Thoughts? I had the same experience when I tried lighter driver shafts. I guess the graphite shafts are expensive too. Thinking of replacing Cleveland CG 14. Now I’m going to buy a set. Many foreign sports cars are expensive and high maintenance and often have less performance than a Vette, but they still sell. If I want to buy a set of irons from 4-PW it will run me about $2100 to $2300 (not including the cost of the fitting). These are hollow irons filled with an elastomer to improve the sound and feel. What a crock. If not I’ll stay with my i210 irons. Great article as per usual. Ready for something new. As he was giving my final stats, he told me the tax (nobody can anything about the taxes), but then told me it would be $60.00 for shipping. Yes, the 0211 is a more forgiving club than the CG7. The PXG 7 iron has 215 more average revs than my KZG irons. In the Gen2 irons PXG introduced a more explosive COR2 filing material aimed at boosting ball speeds. Yes, the faces are hot and ball speeds are high. I won’t be picking these up, but they look damn good. I am going to test one and only the other if I don’t like the first. /* Content Template: Single Post - end */ Tesla has proven that there really IS a sucker born every minute. Thanks for another great write up boys! I have been open in the past but now have become brand loyal over the years! I was thinking of ordering a 4 iron as well and was told 2 or more clubs would result in a flat $60 charge, up to a full set. I found that they met those expectations across the board. I didn’t know they had another type of box to ship irons especially since they had yours to use, interesting. What do you think about going from a forged iron to a cast? Then to top it off they are stating around 3 week turn around!! David, Columbus CC. If you notice, I don’t disparage the club. If it’s good, it’s good. When I was shopping for new irons I was comparing P7TW, P790s, MP20s, Ping i210s, Blueprints, and the full Titleist line. And which head would offer the most forgiveness? I can tell you that the inner material feels (and bounces) a bit like a superball. Cheers. Never tried the shaft with the 0211 head due to prior sticker shock, though. Many players become intoxicated with the feeling, and I think they get tricked into playing clubs that are too much for their ball-striking ability. Your email address will not be published. The putters are like butter, and they really roll the rock well. According to PXG, the new material yields more than twice the face deflection of COR2, which creates an additional 2-3 MPH of ball speeds. However it is really the wider sole and the resulting extra 'booty' in the toe of the club that differentiates the 0311XF. Nice looking irons and if you can keep a set of irons for 5-7 years, it pays off. Blades are amazing under perfect conditions meaning when they are struck properly. If you’re buying for performance, you need to take your current clubs to a fitter and compare them with the current offerings. PXG 0211 Irons Verdict. Do the 0211s have the same shaft as the Callaways? Given this new iron from PXG do you still see and feel ping-related characteristics or would this iron qualify as unique in the market? As golfers, when we hear dual-core, we think golf ball, and that’s not the worst comparison here. I am satisfied. Best sand wedge yet. Finally, are the lofts of the irons equal? I am worried about the difference in offset from 4i then to 3i. The irons and the driver arrived new in their own boxes, fitted with foam to hold the clubs apart. The 0211 irons are an excellent set of clubs, as you expect from the brand. Maybe it isn’t. Wanted to try something different and went with the 0211’s. To take a cue from Jason Day’s funny quote from the other week…It’s like a tour-level blade and a game-improvement iron had a baby, and it was the PXG irons. I believe down to my core that large jumps in scoring ability come through hard work and changing your approach to the game. I am no less guilty than many of the TaylorMade Haters of not so long ago who populated this site. But you need to act now, because when they’re gone they’re gone”. I wish my irons and wedges had that, its so helpful. I haven’t hit the SZ, so I can’t offer a comparison. I am not a ‘gear head,’ and do not typically write about golf clubs on this website. Our game improved, shots became more reliable and more importantly, the ball started to go where I was aiming, a whole new experience I can tell you. I must honestly admit that I am surprised how much vinegar some have mixed into their replies. Surprise that most mid level players have so little distance gap between longer irons?

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