Because of her family’s financial problems she used to work during the daytime and go to night school at night. Marcia Lucas isn’t credited on The Empire Strikes Back, although there are various unconfirmed reports that she did help. On February 22, 1969, they were married. When the studio didn't like the film, I wasn't surprised. She edited Taxi Driver, a popular 1976 film starring Robert De Niro, Cybill Shepherd, and Peter Boyle. [29] In mid-1982, she asked for a divorce, but in order to maintain a positive public image, George asked her to wait until after the release of Return of the Jedi to go public with the decision. When Marcia's grandfather died, her mother later moved to an apartment in North Hollywood, California, where she worked as a clerk at an insurance agency. Travel back in time to check out the early roles of some of Hollywood's heavy hitters. Following the success of Star Wars, Marcia decided to place her career on hold in order to raise a family. In college, a more practical and realistic nature took hold leading to the pursuit of an IT professional instead of an artist. He had to keep migrating along with his family from place to place because of his job. Today, my work is a bold mix of styles, pieces ranging from sleek and contemporary expressionism – while others represent a more weathered and organic feel. Marcia’s father was an army man. Until today. Upon receiving a canvas stand and art desk as a birthday present from my husband Peter, the passion for art was rekindled and the first piece of art was created. [18][22] At the 50th Academy Awards, Lucas won the 1977 Academy Award for Best Film Editing with Chew and Hirsch.[23]. An obvious freedom and personal expression, having no boundaries – presented itself to me – and with this I began to flourish. [29] In 1985, the couple had a daughter, Amy Rodrigues. On today’s episode of the Forgotten Women of Genre, we salute Marcia Lucas for being a force of good editing, and a woman of strong opinion. After being discouraged by my middle and high school art teachers, I decided to no longer pursue my passion for the arts. [2], In an interview, Mark Hamill cited Marcia for her contributions to Star Wars. Lucas won the Academy Award for Best Film Editing in 1977 for Star Wars, which was written and directed by her first husband, George Lucas. Her nationality is American and ethnicity is. Update your browser for more security and the best experience on this site. Purchasing a few brushes and some acrylic paint – combined with collecting some reclaimed wood and palm leaves new creations were born. You may also like to read education, early life, career, affairs, body stat, and social media of Gregg Araki, Andrea Arnold, and Danny DeVito. Furthermore, there are no details on her body measures, her dress size, and shoe size. [13] For the next six months, Marcia edited American Graffiti alongside her husband and sound editor Walter Murch to its contractual runtime of 110 minutes. She was raised in North Hollywood, California. She is known for her work on, Star Wars Visual Effects Pioneers Highlight The Academy’s “Galactic Innovations: Star Wars and Rogue One” Event, Exploring 40 Years of ‘Star Wars’ Tech With ‘Galactic Innovations’ at the Academy, Audio Dramatization of George Lucas Showing His Friends Star Wars for the First Time in New Blockbuster Podcast, Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope 1977 premiere. Regarding to her biography, she started her profession with editing in the entire year 1964.

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