[75] No other Democrats placed their names in contention at the nominating convention, and the Republicans chose not to select a candidate, as they were happy with Ross's performance. The morning after Ross's death, the Dallas Morning News published an editorial, quoted in several biographies of Ross: It has been the lot of few men to be of such great service to Texas as Sul Ross. Throughout his life he has been closely connected with the public welfare and ... discharged every duty imposed upon him with diligence, ability, honesty and patriotism. He never interfered. "[30] Parker never returned to the Comanche people, but was not happy to have been rescued [31], In contrast, the intervention was welcomed by a nine-year-old Mexican boy found hiding alone in the tall grass. These were passed March 30, 1889, a full year before the federal government enacted the Sherman Antitrust Act. [6][12] The Wesleyan faculty originally deemed his mathematics knowledge so lacking, they refused his admittance; the decision was rescinded after a professor agreed to tutor Ross privately in the subject. Sept. 2, 2020. [13] Ross lived with the family of his tutor. [38] Twice in November 1861, Ross was chosen by General McCulloch, with whom he had served in the Texas Rangers, to lead a scouting force near Springfield, Missouri. After various state newspapers publicized the event, sheriffs representing 65 Texas counties met in Corsicana in August 1874. He led the group 70 mi (110 km) behind the enemy lines, to Keetsville (now Washburn)MO, where they gathered intelligence, destroyed several wagonloads of commissary supplies, captured 60 horses and mules, and took 11 prisoners. He was not a brilliant chieftain in the field, nor was he masterful in the art of politics, but, better than either, he was a well-balanced, well-rounded man from whatever standpoint one might estimate him. Custom and user added quotes with pictures. Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas, List of American Civil War generals (Confederate), "Ross Elevated College from "Reform School, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Lawrence_Sullivan_Ross&oldid=977127521, Burials at Oakwood Cemetery (Waco, Texas), Confederate States Army brigadier generals, People of Texas in the American Civil War, Democratic Party state governors of the United States, Short description is different from Wikidata, Wikipedia articles with SNAC-ID identifiers, Wikipedia articles with WORLDCATID identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Texas Ranger, Confederate General, Governor of Texas, President of the, This page was last edited on 7 September 2020, at 02:53. During the surrender negotiations, the Union officer accused the Texans of murdering several captured African American soldiers. [125] Country singer Granger Smith, an A&M graduate, wrote a song titled We Bleed Maroon, with a chorus having the line "put a penny on old Sully and wish me some luck"[126] in homage to this student tradition. Houston offered to appoint Ross as an aide-de-camp with the rank of colonel, but Ross refused. [1][2] On one of his summer breaks, he suffered severe injuries while fighting Comanches. You can get them with jimmies or nuts, or whipped cream. [102] As the news of his acceptance spread throughout the state, prospective students flocked to Texas AMC. [91] He also convinced the legislature to set aside 696 acres (282 ha) near Gatesville for a future open farm reformatory for juvenile offenders. [1][2] In his letter of resignation, effective February 1861, Ross informed Houston of his encounter with Dalrymple, and noted he did not believe a Ranger company could be effective if the captain did not report solely to the Governor. By the time he considered himself cured, his weight had dwindled to only 125 lb (57 kg). [26], In late October and November 1860, Comanches led by Peta Nocona conducted numerous raids on various settlements, culminating in the brutal killing of a pregnant woman. [1] The other men elected Ross as the major for the regiment. An unknown person informed several newspapers that Ross had been asked to become Texas AMC's president, and each of the newspapers editorialized that Ross would be a perfect fit. [60] Besides farming, Ross and his brother Peter also raised Shorthorn cattle. His "aggressive tactics of carrying the war to the Comanche fireside, (as it had long been carried to that of the white) ended charges of softness in dealing with the Indians. [113] In 1893, Ethel Hudson, the daughter of a Texas AMC professor, became the first woman to attend classes at the school and helped edit the annual yearbook. Lawrence Sullivan “Sul” Ross, soldier, statesman and university president, was born at Bentonsport, Iowa Territory, on September 27, 1838. As a compromise, one of the delegates suggested the group nominate Ross. [99][101], Though Ross was concerned about the appearance of a conflict of interest, as he had appointed many of the board members who had elected him, he announced he would accept the position. At Garvey's request, Ross sent two militia companies, which managed