Scroll all the way down and you should see a bouncing bubble of your file. Make sure there is a check next to it. well any suggestion on my issue. Ur0:tai/repatch_4.skprx didn't work, so i changed it to ur0:tai/repatch_4.skprx, rebooted the system, and the problem was solved. Inside the config.txt, the links had beta in them so I was asking you to remove those or download the new config.txt from my site. Thanks in advance for any help! First mistake is changing the confiq to uma0 (this is only applicable for those who used storagmgr), but I guess that is not clear enough in my guide because of the second sentence (I will fix that). Halo, im have question to download dlc…. Are you sure it is the same region, what game are you trying to install it to, and what firmware are you on? Also tried to unplug the router then connecting it again yet the same problem pops up. Yes, in the newest version (v0.38) clicking on the game you want will also show the compatibility pack if you need it and will install it. Best to leave it in ur0 and delete the Tai folder in ux0. im on 3.70 and NONE of the psvita or dlc not downloading fyi i dont have repatch on my vitashell so what could be the REAL PROBLEM??? What does your config.txt in your tai folder look like? What is the game and DLC called? The error message says: Most of people already has it. ur0/tai/nondprm.spkrx This guide shows you how to install PKGj, update the PKGj database, and download PKGj files. ur0:vitacheat/vitacheat.skprx I solve the problem on my own. All references to piracy in this subreddit should be translated to "game backups". I currently have version 3.60 and I have the NoNpDrm file located in the tai folder of my ux0 section. My question is is it possible on my device to have both PKGI and PKGI installed at the same time? Otherwise, I would connect the Vita to your PC and see which folders are the largest. Also games not saving when using vitashell. I can download all ps1 and PSP games but it won’t let me download PS Vita games. Will PKGi be the one that will handle its installation of the files, or do I have to do something to make the dowoaded compatibility pack work? The confiq.txt file should then reference ux0 under the *KERNEL. I will start updating my text file and pics. With PKGj I download Iconoclast for example, and the patch, then I refresh the liveArea and the bubble of the game appears but the game does work… If you already have nopaystation installed then you can go to step 8.5 to see how to install the DLC manually. We’ll occasionally send you account related emails. sd2vita issue ? I’m planning to get a Vita 3.60 and stick with it. Upgrade your Micro SD Card to store more files. Go to the home page and turn on your WiFi. Downloaded PKGJ from the github, installed it in my PS vita (i have a folder PKGJ00000 in my uxO:app + i can see it with the content manager) but the app does not show on the LiveArea, can you help me? How did you set up the sdcard, do you have nonpdrm installed, and where is your tai folder located at? What does the config.txt in your tai folder say? If no what can i do! When trying to refresh I get the “can’t get list error 0x80436007” try it out, maybe it will work also for you. I thought it was a problem with the plugin and software, so I uninstalled PKGJ and the plugin. See guide to install See my Moduru downgrade guide here Just one problem – downloaded through PKGJ, but the “bouncing bubble” in LiveArea is not appearing. I just have a question. Are you sure install nonpdrm correctly? ur0:tai/henkaku.suprx Such as a manual update or something like that. That will also be updated. If you are interested in a different color vita (like my pink one), I got mine online from an eBay seller in Japan at Did that temporary solution work for you because I think we have to wait for new working links or find another solution for comp packs such as the reFOOD plugin. No most of the hacks on my website won’t work on 3.72, if you already hacked your Vita on 3.72 then you have to use Moduro 2.0 to downgrade to 3.60 or 3.65. I tried downloading PKGJ because it certainly has more games that I love. 2. I’m not sure if my wifi is too slow, I have tried reconnecting with my vita and it seems to connect properly. (c1-6703-6) i got all the plugin correct and my config.txt file. Great guide, everything went smooth. Thanks in advance, rushing things sorry I downloaded a few moderate size files. For example i had 890 ( pal ) games, i refreshed games list and now there is 910 but i dont know whats new thats been added since last refresh. First thing: you must edit file config.txt (using VitaShell). vitashell de bişiler yaptım sadece UXO: dosyası kaldı nasıl içindeki bütün dosyaları getiririm geri yardımcı olurmusunuz? Log in sign up. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Games cannot be installed or played.’ notification. We use optional third-party analytics cookies to understand how you use so we can build better products. Not Checked. ur0:tai/storagemgr.skprx I deleted the tai folder out of my ur0 folder but that didn’t seem to … For kernel plugins, you must reboot for changes to take place. Note: Since the update does show up on your notification, for paranoid users in fear of PSN ban (so far no reported case of a PSN ban from a hacked Vita and very unlikely) create a new PSN. I might try to download it myself. All the plugin includes nonpdrm and repatch? On ps vita 3.60 Thank you in advance and more power! What error are you getting from trying to install enso? I don’t quite understand what you saying, if you followed my guide from step 1 all the way to the end PKGj should be working. Kindly assist how I’m I going to update it….? For some reason, the game only shows “waiting to install” on the live area. When i click on refresh it loads the game on 1/10 (loading games) Then its saying cant get list: HttpError: sceHttpSendRequest failed: 0x8041210c. If so, you can install it here: What is the gameid, does it match with the DLC? PKGj "Could not find application" Question. Step 3. Hi, I have made everything, I already have nonpdrm and repatch on the right place on the config.txt. Can you give some advice pls – either how to delete it or how to install it Thank you! Fatal error:pkgj requires unsafe mode to be enabled in Henkaku settings! Did you try launching the bubble after you installed Henkaku? Hey! Meaning you properly installed NoNpDrm and still get the message? Hello, i followed this guide and all works fine except one thing, when i load psx game list i have this error: ”can’t reload list: failed to parse line 565: stoll”. Hello guys greetings And thanks for wonderful app. for your answer, I appreciate… ty, This game is pcsh00058-ASA- Shin Gundam musou 2,75GB Hello! I’m having the same issue of can’t get list: HttpError: sceHttpGetResponseContentLength failed: 0x80431071 with user TTR above and you already answered his query. NoNpDrm needed to run games,updates, and DLCs: You can post your config.txt if you want a second eye to look at it. Does anyone of you encounter after installing pkgj and installing nonpdrm plugin still getting an error Nonpdrm not detected. Learn more. great guide thanks. i also intalled itls-enso and deleted the config.txt in pkgj folder i basically did everything i also have intalled the 0syscall6. Hi, are you sure the patch you download is a compatibility patch? Yes that would be my first step, move all the contents to ur0 and then delete the tai folder in ux0. Hi I have the same kind of issue. PKGj "Could not find application" Question. and I’m a bit stuck on what to do next. I would try to use nopaystation to download the DLC and transfer it to ux0:addcont, use my guide to install nopaystation. Hi. Whenever I try to download a game from PKGj, it says "Could not download. Hi, Archived. I tried searching the others up as well, but no dice. GitHub is home to over 50 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. I mean in config.txt file. Please help. Ux0’ta her şeyini kaybetmek için Vitashell’de ne yaptın? My device currently has PKGI where I download all my games. or even Banned? I am trying to install games on PKGj, but I keep get the same error:C0-9250-6. Where is your tai folder located at, make sure the config.txt in that tai folder is correcting referencing the all the plugins like nonpdrm. Does your config.txt in the PGKi folder look like the pic I have at the end of Step 8? Games cannot be installed or played.’ notification. I recommend installing Adrenaline here:, Hi it’s nice to see you’re still helping people after this time! Refreshing the LiveArea through Vitashell does nothing (always ‘Refreshed 0 items’). I just updated my Vita to 3.73 and I have been documenting all that hacks I have done to it. Please I just installed my sd card and made it my primary now I cant longer download games into my vita using PKGJ it keep giving me 0x8p431068 errors please help me in solving this problem. x ok, I try many website topic to solve this problem but nothing happen 3.60, the same region, tried for pal Killzone Mercenaries, PS All-Stars Battle Royal pal, Gravity Rush USA, japanese patch and dlc for Dragon Ball Z Battle for Z, none of it worked. Hi there, thanks for the response, I was able to make it work, now my problem is, Im not able to make 3.68 games run since im using 3.65, I already installed reFood still same issue I followed this guide and installed all of the required files for pkgj, but when i launch it it says “NoNpDrm not found. Posted by 1 year ago. Since you don’t have Enso, you lose your hacks everytime you shut down or restart. Then it stops the download, I don’t mind the error but the game Icon doesn’t appear yet the part of the game that got dwnloaded still takes my memory and I don’t know where the file is so I can delete it.. How can I know where the game files get stored? i found that out myself. in the post by FonkFander. Joined: Apr 26, 2016 Messages: 305 Country: First, you don't need comp packs Just be sure ref00d line in kernel is under nondrm line. I aheva question tho. I’m using an ordinary Memory Card on a 1000 Vita. I am using a 4gb Sony memory card, I didn’t get sd2vita yet. I installed a game, it says installed, but theres no bubble for the game? Please refer to the "Already Installed" section for the prerequisites needed before you can use PKGj. they're used to gather information about the pages you visit and how many clicks you need to accomplish a task. The safest thing you can do is not use the PSN acoount you care about. To update, click on the newly installed file and click on the yellow button. Did you use the config file I provided? Downloaded the confiq.txt and where it says install_psp_psx_location ux0: change that to uma0. Although I would like to point out a problem that I currently have.

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