SCP-4736: I saw a lot of crazy shit out here in the concept-space: mountains of rotting flesh, stars torn from the sky, a Foundation insignia burning in the Earth's core with black fire. Pretty close to Site-19 I think. High chance of Magic Bind, Strength Bind, and Agility Bind. Are you so cold as to not care where all of this ends? I feel like I need some clarification on what I'm doing here. Astaroth first appears after Raidou defeats Inugami at Dark Tsukudo-cho, mentioning he would like to challenge them to a battle in the future. The unit is back in SCP-4678's chamber. Guardian-1: Hmm… a blank slate once again. On inspection they are found dead but lack any apparent physical injuries.]. Subject is traveling through a valley which breathes with the wind, upturning sand into violent storms. A small booklet was found on his body describing SCP-4678's effects and how to use it. Append content without editing the whole page source. [23:57] The FINAL GATE struggles to speak. SCP-073: I refuse to play a part in your deaths, Doctor. Revealing the true nature/natures of clarity to the general public is cause for execution, except as required under ████-███-██████. Mia: Please. AsutarotoAsutarouto SiteCommand: You have surpassed the deadline for complaints. Gate-stopper! Thirty seconds of static from EP-3's mounted camera follows before it clears up. SCP-4736: Wait, that's not what I asked. [04:12] Subject removes its dictionary and flips to the "M" section. Every been to Site-19? The men upstairs telling you that? We will dispatch this one with haste. SCP-4678 was nearly fully destroyed in the incident and is now inert. First Appearance Question is: Who's at the top? Based on the results of our testing, I believe it is possible to utilize SCP-4678 as a security measure for the Foundation. Better to get it done with now than-. Can you say the same? SCP-4736 had access to vast energies4 while under Foundation custody as a result of its inextricable self-relation. Previous containment procedures have been supplanted in the wake of Operation Astaroth. Astarzom, Astaroth Zombie & Aster (DemiKids). Accolades have been rendered unnecessary by Operation Astaroth. I am- was capable of it. Gotta get out. SCP-4736: I think I'm understanding now. At 4:59 PM, D-82732-CZ entered the execution chamber and shot two security personnel before being shot in the abdomen three times, and vanishing. Did you write them? That's not very like you, is it? SCP-4736: I think I'm called a Theo-Weapon: very succinct, very straight-forward. Never again I won't! Astaroth appears as the final boss of Suginami's Diaspora instance. I'm not going to delay no more delays. It seems reality has begun to fail; we are doing very good work. This containment failure began as a result of the SCP-4736 project, which SiteCommand is forced to return to. (All enemies) [Does not stack], Slight HP restore each turn. I'd like to file an objection against whatever's in front of me. SiteCommand: Please remain professional. [23:50] Total connection is re-established with Site-873. Afraid to face the future and put it right? Obtaining the ability to fuse Astaroth requires gathering Masakadus from the end chests of Diaspora and delivering them to Gomory. After locating the Magic Box that lets him face Sin, he will find the coffin, and Astaroth will attack the hero, saying that if she breaks free he will never return back to normal.

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