I can't say enough about this TV show. I love offspring - started halfway though as it is on TV here in NZ. I love a good serial drama. I would rate this drama series a 9.0. Apart from Clegg of course, he's just a bit too weird. To my dismay, I watched the last one last night!!! Very strange from a producing standpoint. I hope and pray there will be another season! Not a single character is a fully functioning adult. Is season 6 on Netflix now? She's definitely lovable. The whole cast is brilliant. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. I recognised many of the houses & streets.. The workplace comedy stuff is entertaining, the tale of Nina's search for love with a series of "moody, damaged" colleagues is quite relatable, and the show has lots of insightful things to say about the difficulties and rewards of family life. Not a single character is a fully functioning adult. Bravo!

This sets up plenty of storylines for her disastrous relationships, including her failed marriage to a guy obsessed with blowing things up. Can't wait. I am from the US and found this show one of the best of Netflix .... and I've watched MANY!!!!

I wanted to write this review to congratulate the costume designer.

I have laughed, cried, cringed and smiled. With great storylines, cast, plenty of laugh-out-loud moments and seven seasons available on Netflix, this is a great show to binge on. .

This is absolutely one of my all time favorite shows. click: function (score, evt) { I just found this show on Netflix. In that sense, shows like Offspring resemble US shows on cable networks like FX or HBO, and those are the ones I tend to gravitate towards.

The show follows one woman specifically, but branches out to follow her family as well as co-workers as well (who have some how ended up kin of like her family as well). Net-binged the remaining episodes and went on to the others. But so far several episodes into S6, it has been an absolute disaster. There are some genuine funny moments, mostly as a result of the fantasies that Nina plays out in her head. Everything is a catastrophe and every problem can be fixed by screaming, talking really fast, running up and down the sidewalk and sex. },

But I find it easier to watch in smaller bursts. What is the non-white population of Australia.

I love the crazy overly involved family because it reminds me of my family in a way. background-image: url('//g-cdn.serienjunkies.de/vote/star-off-big.png'); Funny women are great, I love that, but some backbone would help. $('#sjrating').raty({ So, one day my friend makes a comment about Offspring and how she loves it. if (data == 1) { Really hot, but also had no backbone, silent responses, not enough in the reactions to make a scene. | By the time you get to S4 it's almost unwatchable. These cookies do not store any personal information. Hot men which is fantastic. Nobody? Looking for the best Netflix shows? Die Serie gilt somit als eingestellt. Great show, great cast.

Funny, clever humor. Marvelous show ! As a previous reviewer has said, I've laughed and cried at this first series, and I see there are five more. Nina's neurotic inner voice is very much how a lot of women over think everything (of course, in the extreme) and the love and troubles of all of the characters draw you in. UNLIMITED TV SHOWS & MOVIES. this is why people can’t make comedy shows anymore…people are too worried about offending and being offended and satisfying all the woke pc rhetoric instead of just enjoying some laughs together. Life in Nina's world is never dull, whatever comes her way, Nina handles with class and dignity. It is filmed in Melbourne's inner north. To have the accoutrements of its culture and the spiritual meaning of the vestments be downgraded as party wear is insulting and shows a lack of resect and understanding of diversity. 2. the lack of diversity in a nation that has diversity and has a major Indigenous group in its nation, and there is only one character in the series with a vaguely-diverse appearance, the midwife Cherie.

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