Added a link to a lot of high quality custom covers/box arts that CryinOnion created, Add Cryinonion's credits for his recent involvement in the project. He’s a writer and translator passionate about history and foreign cultures. But it’s mostly made for the average Joe to enjoy too. While Secret of Evermore did not live up to Secret of Mana, the lack of 2-player support certainly added to the disappointment. Of course, it’s up to Mario to go on tour through an extensive collection of entirely new levels, defeating the Koopa King’s minions and eventually rescuing his favorite monarch. Zombies Ate My Neighbors – Oh No More Zombies One of the best multi-player games for the SNES became a whole lot better with this ROM hack. The original Parallel Worlds was a huge overhaul to A Link to the Past’s gameplay. Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) The NES was a 8-bit video game console released in July 15th, 1983 in All of our ROM Hacks have download links in the articles. The fantastic RPG Secret of Mana was one of the many victims of censorship and lack of appreciation for the original material, resulting in a terrible translation (on the SNES anyway) that’s become famous as an example of bad practices. It’s charming, the tracks are exciting, and it’s undoubtedly the best racer on the system. There you’ll play through the events as he enthralls the Queen and silences opposition to become the Prophet of Zeal. This complements the fast-paced gameplay and fluid physics quite nicely. Mostly the same game, but with damage ratios skewed against enemies, stage hazards lowered and/or having a way to (mostly) avoid them, and more in-stage items. There’s even a SpongeBob version! Grab a copy and see for yourself what it’s all about. Give it a try! The result was the Halloween Hack, recognized as one of the most disturbing and mentally-scarring ROM hacks ever created. 999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors. It added new graphics, a new storyline, basically a new game. This ROM hack is a complete overhaul of a bootleg FFVII copy made for the NES by a Chinese company way back in the day. For that reason, we will not explicitly link to any of the ROMs mentioned on this list, but they’re easily found. Most monsters were also re-colored and had their animations improved for a more fluid experience. Some go so far as to say its what SMW2 could’ve been! This is Final Fantasy VII on the NES… or, at least, a third of it. It’s focused on level design rather than changing the story or introducing flashy graphics, so you’ll quickly forget it’s an unofficial release. This 1994 J-RPG may have been relatively unknown amongst casual Western gamers, but it garnered a strong cult following amongst J-RPG fans. You think Mega Man is too easy? His ideal weekend is spent between leisurely games of Civilization VI and looking for the next seinen anime to marathon.

There are even some optional bosses hidden throughout the levels’ branching paths, some of which are ported from other Mega Man games. We’re starting with something relatively minor in scope but huge in fun potential. It's as good as it sounds. If you’re one of the many that prefer SMW2 over the original, consider SMW2+, which adds 54 entirely new levels to the game. Bowser has kidnapped Princess Toadstool and is holding her hostage on a space station where he plots to destroy the world. Hyper Metroid also features a sophisticated weapons system that’s unlike anything seen previously in similar hacks. It’s possible to go back to any level or world after clearing it. However, alternative paths have been added to most of the original courses, which add a whole new element to the original game. Rather difficult. Sometimes you need a specific version of the said ROM but it's usually told in the readme file. Fans will love it. The suggestion was made to give the game a facelift and expose it to a wider audience by porting it to the NES. You may already know the Japanese version of this hack by Himajin Jinchiku, but be sure to give this English-translated version a try. Weapon collecting and switching with the L/R buttons, armor that degrades instead of disappears, and other changes that generally make the game a bit easier.

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