Shop Phillies online at Holt's Cigar Company today! This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Most online retailers sell Phillies Titan cigars in boxes of fifty or as ten packs of five each. Rate… These are an affordable, decent smoke.

This variant of Phillies cigars has the richest taste among the various smokes that the Phillies brand offers. Most online retailers sell Phillies Blunt cigars in boxes of fifty or as ten packs of five each. They are not bad, emmm for beginers.

Phillies blunt cigars debuted in 2002 in response to the growing demand for affordably-priced flavored cigars.

Nevertheless, the packs are reasonably priced, making these Phillies cigars one of the most affordable sticks. The Phillies Titan is a cigar variant manufactured by the American company Altadis U.S.A. Inc. under the brand Phillies, which is so named because these cigars are made in Philadelphia.

These are an affordable, decent smoke. Sweets are tasty, zesty sticks that are machine-made in America and have been around for generations now.

Coconut flavoured, These are an affordable, decent smoke. Brasilianische Zigarren. £ 210.80 Phillies Blunts Strawberry Cigars made in USA, 2 x 55ct Box. You can find individual packs in some convenience stores. Aside from the gentle flavor of tobacco, there's a hint of sweetness that lasts from end to end. Most online retailers sell them as batches of such packs.

The one thing you've got to accept about machine-made packaging is that it cannot go wrong. Phillies is a brand of U.S.-made cigars, originally made in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, from which the brand takes its name. With Caribbean Basin Cuban Seeds acting as fillers, the flavor offered by the Titan variant of Phillies cigars is extremely mild. The taste is typically earthy, with a heady yet mellow mix of tobacco. Like all other Phillies cigars we've reviewed thus far, Phillies Black sticks also come wrapped in light brown, natural wrappers made from homogenized tobacco leaves. The price typically varies between this range. Like most Phillies cigars, the Sweets are also known for their mild and mellow flavor, making them an ideal choice for a morning draw or for a quick smoke during lunch. They pair best with a strong shot of coffee in the morning or a glass of whiskey in the evening, making them great morning cigars and excellent evening cigars., Pinterest, Smooth and easy draw with very little resistance, Well-constructed cigars that come with a snug wrapping, Uniform flavor across the stick, and across various packs, The flavor can be too mild for cigar enthusiasts who prefer bold smokes, Machine-made cigars that may not be the perfect choice for people who prefer handmade cigars, Easy to light and offer a quick, smooth draw, Affordable sticks that can be easily found online or at convenience stores, Offer a consistent flavor since they are machine-made, The homogenized wrapper is scorned by purists, Flavor may be too sweet for people who prefer bolder or spicier variants, Smooth and easy draw throughout the stick, Earthy aroma with a tinge of sweetness offers a well-balanced flavor, Strength can be too mellow for cigar enthusiasts who prefer bold, full-bodied cigars, Traditionalists may find that these machine-made cigars lack the authenticity of handmade sticks, Top-quality cigars that come at affordable rates, Uncomplicated flavor that's perfect for beginners and for people who prefer their smokes light and mellow, Taste and flavor can be too mild for people who prefer a strong smoke, In some sticks, tar can pour out of a pre-cut tip. Phillies mit 3% Rabatt für Zigarren-Kisten und Packungen im Paul Bugge Shop online kaufen.

They can be purchased online from a number of sellers who stock similar machine-made, affordable brands of smokes like Phillies cigars. Cuban Cigar Shop 938 Fort St Victoria, BC, Canada 250.592.7966 1.800.471.8479. Still widely available at convenience stores and cigar shops everywhere on the planet, The Phillies brand remains very popular, because of the unique earthy flavor, and a distinctive sweet aroma that is exclusive to this brand. Our site has been designed to suit all cigar smokers, whether you’re a beginner who wants to know more or a connoisseur who wants company while enjoying his evening smoke. These Phillies cigars blend the three determining factors that make this cigar a crowd favorite: a consistent flavor, a great aroma, and affordable price.

The uniqueness about the wrappers used to bind Phillies Sweets is that they have a slight sweetness about them that gives these cigars their name and their flavor. The wrappers are light brown and natural in their appearance. Phillies Zigarren aus Brasilien - jetzt im Zigarren Shop bei online kaufen. They offer a swift, smooth draw, and leave a lingering taste of mildly sweet tobacco that's easy to get used to. The pack is large enough to comfortably accommodate these cigars, which come in the Lonsdale shape. Strawberry flavour. Phillies Blunt cigars have a distinct aroma that blends several scents like wood, earth, and of course, tobacco. View Cart (Empty) Secure online order form. This kind of wrapper was created in the 1950s as a way to cut down on the costs involved in the manufacture of cigars. Phillies come in several sizes like Black Max, Blunt, Cheroot, Cigarillo, Mexicali Slim, Mini Blunt, Sweet, Tip, Titan, and now Phillies Finest. Products > Non-Cuban cigars > Philles Blunt cigars, These are an affordable, decent smoke. Many online retailers also stock these quick smokes among other affordable brands. Phillies Blunt Natural Cigars made in USA, 2 x 55ct Box. Offering an array of wrappers and flavors, Phillies Blunts & Cigars appeal to a huge population and a wide variety of smokers.