to impose a four-month peace. Near the same time, Ross received word that his first child had died, possibly stillborn. [91] He also encouraged the legislature to enact antitrust laws. "[65], Ross resigned as sheriff in 1875 and was soon elected as a delegate to the 1875 Texas Constitutional Convention. For the first time, he and his wife were able to establish their own home. [128], Governor of Texas, Confederate States of America general, Texas A&M University president, This article is about the former Governor of Texas. All rights reserved.Proudly designated as a Hispanic Serving Institution since 1999, Alumni Association & Athletic Department Awards, History of the University of the Big Bend, Regional Chapter Handbook: Starting & Managing a Chapter, Lobo Lookout Emergency Notification System. They were forced to retreat from their position each time as reinforcements failed to arrive. While in New York, Ross was extremely popular with journalists. [86] Determined to meet personally with the Attorney General, Ross and his wife traveled to Washington, D.C., where they visited President Benjamin Harrison at the White House. Clark had to produce written authorization from Ross to convince the delegates to nominate someone else. During shooting, Goldstein left, and Ross was most pleasant. [20][49] Despite his illness, Ross never missed a day of duty, and on December 21, 1863, he was promoted to brigadier general,[2][1] becoming the ninth-youngest general officer of the Confederate Army. Within weeks of Ross's death, former cadets at Texas AMC began gathering funds for a monument. [87], Ross declined to become the first Texas governor to run for a third term,[1] and left office on January 20, 1891. He had not rejoined his regiment when it surrendered in Jackson, Mississippi, on May 14, 1865. In his public relations he exhibited sterling common sense, lofty patriotism, inflexible honesty and withal a character so exalted that he commanded at all times not only the confidence but the affection of the people. Show more. Benner (1983), p. 202. [89], During his time in office, Ross proposed tax reform laws intended to provide for more equitable assessments of property—at that time, people were allowed to assess their own belongings with little oversight. Seven men, women and children were killed and approximately seven or more escaped or were allowed to escape by US soldiers who did not want to slaughter women and children. . Davis (1989), p. 106. Shortly after the war ended, he bought 20 acres (8.1 ha) of land in town from his parents for $1,500. Early in the battle, Ross and his men successfully stampeded the Comanche horses, leaving the Comanche warriors at a disadvantage when facing the mounted troops. Ross vehemently opposed the measure, saying, "No government ever succeeded in changing the moral convictions of its subjects by force. [99][100] Ross agreed to consider the offer, as well as several others he had received. Those around him found him "slow to condemn but ready to encourage ... [and they] could not recall hearing Ross use profanity or seeing him visibly angry. Benner (1983), p. 37. [17][18], After five hours of fighting, the troops subdued the Comanche resistance. However, he eliminated many practices he considered unnecessary, including marching to and from class, and he reduced the amount of guard time and the number of drills the students were expected to perform. Joey: Ross, relax that's like saying there's only one flavour of ice-cream for you. Welcome back to the world, grab a spoon! The unit, now on foot, traveled to Memphis, Tennessee, arriving two weeks after the Battle of Shiloh. Following the Civil War, Ross briefly served as sheriff of McLennan County before resigning to participate in the 1875 Texas Constitutional Convention. Lawrence Sullivan Ross was born on September 27, 1838 in Bentonsport, Iowa Territory. [123][127], In 1998, history professors and students in some on-campus multicultural organizations proposed that a statue of African-American politician Matthew Gaines be erected on campus in lieu of or in balance to the statue of Ross, a member of the Confederacy. In 1839, the family moved to the Republic of Texas, where they settled in the Robertson Colony on the lower Brazos River. On December 13, they met the civilian posse, which had grown to 69 members. He declined the appointment and remained president of the college. [123][124] In more recent years, students began the tradition of placing pennies at the feet of statue before exams for good luck. Once there, he discovered no one had been able to trace the family of the young Caucasian girl rescued during the Wichita Village fight. At the same time they appropriated money for the statue, the legislature established the Sul Ross Normal College, now Sul Ross State University in Alpine, Texas. When he died in College Station on January 3, 1898, Texans mourned and extolled him for his courage, his dedication to the state and his public spirit. Related Topics. I never had a Christmass at home for about 10 years.

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