Constructed by: Aimee Lucido ANSWERS I MISSED: 0. There are lots of terms to describe horses of different ages and sexes, it seems: “Sharknado” is a 2013 tongue-in-cheek disaster movie that was made for the Syfy television channel. One Arctic Tern that was tagged as a chick in Great Britain in the summer of 1982, was spotted in Melbourne, Australia just three months later. 10. When I was doing really simple, local daily newspaper puzzles, it took about ten minutes, just filling in the squares. Relatively easy one, for a Friday … . Canada crossword: There are 13 words related to Canada's geography, symbols, and the government found in this easy crossword puzzle worksheet. 2. Force-ful characters? Swim meet coverage? 38-year-old professor Humbert Humbert privately refers to Dolores as “Lolita”. Speaking of Soviets, ISTO is clued by way of [Lenin's "What ___ Be Done?"]. On the capitalist side, there's [Economist John Maynard ___] KEYNES. Eastern 8610). But it looks clear as day:[11:00 a.m. restaurant patrons?] Lair : DEN Broadway’s “___ Miz” : LES 55 “You can’t make me!” : I DON’T WANNA! A US printing house finally took on the project in 1958, by which time the title had such a reputation that it sold exceptionally quickly. The combination of three dots – three dashes – three dots, is a Morse signal first introduced by the German government as a standard distress call in 1905. [St. Barthelemy et d'autres] are ILES, or "islands" in French. 63. Without losing anymore time here is the answer for the above mentioned crossword clue: We found 1 possible solution in our database matching the query Nation with three dots in a row. Out terms “miscellany” and “miscellaneous” ultimately come from the Latin verb “miscere” meaning “to mix”. Príncipe’s sister island : SAO TOME 6 or so, for first graders : AGE 27. In number … In order to avoid confusion of flight numbers in the future, the special call sign “Air Force One” was created. Remarkable …. 19 Zippo : NADA Not a member yet? 36 Labor of love? The Jedi are the “good guys” in the “Star Wars” series of movies. Jeff I like your thinking there! : SPEEDO : UTEP [Most Little Leaguers] are BOYS, still. Canadiana Crossword - Feb. 11, 2019 WSJ Daily - Jan. 2, 2019 Universal Crossword - Dec. 25, 2018 Universal Crossword - Dec. 5, 2018 The Puzzle Society - Oct. 20, 2018 The Puzzle Society - Oct. 17, 2018 Joseph - Sept. 19 39. Final form of Pe/Fe. I do not. 1. 52. “Beauty and the Beast” is a fairy tale was that was written by novelist Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont. Nestled between the two countries, high in the mountains, is the lovely country of Andorra, an old haunt of my family during skiing season …. My wife and I saw “Les Miz” in the Queen’s Theatre in London quite a few years ago, but were only able to get tickets in the very back row. Charged particles : IONS The celebratory gesture that we call a “high five” is said to have been invented by former baseball players Dusty Baker and Glenn Burke when they were both playing for the Los Angeles Dodgers in the later 1970s. 16. The leading bird gets no advantage, but every following bird gets to “slipstream” a little. To [Experiment] with something is to NOODLE AROUND. : CHAFING Jeopardy! 28. For example quotient set, quotient group, quotient category, etc. totally copying Wrigley Field), and to watch the pitcher throw himself clear off the mound. Solution to today’s New York Times crossword found online at the Seattle Times website The sequence is remembered as the letters SOS (three dots – pause – three dashes – pause – three dots). Words said at the altar : I DO Miscellany … or a description of the final words in 15-, 23-, 30-, 38- and 43-Across : ODDS AND ENDS Try today’s … 56 Exhibits at an exhibition : ART In some countries, it can indicate subtraction. We usually use the term “Air Force One” for the purpose-built military aircraft that transports the president, although any plane can use the call sign, provided the president is aboard. President’s plane : AIR FORCE ONE CS 3:12Jonesin' 3:11NYT 2:50LAT 2:48I'm not an ardent baseball fan, but it was cool to see the Mets' new home, CitiField (brick wall? The most famous piece of bossa nova is the song “The Girl from Ipanema”. suffix. One of the big events in the storyline is the building of a street barricade over which the rebels fight. 40. Tee precursor. 41. The saxophone was invented by Belgian Adolphe Sax. reports more sales of “The Hunger Games” series books than even the “Harry Potter” series. 28 Sows and cows : FEMALES Its opposite number is DISSIDENT, like [Andrei Sakharov in the Soviet era, e.g.]. 