Section instructors function like the music director but are mainly responsible for teaching members of a given section. A marching band is a group of instrumental musicians who perform while marching, often for entertainment or competition.Instrumentation typically includes brass, woodwind, and percussion instruments.Most marching bands wear a uniform, often of a military-style, that includes an associated organization's colors, name or symbol. Bassoons and oboes are very seldom found on a field due to the risk of incidental damage, the impracticality of marching with an exposed double reed, and high sensitivity to weather. This usually takes four counts to turn 90 degrees for a slow turn and four counts to turn 180 degrees for a fast turn. Flag (the Colors). These groups perform a theme-based show in competitions after the outdoor marching band season ends. The hand is palm down. Traditionally, the drumline would put their feet in a V-shape and lift their feet fully off the ground a few inches. We are well known for being a close-knit group of friendly, enthusiastic students who bring a little bit of craziness and a whole lot of energy wherever we go. Solo competitions are useful for sharpening a drum major’s skill and gaining experience in a performance situation. This time can also be used for the potential drum majors to showcase their abilities and for the band director to choose who is head drum major. Competition exists at all levels but is most common in the U.S. among secondary school bands and drum and bugle corps. However, the largest and most successful marching bands tend to steer clear of show tunes and popular music, instead preferring compilations or arrangements of classical or traditional concert pieces (i.e. To perform a pivot, the marcher pivots between directions over the ball of the foot on the last count instead of using a prep step. Many HBCU marching band fans refer to marching band as marching sport. College bands and some high school bands do not have such breaks but continue playing in the stands during the entirety of the game. Past host nations include Canada, Brazil, Japan, Malaysia, Denmark, Germany, Italy, & Australia. Class A schools are the largest. The glide step, also commonly known as the roll step, involves bringing the heel gently to the ground with the toe pointed up, and then rolling forward onto the toes before lifting the foot to continue forward. Typically, each band member has an assigned position in each formation. Additional staff may be utilized when the band hosts functions such as competitions and reviews. This resource is for drum majors, band directors, and instructors to clarify many of the key terms in marching bands / drum corps. Marching Shoes:  Special shoes each marcher wears during shows and competitions. To perform a prep step, on the last count of movement in the first direction a marcher plants the foot with the heel turned outward at half the angle of the turn desired, with the upper body still facing forward. Delay can be reduced in several ways, including: Nearly all marching band personnel wear some kind of uniform. When learning positions for drill, an American football field may be divided into a 5-yard grid, with the yard lines serving as one set of guides. These commands originated from the military history of marching band. The right arm is parallel to the ground. North belongs to Class B, having 1071-1800 students in grades 9-12. Regionals – the competition that determines which marching bands will compete in the state finals (see District and State), Rifles – fake rifles the Guard using in a Marching Band show. The number of members in the band often determines how many drum majors are needed, based on the complexity of the show (in which case, in a three-person scenario, one stands on the 50-yard line while another stands on the 30-yard line and the third stands on the other 30-yard line), and occasionally, additional individuals may be asked to perform brief conducting duties if beneficial in a particularly tricky part of the show (more often, such people are those on the sidelines or in the pit). They contain brass and percussion, but may or may not use woodwinds. This style includes field music units such as drum and bugle corps or bugle bands, pipe bands, and fife and drum corps. Because they are commonly previous members of the section they teach, they can provide better instruction to combine the needs of the show with the characteristics of the given instrument. Street marching is typical for bands who operate during the spring and early summer months. Music is performed at a constant tempo (120–140 BPM) to facilitate the steady marching of the entire military group the band is playing with. Band camp usually lasts 1–2 weeks, but in the case of a more advanced marching band, camp may last up to a month. Some aim for maximum uniformity and precision; others—especially scramble bands—want to be as entertaining as possible. The Southern Methodist University band wear a different combination of jackets, vests, ties, shirts, and pants for each half (changing before halftime) of each game and no clothing or uniform combinations are repeated during the marching season. Guard: group of students who add to the performance thru the use of flags, rifles and other props.. Most bands meet in the summer, normally in August for summer training, or prior to the specific marching season (known as band camp). While dressing, the band can adjust the block to have better spacing. instructing players to watch field conductors, to get a uniform idea of tempo; instructing musicians to make constant adjustments and watch or listen to sources of tempo to make their sound reach the audience at the same time as other musicians; instructing players located near the back of the field watch the drum major, and all other players to, instructing players to keep track of time and rhythm on their own (, instructing the percussion to call out counts, or do rimshots (sometimes called, instructing players to ignore the delay and realize that listeners hear the sound waves in phase.

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