She was two years old. Therefore, if you are more active, they might become more playful and outgoing, but if you prefer to sit still, then they will happily rest right beside you. Our guess is that whoever championed the crossbreeding project saw the need to address some issues evident in the Shih Tzu.

They enjoy playing and walking, but can get tired easily, so they don’t need much daily exercise.
Almost always preferring company, he isn’t normally shy of strangers – instead, he’ll quite happily lay on their lap waiting for some fussing! The Shih Poo also come in various color mixes, and the potential for several patterns, just adding to the array. Just make sure you play with them often and keep them entertained as much as you can. However, this is all speculation and may be disproved with time.
Personality-wise, the Poodle can be a clown one minute and a nerd the next. I currently have one German Shepherd & four cats. Shiranians have a wide variety of color variations, including black, brown, orange, and gold. Shih Poos are a mix between a Shih Tzu and a Toy Poodle, and they can also be referred to as a Shoodle or a Pooshi. I’m looking to purchase a Shih Tzu mixed with good temperament family or therapy dog hypoallergenic and little barking. Competitive Registration/Qualification Information. However, some breeders will charge even more. I actually have found that the dogs I purchased were not as “sweet” as my rescue breeds. Keeping them at an ideal weight is a very good way of extending their life. Life expectancy for the Shih-Poo is quite long; there are pet parents who have reported that their Shih-Poos lived for all of 15 years. Many rescue groups focus on specific breeds, or mixes and will be more than happy to let you know as soon as a Shih-Poo puppy, or full grown adult becomes available for adoption! Care-Tzus do not need their coat trimmed as a Shih Tzu would because they will shed some of their fur. It’s never too young to start introducing your pup to new environments and situations. They get along with adults, children, and other pets, so they are suitable for all different types of homes. Therefore, haircuts are not needed, but frequent bathing and brushing is recommended. So try and use positive methods for training and reward him with treats in his training sessions. This Shih Tzu mix is energetic and loves to play.

Each dog is different, but on average, you’ll need to exercise your Shih-Poo for forty-five minutes to an hour and a half daily once he’s full grown. They need plenty of attention and love to keep them content. Here are some of the easiest Shih Tzu mixes to train: When it comes to dog breeds, there are so many different dogs to choose from.

A few regular walks each day should keep them content. Regular grooming like trimming the nails, checking and cleaning ears and wiping eyes with soft cloth regularly is recommended. Shih-Poos are quite energetic and thus need a high-quality diet of dry dog food.

There is an argument flying around on the so-called additional health benefits of a crossbreed dog, over a purebred dog. I am not sure that I agree with cross-breeding. They can bond quickly with new people and will typically get along with other pets as well. Their thick coat, while it doesn’t shed excessively, does require frequent grooming, and trimming to ensure that it doesn’t affect your four-legged friend’s health. Ordinarily, this breed is exceptional with other animals, but again, it’s important to introduce them from a young age. It is typically not a good idea to mix a Shih Tzu with a large breed dog or another dog with a flat snout because these mixes could cause problems for that mixed breed. Just to make your life a little easier, we’ve jotted down a quick cheat sheet so that you know how often you need to take care of these tasks. Shih Poos are smart and intelligent and they are easy to train.

Here are some of the Shih Tzu mixes that are known for being friendly: For some families, a lazy dog might be just what they need, but for others, an energetic dog is much more exciting. shih poos are a breed combined of shih tzus, official breed and placed it in the toy category, coat makes it much easier for them to swim than a normal dog, Cross breeding is already somewhat unpredictable–, dog is more likely to be wary of the clippers, nail clippers for shih-poos and shih-tzus are the Safari Professional Dog, Because of the excessive hair that often comes with shih-poos, you need to be prepared to regularly groom your dog, Andis Proclip Detachable Blade is the most popular and highest rated clipper, small dogs, which makes them great companions for travel, They have separation anxiety, and may whine for your attention or retaliate when you leave for a long period of time, potty training can be difficult due to shih-poo’s inherent stubbornness, make sure you are purchasing food for puppies, foods should include a lot of nutrients and food that is made specifically for small breeds, The most recommended dog food for shih poos. This makes them a great lap dog for families with kids and elderly people. However, there are still those who believe that the breed’s life span doesn’t exceed ten years.

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