attack boost smirk gives. I strongly recommend that if you only have one, they should have a lot of HP, preferably over 1500. But sadly, he doesn't use it that often. Hi there! It will be very useful in the early phases. This strategy is much, much tougher, and you should only consider it if you don't have many high-HP demons.
Quests which differ according to alignment choices, such as The True Paradise and Kill Yuriko/The Black Samurai, are not included since they don't all have to be completed. This equates to about three Concentrated Deadly Winds with High Force Pleroma.

Besides, if you want to get a 100% compendium as quickly as possible, you'll need to know how the endings work. Can only be obtained through a fusion accident. ", "I will test whether you are truly capable of such...", "A lone Samurai in a dying a demon at your side what you yearn for? To avoid this, if your demons lack elec resistance, make sure you buff every single turn, preferably twice. Each Fiend has a different response to when you try and scout them: "You are a Samurai, no...?

However, because his resistances are nothing special, you'd probably be better off not using him altogether. They could make the difference between life and death if you get hit with Blight twice.

Desperate Hit is going to be difficult to use however, unless you have a Demonee-Ho, a physical-type Flynn who has learned it, or another demon who has inherited it via Demon Fusion Lite. However, if the fusion you want comes up as a recommended fusion, you'll want to make sure other demons you summon don't get rid of it. His innate Victory Cry makes him a good choice for random battles, although he can function in boss fights as a magic caster. Seriously, it was the most satisfying moment in the entire game for me. From then on, he doesn't stand a chance. 70% Sudama + … Killer_Man90, for his observations on fusing Famed demons. Mortal Jihad is probably more dangerous than Thunder Reign. It seemed to work for me when I was fusing Fameds, but then again, it's quite possible for that to happen. I'll always credit you if I add something you contributed to the guide. © 2020 Playasia. If you can't summon any demon without your recommended fusion being overwritten, then just start fusing (go to step #8). If you have two decoy demons, he might use Mahamaon or Mamudoon instead, which is likely to kill both of them, but he'll also lose press turns.

The Fiend will only use this move if one of your party members has a +3 buff to any stat. With buffs, debuffs and Doping in place, surviving a single Megidolaon will be more than easy with any demon. Saving and reloading the usual way is much, much quicker than using the DLC method.

Unsurprisingly he works best as a physical fighter, so give him Focus and High Phys/Gun Pleroma and he'll deal some very nice damage.

So be sure to bring along a demon who nulls dark, or use Tetraja. After Antichthon, Trisagion is probably his next most threatening move.

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