He's honest and smart and does an amazing job. Thanks guys. I would recommend them above any other hybrid repair mechanic. It has been fun, Thank you. My dad and I consider this place to be Mecca...I travel from Beverlywood to his shop in Chatsworth and its worth the journey. Steve told me not a problem and told me to…", "I can't understand why mine is the only review here! 1 STAR IS FOR HIS AVAILABILITY AND THE SECOND STAR WAS FOR HIM TAKING THE TIME TO LOOK AT THE CAR..... THAT'S IT. He was a real car geek and used to go to MG shows in Hershey PA where they had swap meets where you could buy MG parts from fellow enthusiasts. The results, however, were spectacular, and our LBC turned out to be a show winner even though we continued to drive it year ’round even in the NJ winters as long as there was no snow on the roads. His diagnosis and suggested repairs is always ONLY what needs to be done, at an honest and reasonable price... since I live far away in Palm Springs ( I went to Darrin as I wanted someone who knows this car well) I asked him to suggest a few "anticipatory" fixes of things that " historically go bad" with this older finicky car - and his suggestions were smart and affordable AND he again stated " however, NONE of that needs to be done for your car to operate...." I chose to do the few extra ( and affordable) things to avoid a future tow 134 miles out of the desert for a technically proficient fix...and I will note again the few extra things were not expensive ( so it wasn't a profit game) Darrin is also just a terrific and positive guy who loves what he does and shares his knowledge and interest generously -. I've had my '78 MGB into his shop multiple times and he diagnoses only what you need, not what he wants to sell you. As the guy lost interest in the car and my sister and he broke up, he left the MG in my Dad's garage and it sat there for nearly 30 years!! We specialize in MG work however we welcome Triumphs, Austin Healey’s, classis Mini’s. Advanced German Auto. • Zanesville. Lorton, VA 22079. If you have an MG and need service, look no further, you found the right spot. I wanted to be sure everything was on the up and up with lubricants and fluids and such. When it comes to a mechanic, you have to have trust. My dad and I consider this place to be Mecca...I travel from Beverlywood to his shop in Chatsworth and its worth the journey. If you have an MG and are needing a professional mechanic to get the job done Darrin is the one! They are honest(my favorite part), efficient, and they know what they are doing! You can drive an old car out here easily because there's no rain or snow, the weather is always great. “Darren and his partner Doug have rare knowledge of all MG models and years.” in 3 reviews, “I've had my '78 MGB into his shop multiple times and he diagnoses only what you need, not what he wants to sell you.” in 7 reviews, “Anyone who would consent to work on an MG midget is a saint.” in 2 reviews, in Auto Customization, Car Window Tinting, Vehicle Wraps. He's honest, fair priced, and gives you options baed on how much you want to spend. This guy is 100% honest and 100% competent when it comes to understanding all the quirks in British sports cars. This is us with a First place trophy for an MGB, The MGB was a restoration that took place over three years, in stages, they had their car every summer. ", "this tow company was on the job! I found Darrin, who did the clutch and sent the overdrive off to some guy he knows who can reline the friction material. ", "WOW! Best MGB Motorcycle Repair Shops Near Me. - MG and Triumph Restoration The companies and traders listed in the MG Car Club Trade Directory have all agreed to support the Club by providing a high quality service to members. Our LBC loves the weather down here and has won first place in both shows that we entered in 2011. I was very impressed with their expertise, of course, but more importantly with their honesty and integrity. Thank you. I was beyond impressed how skilled and honest Darrin and his helper mechanic are. They did impressive detailed, electrical work on my car and most thankful to have found them. Over this past weekend, it spewed coolant after parking it. If your in the area on an afternoon drive, stop by for a visit. He also informed me the Carburetors are bad. More$$$The dealer I purchased the car from promised me that the Carburetors had been rebuilt. Al sold his Midget in 2006 due to a lack of storage space. Our goal was to have a nice ‘driver’, not a show car. Complete British Car repair and MGB V8 conversion parts for sale and installation. The next morning I called the representative Steve and told him what had happened. He was trained by BL in the proper way and can accurately diagnose problems and provide fair estimates. I trust Cecil implicitly. He is one of the few old time mechanics who understands how classic cars operate based on a lifetime of classic car work. Our fenced-in and camera monitored 5,000 square foot facility is situated in a residential/ small business neighborhood.

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