Classified ads in your local newspapers can give you an idea of retail prices in your area.

If you wish to discuss this option please call us.


If you do not see your state of residence, please select the nearest state. The details and implications of an additional Payment Deferral are different to an initial deferral.

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If you are experiencing payment difficulties which are not short-term resulting from the pandemic, or if you require additional support due to any health issues please call us to discuss the options available to you. Our trio of payment plans gives you options to save time, hassle and paper. Please remember that on an initial deferral of up to 3 months, the mileage allowance will not change.

In order to recieve a text from your MINI dealership, you must consent to the SUBMIT terms highlighted in red above.

You will need to apply for any additional Payment Deferral in the last month of your initial deferral period and at least 5 working days before your monthly payments resume. Between 27 April and 31 October 2020 we provided short-term Payment Deferrals in line with the Financial Conduct Authority’s motor finance guidance to … We offer multiple options, with low competitive rates, that will help us customize your purchase to your exact financing needs.

Upon granting a deferral, we will not collect any payments on your agreement during the deferral period. All figures presented are estimates only. You can make payments by calling us on 0370 5050 123 and select Option 5 then Option 1.

To estimate a trade-in or wholesale value for your vehicle, you may need to subtract 30 percent or more from the retail price. When you buy your MINI (as opposed to leasing), there are no restrictions on the number of miles or years you can enjoy with your MINI.

Payment Deferrals are intended to provide customers with temporary financial support in the exceptional circumstances arising out of the Coronavirus pandemic.

After being granted a deferral, you can make voluntary payments if you can afford to do so. WILL MY CREDIT FILE BE NEGATIVELY AFFECTED?

If you are experiencing or reasonably expecting to experience temporary financial difficulties as a result of Coronavirus, you can apply for a Payment Deferral. If you have payment difficulties after this date, please call us to discuss what other options are available to you.

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Thanks a bunch. If your lease is expiring soon, please contact your dealer or a MINI Financial Services Advocate to discuss your options.

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For information on Payment Deferrals, your options and their implications please view our introductory video message from Mike Dennett, the MINI Financial Services Chief Executive Officer.

Want to own your MINI but make low monthly payments, like you would on a lease? At the end of that term, a balloon payment is due and you have three options: 1. For more information, please visit our Cookie Policy Page.

This will be explained to you. If you know you’ll be traveling, use UltimatePay to schedule a one-time payment to be made on a specific date.

*This is a list of states where MINI Dealers are located. #FlattenTheCurve.


It is likely to be in your interests to do so to limit the additional interest to pay, after payment of any arrears incurred prior to the start of the deferral. Not all terms and leasing options are available in all areas.

You are unable to do so due to circumstances arising out of Coronavirus. CLICK HERE IF YOU HAVE NOT ALREADY HAD A PAYMENT DEFERRAL FROM US PROVIDED ON OR AFTER 27 APRIL 2020. Contact all your creditors to discuss your repayments. 25% more on MINI redemption.

These estimates are not advertisements or solicitations for specific price or credit terms. If you are experiencing longer-term payment difficulties, please call us to discuss the options available to you. The mileage allowance and excess mileage charge per mile is shown on your agreement. Additional Payment Deferrals are intended to provide customers with further financial support in the exceptional circumstances arising out of the Coronavirus pandemic. At the end of that term, a balloon payment is due and you have three options: Sell your MINI back to us at a predetermined price and perhaps finance a new one. Actual rates and credit terms may vary based upon model, state selected and creditworthiness.

This will be in addition to the number of months the contract was extended for any previous Payment Deferral. Any arrears that you may have at the time of starting the deferral will still need to be repaid.

If you have a query or decide not to proceed with your deferral, you should call us as soon as possible on 0370 5050 123 and select Option 5 and then Option 2. You will need to apply for any additional Payment Deferral in the last month of your initial deferral period and before your monthly payments resume. You can enter the taxes rate specific to your locality as a percent. If you already own a MINI, head to the Owners’ Lounge to set up your preferred method of payment for your MINI Finacial Services account. ... Once you input the vehicle price, down payment, residual value, estimated sales tax, money factor, and lease term into the lease payment calculator, you’re going to get your monthly lease payment…

Accessories are not added to the residual value of the vehicle at the end of a Lease, Owner's Choice or MINI Select financing arrangement. If you have a Select PCP agreement, on any deferral extended to exceed 3 months, we will increase your total mileage allowance so that you will not be charged extra for continued use of the vehicle during the extended period (up to 6 months in total), providing you do not exceed the new mileage allowance. MINI JOHN COOPER WORKS. And don't worry, we won't share your information with anyone else. Drop us a line and we’ll be in touch, or you can call us at 866-ASK-MINI (866-275-6464). If you have an agreement regulated by the Consumer Credit Act (this is shown on the top of your agreement) and you no longer wish to keep the vehicle, you may wish to consider this option. You can settle the agreement by paying the settlement figure and then keep or sell the vehicle. Customer Service Hours: Monday-Thursday 9:00 am to 9:00 pm ET, … If you choose to return the vehicle at the end of the agreement you will be charged for any excess mileage over this allowance. Owners Lounge You may have the right to voluntary terminate your agreement. information provided by applicants or bank account information. If, at the end of your lease, you want a new and different MINI – no problem.

With new benefits designed to get you in and out of the showroom faster, you’ll spend less time at the dealership and more time with your beloved MINI.

It is likely to be in your interests to do so to limit the extra costs of an additional Payment Deferral, after payment of any arrears incurred prior to the start of the initial deferral. Or, click here to change your Preferred Method of Contact to Email. Explore the NEW My MINI Garage – a personalized experience where you can easily access all your info and vehicles in one spot, track a new MINI through production, or access exclusive features, videos, and options. ESI Path--> /apps/settings/wcm/designs/minidigital-white.clientlibinclude.categories__minidigital-white%3F%3Finit.mode__js.async__false.onload__.js, ESI Path--> /apps/settings/wcm/designs/minidigital-white.clientlibinclude.categories__minidigital%3F%3Fcore.mode__css.async__.onload__.js, ESI Path--> /apps/settings/wcm/designs/minidigital-white.clientlibinclude.categories__minidigital-white.mode__css.async__.onload__.js, ESI Path--> /apps/settings/wcm/designs/minidigital-white.clientlibinclude.categories__minidigital%3F%3Flegacy.mode__css.async__.onload__.js, 47.9-49.6 [46.3-47.9] MPG (WLTP) disclaimer, 47.1-48.7 [45.6-47.9] MPG (WLTP) disclaimer, 43.5-45.6 [43.5-44.8] MPG (WLTP) disclaimer, 40.9-44.8 [40.4-43.5] MPG (WLTP) disclaimer, 39.8-42.8 [38.7-42.2] MPG (WLTP) disclaimer, 38.7-40.4 [38.7-40.9] MPG (WLTP) disclaimer, Looks like the MINI you've been you-ifying hasn't been saved.

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