Let your love rain in my heart and this place. Remind us that we are to have the same mind as that of Christ and to seek the interests of others rather than our own. Holy Spirit, I invite you into this place today, lead and guide me in the way that I should go and correct me when I am wrong. Amen. Our bond in Christ transcends cultures, borders, and nationalities: we have a citizenship in heaven. I declare that no weapon forged against me will prosper. Help us not to stay silent but to do all things through your wisdom and love. Let’s do it with love. Should there be success, may our joy be in the fact that we supported one another. I thank you for my colleagues and me. I pray for this team that we come together in unity and support to help each other up when we fall, encourage each other when we succeed, and work together to produce results. Remove comparison and rivalry mentality from our hearts and help us to focus on the greater good, which is the growth of this company. May You bring unity and prosperity to this country. Unified and strong. 4 Prayers for Unity in All Circumstances Often in times of greatest need, we may find ourselves giving way to the stress and strain by battling one another; forgetting who the real enemy is. Don’t let him win. You are with us, and You wanted us to work together. Bring Aunts and Uncles, Cousins and Grandparents, and all the members of my precious family together in Your love. Bring people together and transform the local communities. I bring to You this organization and where it stands. We pray for all those in authority, for every leader of our nation, that you would give them your wisdom and discernment as they lead. Change our behavior and make us united. I pray for the administrative staff that they have patience. Let us focus on our shared status as Your creation and unite together over what we have in common and not fracture over how we differ. We pray for your great healing on our land. Turn your people back to you. Along with the prayers are printable images for you to use or share. He gains momentum when forget that he’s the cause. Remove any manner of dissatisfaction from my heart and help me to serve our clients with passion. The team then chimes in with any personal or professional requests for prayers. Favor Prayer Father of Blessings and Compassion, I know that everything is possible with you. For Hard Times For Financial Prosperity For Physical Health For Emotional Health For Protection For a Marriage For Babies and Pregnancy For Family For Spiritual Warfare For Spiritual Health For a Death For the Workplace For Bedtime, Bible Commentary Bible Verses Devotionals Faith Prayers Coloring Pages Pros and Cons, 25 Strong Prayers for Financial Stability, 20 Most Famous Prayers in the History of the World, Deuteronomy 23:1 Meaning of No One Who Has Been Emasculated, The Great Commission Coloring Pages (Free Printables), 30 Important Bible Scriptures on False Prophets, 1 Timothy 4:3 Meaning of They Forbid People to Marry, Here a Little There a Little Meaning and Meditation, 40 Uplifting Bible Scriptures on Encouragement, 1 Timothy 2:11 Meaning of a Woman Should Learn in Quietness, 1 John 3:18 Meaning of Love Is Action Not Words, 40 Powerful Bible Scriptures on Dominion and Authority, Proverbs 27:9 Meaning of Perfume and Incense Bring Joy to the Heart. Align our hearts and minds. A Prayer for Unity in a Team O God of Loving Devotion, thank You that we get to glorify You in our lives. Today as I start my job, let me do it as unto you and not man. And His purposes will prevail. For each mind and heart that fills the presence of this room, we thank You. Guide me in the way that I should go. That’s what gives us power to move forward, propelled with His strength, surrounded in peace, eyes on the One who gives us breath each day. In Jesus’ name, I pray, Amen. Feelings get hurt. Father, I’m asking for wisdom for this challenging situation that I’m facing here at my workplace. May I convey your peace, just as I am aware of your comforting proximity at all times.Fill me with your grace, mercy, and power to serve you and others in this place.

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