Learn how your comment data is processed. However, besides the overall look, there is the coolness of owning a pretty-much-nonexistant-today column-wheel chronograph as explained in this video: In a world with smartphones and digital watches, a mechanical chronograph is more for the cachet and styling than any practical use. Can say (in Chinese) “China, Tianjin Watch Factory”, “Made in China”, simply “China”, or (in English) “Zhonguo” or “Zhonguo Tianjin” (304 said “China, Tianjin Watch Company” in Chinese or “Zhonguo Tianjin” in English; mine says “Made in China” in Chinese). The mishmash of colors works very well on the dial, and the applied gold markers and polished steel case do add a touch of class. None of these watches are vintage with the same 19-jewel ST3 movement (the ST-19 movement in the Seagull 1963 has been updated and is now decorated) or strap (comes on a **NATO** strap!) Servicing an IWC FA Jones watch. It got a lot of attention from watch forums and fashion blogs because, simply, it’s a great looking and affordable watch with authentic vintage styling that refers to non-Swiss watch-making history. ), Crystal can be acrylic, mineral glass, or sapphire with a slightly different case bezel (304 was acrylic; mine is. TianJin Sea-Gull had their own reissue, the D304. Crown can be unsigned, signed with a star, signed with the Sea-Gull logo, singed with the PLAAF logo. This is a no-no as it may be hard to deghost the image if the focus changes. Processing was done in DxO Optics Pro into Nik HDR Efex Pro because the Lightroom’s built-in exposure merging barfs up a cornucopia of oversaturated colors. Ostensibly, the re-issue was to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the model, but there have been copies of this watch made a number of years before 2013 and continues to be made in small batch orders today. Many assumed the parts were made back in TianJin Sea-Gull, but there was never any proof. I would love one of these, but I worry about the reliability of the movement. Taking the rich but relatively obscure history of their own brand and bringing it to light via recreations, while establishing themselves as a quality and competitive watch manufacturer. The “authentic” is 37.5mm, has a clean crown (no logo), second row of text at 6 and red text and logo across the display back (there’s a solid case back option, too). Picture. This also means that if this watch does fail, it will most likely happen in the chronograph function. A counterfeiting gang was destroyed, 7 suspects were caught, and about 800 finished fake watches were taken over, including about 20 cases of accessories. If you’re looking for a mechanical chronograph on a budget, the Seagull 1963 is a great option. At $350, the Seagull 1963 takes the prize for my most expensive watch, though in the mechanical watch world this is pretty cheap. In a perfect world, the 1963 would have a Seiko movement, and if they sourced some of the screws from the Jura mountain area, they’d probably be able to say “Swiss Made!”. However as I mentioned earlier, this is not a clone but an actual Swiss movement from Swiss tooling, just made in China and then iterated on. The only truly authentic Seagull pieces are vintage watches which may be able to found second hand—the few that are still running. If you buy from Thomas and the thing breaks, he'll fix it for you. (I suspect it was the popularity of those orders that caused Sea-Gull to re-issue it and call it commemorative.).

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