Beth Kemp, Faculty Leader, King Edward VI College. Yet in one respect, Multicultural London English does not reverse Cockney trends. As is the case with MLE, this is notable for how it goes against the dialect’s ‘non-native’ influence: the Spanish language typically has only a fully back /u/ sound. “tune”, though are often mangled into other forms ( “choon” in this case). I am reporting a phenomenon that seems to affect a small subset of GOOSE words, of which “new” is the most prominent. A short documentary about different communities that make up multicultural London. Young, old or just ‘emerging’? To learn more about Out \u0026 About, or about all our English courses, please visit:http://www.outandabout.es ….......................Un documental corto sobre las diferentes comunidades que forman un Londres multicultural. There are no yods in DO, DEW, or DUE. No doubt. Learn English with Out \u0026 About interviews and short documentaries – a great way to expose yourself to real-life English. In a nutshell, MLE is a ‘young’ dialect (one might mark the birthday cutoff at 1970) that incorporates elements of Caribbean English and other ‘non-native’ influences. I mean that the distinction between [j] and [i] is that [i] is syllabic while [j] is non-syllabic. Our ESRC-funded studies from the 90s focused on changes in the London periphery, especially Milton Keynes, Reading and (later) Ashford. ”Cool” is kewl rather than kyool, but to outsiders with an untrained ear, Californian cool may sound like kyool (instead of kewl), and dude may sound like dyood (instead of dewd). Having some ideas in teaching English is actually nice. One of English’s most rapidly evolving dialects is what is known as Multicultural London English (MLE). Multicultural Britain: Video UK - transcript This is Southall Broadway in West London. So a white londoner might have spoken cockney at the football, estuary at work and something approaching MLE if talking to friends in a mixed ethnicity group. English Language Teaching: Linguistic Resources, Language and Identity in the national Curriculum: A Scheme of Work, Dick Hudson's A Level English Language site, Lancaster University's A Level English Language site, Estuary English (site developed by John Wells), British Library Sounds Familiar website - listen and learn about different accents and dialects from around the UK, BBC Voices website - voices from around the UK. My GOOSE is closer to my DUDE, and both far front from RULE. For an idea of what I’m talking about, watch this interview with hip hop artist Dizzee Rascal, a well-known speaker of MLE: There is something clearly ‘London’ about this young man’s speech, yet he hardly speaks ‘classic Cockney.’ What is striking here are the diphthongs: *In Cockney, the vowel in ‘face’ shifts toward the /ai/ in ‘price.’ In MLE, this vowel is the opposite: it’s more of a monophthong or close diphthong (IPA [e] or [ei]).

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