Current fly fishing conditions are still good. Twitching followed by a straight retrieve has put muskies in the net. In the past there were a lot of car break-ins, so try to leave valuables in a safe locked place, or out of sight from prying eyes. I have been social distancing by staying on the boat and landing slobs. ... See MoreSee Less, Share on FacebookShare on TwitterShare on Linked InShare by Email, Saturday is chance to give back - Knox TN Today, Share your images with #legacyparks #knoxvillesurbanwilderness #outdoorknoxville, Copyright 2020 Legacy Parks Foundation | All Rights Reserved | Designed and developed by Palin Design, {{~plugins.stringLib.substringOnWord(data.description, 400, { ellipsis : true })}} {{:link.url}} {{:link_text}}{{link_text}}{{? We found this last light lunker suspended in a current break staged adjacent to bait fish. Trolling bulldawgs is a a scary good tactic for slow or sluggish muskies. I fish all over east Tennessee searching for trophy fish plain and simple. All Rights Reserved. You may need to work a little harder. These large lures can help you quickly find active fish holding on breaklines and cover. I fished with Steven for a day in March. But if you are on prime locations with lures that are reflective of the natural forage base you can encounter some other amazing species while perusing Tennessee Muskies. Our weather has been the typical stable summer mix of warm days with thunder storms forming nearly on a daily basis. Weather patterns have been somewhat messy with tropical storms throwing our typical fall weather patterns for a bit of a loop. Bondy Orba : This soft plastic and blade combo is a unique presentation that stands out from the crowd. To be honest the weather has been so erratic that saying there has been a weather pattern would be a falsehood. Enjoying your time on the water and having a ton of laughs with your boat partner is way more important than catching muskies....but we did that as well. Aims to increase fishing line and soft bait recycling by tapping the public for ideas ANNAPOLIS, Md., August 24, 2020 – Have you ever wondered how old, discarded fishing line is recycled and reused? Water clarity is good and weed beds are starting to take shape. With the right modifications and weighting Suicks are a deadly lure for Southern muskies. . Wondering and hoping someone would share a bit of advice on the lake and lure choice for this time of would also be great to have some idea of what my expectations should be, is a fish a day realistic or one or two for the week? With the high volume of rainfall creeks and rivers are at full capacity and moving quickly. Weather / Water : Melton Hill and the surrounding areas have received record amounts of rain fall. Twitch it near weeds and wood in a quick manner to pull muskies up from their haunts. The cool flowing water, however, guarantees that dissolved oxygen levels remain good throughout the summer for smallmouth bass, … You can always count on this old school musky presentation to put muskies in the net. These disruptions in the typical weather patterns can make locating active muskies a challenge to some extent. Contact Us Obey all posted safety regulations and precautions! In the past there were a lot of car break-ins, so try to leave valuables in a safe locked place, or out of sight from prying eyes. Write for Us Largemouth Bass draw the most attention. }}Read More{{/}} {{/link.url}}. Super Shad Rap : Fire Tiger this classic musky bait gets done regardless of trolling speed or conditions. Lead. Remember to adjust these times based on barometric pressure, and weather changes. Good luck. Weather patterns are stable and are pretty much average Southern Musky Conditions. Larry with an absolute monster Tennessee Musky. Bass are on the Big Bite for sure, but you can catch them with a Swimbait or Swim Jig in scattered grass. Melton Hill Lake - Tennessee . The instability and unseasonable conditions have shifted forage and the locations muskies prefer to use. OFM Partners Unbeknown to most anglers Tennessee has turned out the world record Small Mouth, Walleye, Black Crappie, Land Locked Striper and I’m sure a few other species along the way. The best baits are … Muskies at times will merely nip at lures in the spring and a tight drag tends to pull the lure out of their beaks. But I’m never mad when a trophy class fish finds it’s way into my boat. 8/17/2020 5:16: Sign Up, FaceBook Using the right diameter line on your trolling rods can help immensely when your trying to hit tight target depths. 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