Phillies Blunt Coconut cigars. Read more

There's perhaps a slight build in aroma as you approach the last third of the cigar.

Laced into this mix is the classic Phillies sweetness in mild concentrations, giving the smoke a well-balanced aroma that's both sweet and strong. Details Add to cart. With a long-lasting, earthy flavor that lingers for a while after your stick has burned out, and a distinct aroma that is as pleasing as it is smooth, these cigars are loaded with an easy blend of tobacco that lends them a hearty taste.

Before they're lit, there's a vague note of sweetness in their scent. Typically, they come in packs of five or boxes of fifty.

Cognac flavoured, A decent affordable everyday smoke.

Beliebte Humidore und Accessoires der Extraklasse.

This is because they're quite mellow and mild, and are not much preferred by purists because they're machine-made. They can be purchased online from a number of sellers who stock similar machine-made, affordable brands of smokes like Phillies cigars. Phillies sizes include Black Max, Blunt, Cheroot, Cigarillo, Mexicali Slim, Mini Blunt, Panatella, Perfecto, Sweet, Tip, Titan and now Phillies Finest.

Pack of 5 Cigars, 5 Packs of 5 Cigars, 10 Packs of 5 Cigars. SKU: Coconut $ 16.50 CAD.


A decent and affordable everyday smoke. But once you're used to it, you'll find it hard to switch to any other cigar, thanks to the consistent and gentle aroma that the Sweets give off. Äusserst beliebt bei Jugendlichen. Herstellung With a ring size of 42 and a length of 4.88, Phillies Blunt cigars are each individually wrapped in cellophane, and are manufactured in packs of five or boxes of fifty.

The flavor is smooth and consistent across the various batches of Sweets manufactured, making these cigars a particular favorite among Americans.

If you're looking for single packs of two cigars each, a local convenience store may be the best place to get them from. The aroma builds once the stick is lit, and remains nearly consistent throughout the smoke, from the first third to the last. Coconut flavoured with 5 in a pack.

Phillies cigars originated in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. True to their name, Phillies Sweets have a sweet taste that lasts from start to finish, all through the length of the stick. Rated 3.00 out of 5 based on 1 customer rating (1 customer review) Availability: Out of stock. Phillies cigars, originally produced ... coconut, coffee, cognac, greene de menthe, honey, mango, peach, piña colada, rum, sambuca, sour apple, strawberry, sweet vanilla, sugar, tequila, watermelon, grape, and cinnamon. Join our newsletter and receive exclusive offers!

These boxes are generally priced between $20 and $30, bringing the average price per cigar to $0.50 or lower. Phillies Titan cigars are 6.25 inches long and have a ring size of 44. Phillies Cigars Since your father rode his bike with training wheels, this has been among the most recognizable brand names in machine made cigars. Phillies Sweets are basically coronas.


The cigars come in plenty of different sizes depending on your needs and desires as a smoker. Cigars vs Cigarettes: The Pros and Cons of Each One, Phillies Cigars Review: Which One Is Right For You. Free shipping!

Phillies cigars, originally produced by Bayuk Cigars, Inc.,[1] are presently manufactured by ITG Brands, the American subsidiary of British conglomerate Imperial Brands.

Very Poor. The Phillies cigar is immortalized in Edward Hopper's painting, Nighthawks, in which a diner is topped by an advertisement for Phillies along with an illustration of a cigar above the words "Only 5¢. With a hint of sweetness that lasts from the first puff to the last, and even lingers for a while after you've taken your last draw, the aroma remains consistent and is easy to get used to. We picked the following similar products available on the market to see how Phillies Titan cigars compare. The aroma of Phillies Black cigars is consistent and unchanging from end to end -- right from the wrapper, which is homogenized and therefore steady in its composition. cigars offer a robust, earthy flavor with mild undertones of characteristic Phillie's sweetness, boxes are generally priced between $20 and $30, bringing the average price per cigar to $0.50, there's a hint of sweetness that lasts from end to end.

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