17. The first of several? I thought there was no chance they'd take a tardy RSVP, but whaddaya know? Release from being caught on a nail, say : UNSNAG Actions on the dance floor : MOVES All rights reserved. 30. GEICO was founded in 1936 with a very specific mission, to provide auto insurance for employees of the federal government and their families, hence the name Government Employees Insurance Company (GEICO). Edited by: Will Shortz, Not your puzzle? Using the name Winn-Lovett, the company continued to grow and in 1955 bought the Dixie Home chain of stores. Tax cheats’ fears : AUDITS 13 Group of stars : A-LIST Kind of curve. 36. "Amy is an experienced, accomplished constructor -- if anyone can help you get going with the NYT crossword (besides the usual advice, start on Monday), she can"—Roy Leban. Singer Lovato : DEMI [Aid in reading a road map] is the DOME LIGHT in your car. 13. Got that? The original Uggs have sheepskin fleece on the inside for comfort and insulation, with a tanned leather surface on the outside for durability. 2. 55. Rod-shaped bacterium : E COLI ZAIRE was [Congo's name before 1997]. Nation with three dots in a row Let's find possible answers to "Nation with three dots in a row" crossword clue. (It's a large sink.) The five HIDDEN GEMS are in the circled squares in these answers:JAGGED EDGE was a [1985 Glenn Close/Jeff Bridges thriller].The PONY EXPRESS was a [Mail service made obsolete by the transcontinental telegraph].DOG PADDLE is a [Simple swimming stroke]. Form 1040 is known as the “long form”. Sometimes good, sometimes bad : HIT OR MISS “Hello” singer of 2015 : ADELE When she was all grown up, Levato served as a judge on “The X Factor” from 2012 to 2013, and soon after had the recurring role of Dani on “Glee”. Similarly, the phrases “Save … Here, again, I'm frustrated — sometimes I want the challenge of figuring out the long answers when I only have a couple of letters filled in, but when I'm timing myself, I instead go for the short crosses. Old-fashioned “Awesome!” : NEATO! The prefix “twi-” seems to come from the sense of “half”, and in “half light”. 30. : GOV Gumption : MOXIE 12. 30 ___ boom : SONIC Cry before “You’re out!” : STRIKE THREE! The term “placebo” is the Latin word for “I shall please”. Suffix with differ : -ENT 38 ___ nova : BOSSA 3. At the end of words, the letter's written form changes to a … Kanga is a friend of A. Air Force 8610) flew close to commercial airliner (flight no. You can also create an account for an ad-light experience! Means of tracking workers’ hours : TIMECARDS 3. 27 When repeated, a reproof : TUT 29. I don’t think that anyone is really certain of the etymology of the term “on cloud nine” meaning “elated”, but I do like the following explanation. Brand of sheepskin boots : UGG Swim meet coverage? @Dale StewartI'm nowhere good for competitions, but I time in order to provide a progress measure. What rolling stones don’t gather : MOSS “Up top!” : GIMME FIVE! [Advice from the auto club?] Answer for the clue "Snaky shape", 3 letters: ess, В  В  Part of Lombard Street in San Francisco. : BINGE-WATCH One is that it makes for efficient flight and conserves energy. An opal is often described as having a milky iridescence known as opalescence. Lilacs are so lovely, more states should single them out for this honor. 45. 2 “Gotcha” : I SEE Actor Hemsworth of “The Hunger Games” : LIAM A female donkey is known as a jenny, and a male is known as a jack, or sometimes a “jackass”. Hard to tell the difference.XENIA is clued as the [Ohio city where a Burger King worker YouTubed himself bathing in the sink in 2008]. 32. Especially since I've gotten to the point that I can finish almost anything eventually. 6. Cry before “You’re out!” : STRIKE THREE! 44 Pays (up) : ANTES The use of the words “zip” and “zippo” to mean “nothing” dates back to the early 1900s, when it was student slang for being graded zero on a test. 38A. The show opened in London in 1985, and is the longest running musical in the history of London’s West End. 13. Ess is the letter S . 1. In 1955, he resorted to publishing it in English at a printing house in Paris. As for "counting the squares", you get a sense of what fits just by looking after a while. “Lolita” became the first book since “Gone with the Wind” to sell over 100,000 copies in its first three weeks in stores. Dangerous curve. We started using the term “jackass” to mean “fool” in the 1820s. The Force is a metaphysical power much cited in all of the “Star Wars” movies, and still today we may hear someone in real life say “May the Force be with you”.

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