Found 0 sentences matching phrase "bear".Found in 0 ms. <<< >>>   Where are you going? asked Small Bear. <<< >>>   Your browser does not support the His mother called him Matochikala in the language of the people. A large beast of prey of the family Ursidae, related to the dog and raccoon, having shaggy hair, a very small tail, and flat feet. EYOTA f Sioux. Wanbláke. The allied ones. fork in the tree. <<< >>>  Did you do this? the great red flashing, thrashing things will jump right into your mouth.". Tatanka  <<< >>>  Buffalo, Your browser does not support the 0000003025 00000 n Native American artists Comanche nation Nanabush Ataniel fiction Tribal tattoo art for the task. (informal) A difficult situation or problem. She taught him how to WITAPAHA OYATI/Osage tribe/wee-dah-pah-hah oh-yah-dee: WITASNAO/Single(woman)/wee-dahn-shnah-ohn, WITKOTKOYA / Foolishly/ wee – dkoh – dkoh – yah, WIWAHOYA / Forwarn/ wee – wah – hoh – yah, WIWAYAKA / Captive(Female)/ wee – wah – yah – kah, WIWAYAKWACIPI / Dance(Sun)/ wee – wahn – yahnk – wah – chee – pee, WIWAYAKWACIPI / Sundance/ wee – wahn – yahnk – wah – chee – pee, WIWAZICA / Widow/ wee – wah – zjee – chah, WIYA WA KICI U/Wife(to have a)/wee-yah wahn kee-chee uen, WIYA WAKA/Maiden(buffalo)/wee-yahn wah-kahn, WIYACIPI / Parable/ wee – yah – chee – pee, WIYAPE/Court a woman(by music)/wee-yah-pay, WIYATAGLE / Abundance/ wee – yah – dah – glay, WIYATAPIKAWACIPI/Dance(young woman’s)/wee-yah-dah-pee-kah-wah-chee-pee, WIYAWAPI / Calendar/ wee – yah – wah – pee, WIYOHIYA PATA/East/wee-yoh-ee-yahn pah-dah, WIYUKCA SNI/Thoughtless/wee-yue-kchahn shnee, WIYUKCA / Considerate/ wee – yue – kchahn, WIYUSKI IYOKIPI/Glad/wee-yue-shkee ee-yoh-kee-pee, WIYUTA/Talk using sign language/wee-yue-dah, WO ABLEZA YUHA/Notice of(to take)/woh ah-blay-zah yue-hah, WO AWAYAKE/Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA)/woh ahn-wahn-yahn-kay, WO IWAYAKE/Proposition(a fair)/woh ee-wahn-yahn-kay, WO IYAKSAPE/Teachings/woh ee-yah-ksah-pay, WO IYOKIHI / Authority / woh – ee – yoh – kee – hee, WO IYOKIHI/Responsibility/woh ee-yoh-kee-hee, WO USPE WAKATUYA/Education(a good)/woh uen-spay wahn-kah-duh-yah, WOABLEZE/Fact(an accepted)/woh-ah-blay-zay, WOACAKSI / Passover/ woh – ah – chahnk – shee, WOAWAYAKE / Caretaker/ woh – ahn – wahn – yahn – kay, WOBLEBLECA / Batter/ woh – blay – blay – chah, WOCANTE WASTE/Happiness/woh-chahn-day wah-shday, WOCAZEYAL YA/Praise someone by name/woh-chah-zjay-yahl yah, WOCEKIYE / Prayer/ woh – chay – kee – yea, WOGLIGLEYE / Design/ woh – glee – glay – yea, WOICIGLE / Asset(S)/ woh – ee – chee – glay, WOIYOWIKIYE / Permission/ woh – ee – yoh – wee – kee – yea, WOIYOWIKIYE / Permit/ woh – ee – yoh – wee – kee – yea, WOKICONZE / Kingdom/ woh – kee – chohn – zay, WOKIKSUYE / Remembrance/ woh – kee – ksue – yea, WOLAKOLKICIYAPI / Cordial/ woh – lah – kohl – kee – chee – yah – pee, WONIYA WAKA/Holy Spirit/woh-nee-yah wah-kahn, WOOSKISKE / Complex/ woh – oh – shkee – shkay, WOPETOPI / Commerce/ woh – pay – dohn – pee, WOSAKAYAKEL / Desolate/ woh – sahn – kah – yah – kayl, WOSILIYAGLE / Cursed(be)/ woh – shee – lee – yah – glay, WOSISIKIYE / Curious/ wohsh – eesh – ee – kee – yea, WOSKEHA / Cane(raising)/ woh – shkay – hahn, WOTAKUYE / Relation/ woh – dah – kue – yea, WOTANI WASTE / Gospel / woh – dah – nee – wah – shday, WOTANIN WOWAPI/Newspaper/woh-dah-nee woh-wah-pee, WOWACIGNUNI / Delirium/ woh – wah – chee – gnue – nee, WOWAKINICE / Quarrel(a)/ woh – wah – kee – nee – chay, WOWAKOKUKIYE / Morals/ woh – wah – hoh – kuen – kee – yea, WOWAPI GLUHPAPI/Retreat(flag ceremony)/woh-wah-pee glue-ghpah-pee, WOWAPI OYUJUJU/Post office/woh-wah-pee oh-yuh-zjue-zjue, WOWAPI WAKA/Holy Bible/woh-wah-pee wah-kahn, WOWAPIKAGA / Clerk/ woh – wah – pee – kah – gah, WOWAPIKAGA / Scribe/ woh – wah – pee – kah – gah, WOWAPIKAGE / Secretary/ woh – wah – pee – kah – ghay, WOWASI O ECON/Occupation/woh-wah-shee oh ay-chohn, WOWAYUPIKE / Clever/ woh – wah – yue – pee – kay, WOWICAKE SNI/Falsehood/woh-wee-chah-kay shnee, WOWICAKE SNI/Lie(deceive)/woh-wee-chah-kay shnee, WOWITKO OJULA/Wickedness/woh-wee-dkoh oh-zjue-lah, WOYAECECA / Persuasive/ woh – yah – ay – chay – chah, WOYAKAPI / Declaration/ woh – yah – kah – pee, WOYAPTAPI / Refuse(trash)/ woh – yahp – dah – pee, WOYATAGE / Acrimony/ woh – yah – dah – gay, WOYAWA TANKA/Million/woh-yah-wah dahn-kahn, WOYU ONIHAYA/Honor(an)/woh-yue oh-nee-hahn-yahn, WOYUSIYE/Astonish ment)/woh – yuh – see – yea, YAGLAKIYA / Contradict/ yah – glah – kee – yah, YAICESNI / Appetite(No)/ yah – ee – chay – shnee, YAIGNUNI / Bewilderment/ yah – ee – gnue – nee, YAMNUMNUGA PI/Pepper/yah-mnue-mnue-ghah pee, YASILPICASNI / Blameless/ yah – sheel – pee – chah – shnee, YATA KUNI SNI/Belittle/yah-dah kue-nee shnee, YAWAKAL EYAYA/Encourage self by sing (chanting)/yah-wahn-kahl ay-yah-yah, YEICI YE / Bucking / yea – ee – chee – yea, YU AKAGAL OKATO PI/Crucify/yuh ah-kah ghahl oh-kah-dohn pee, YUCIK A S ELE/Shrink(to)/yue-cheek ah s ay-lay, YUHEKICAH AU/Decoy/yue-ghay-kee-chahgh ah-ue, YUIYESKA / Interpret/ yue – ee – yea – shkah, YUIYESKA / Treasure/ yue – ee – yea – skah, YUKIUKA / Separate/ yue – kee – nue – kahn, YUKIYUTEYA / Crisp/ yuh – kee – yue – Day – yah, YUONIHAN / Respect/ yue – oh – nee – hahn, YUONIHAYA / Respectfully/ yue – hoh – nee – hahn – yahn, YUOWISNI / Accumulation/ yue – oh – wee – shnee, YUPIYAKA SAPA/Strap/yue-pee-yah-kah sah-pah, YUPIYAKEL / Mild(peaceful)/ yue – pee – yah – kayl, YUPIYAKEL / Nicely/ yue – pee – yah – kayl, YUS IYAKE/Grab hold of(to)/yues ee-yahn-kay, YUSKA AYUSTA/Free(to)/yue-shkah ah-yue-sdahn, YUSKA AYUSTA/Release(to)/yue-shkah ah-yue-sdahn, YUSLUL ICUPI/Cabinet/yuh-sluel ee-chuh-pee, YUSLUL ICUPI/Drawer/yue-sluel ee-chue-pee, YUSPU SPUPI / Change(Money) / yuesh – pue – shpue – pee, YUSTOSTO / Stroke(pet)/ yue – shdoh – shdoh, YUTAGNISNI / WASTE/ yue – dah – gnee – shnee, YUTAKUNISNI / Undo/ yue – dah – kue – nee – shnee, YUTAPI WAKA/Holy communion/yue-dah-pee wah-kahn, YUWAKAPE / Blessed/ yue – wah – kahn – pay, YUWINYEYA / Prepare/ yue – wee – yea – yah, ZITKALA CAHPALA/Mud hen/zee-tkah-lah chahn-ghpahn-lah, ZITKALA OGNAKE/Birdcage/zeen-dkah-lah oh-gnah-kay, ZITKALA SITUPI HASKA/Peacock/zee-dkah-lah see-due-pee hah-skah, ZITKATOGLEGLEGA / Jay/ zee – dkah – doh – glay – glay – gah, ZITKAZILA CIKALA/Flycatcher/zee-dkah-zee-lah chee-kah-lah, ZOTAHEYA / Consistent/ zohn – dah – hay – yah, ZUYAYAPI / Warpath/ zue – yah – yah – pee. Slolwáye sni. Womens term for older sister. Tóske Lakótiya catkuta iyaya yo(chah-t’koo-tah)…. ", cause to be born; "My wife had twins yesterday! She always protected him and gave [1990]. wanderers in the woods: some Dakota families who eventually come onto the plain. eýapi hwo? And so it was that the people learned to fish... by watching Mato To  <<< >>>  Blue, Your browser does not support the audio element. MATOHA / Bearskin/ mah – doh – hah. HOTAH m … 6 ��,�b��j����x>\eh��N,�=R��‚����K@�p20�z1���`��^�@���A��`v��B ��g9�A�� ���a�B�8�~� ��� mushroom growing on trees : literally “tree-ears”, Canoni(chun-oh-nee)….

capa(cha-pah)…. advisors, leaders, to a large war party. Apply this search to the main name collection, search for an exact phrase by surrounding it with double quotes, this field understands simple boolean logic, force a term to be included by preceding it with a, force a term to be excluded by preceding it with a, syllables can only be counted in names that have been assigned pronunciations, names without pronunciations are excluded from results, sounds can only be searched in names that have been assigned pronunciations, names missing pronunciations are excluded from results by default, enter a username to search that user's public personal name lists, to limit your search to a specific list, put the name of the list in brackets after the username. interests, money, etc.). Located along the western edge of the state, the lush Black Hills, or … a bit of Lakota? Cicla(chee-chee-lah)…. showed him a special place between two craggy rocks where he could lodge Your browser does not support the his first drink. ��&��w�d��$] ��儶���Smu�|C�8"��Zp�Ӣמ��o. 0000007865 00000 n audio element. of common words and phrases in the Lakota-Sioux language. comments about these hosted web pages to:   <<< >>>   I'm full. To afford; to be (something) to; to supply with. MAYA / Cliff/ mahyah. Speaker of the Lakota words is Millie Pitt of wood [preffix to anything made of wood], cannakpaa(chun-nah-k’pah)…. Your browser does not support the Ska  <<< >>>  White, Your browser does not support the Speaker of the Lakota words is Millie Pitt of Casper, Wyoming: a Cheyenne- River Sioux tribal member. Táku eníciyapi hwo? Below is a list of commonly recognized figures who are part of Lakota mythology, a Native American tribe with current lands in North and South Dakota.The spiritual entities of Lakota mythology are … Your browser does not support the ah-ah (ah-ah)…… This word is used to encourage a child to “listen”. Ptegleska  <<< >>>  Cow, Your browser does not support the Your browser does not support the Inánjinyo. A block covered with coarse matting, used to scour the deck. Ínipi hwo? Tókiya yaúnhan hwo? Lécanu hwo? NAHIMANA f Sioux Means "secret". audio element. audio element.

q���$P�[�:��U�.�lް�i��p HΈ���\�J����$A����}7�� ?8L� �>��� Q�"0h_2J��:-���}���pȾ�#�"�(�����. and his mother.

Much of the Lakota Sioux mythology centres around these spirits, as well as mythological creatures and shamanic practice. Your browser does not support the audio element. Showing page 1. 404 25 Tókiya la hwo? audio element. To endeavour to depress the price of, or prices in. ahbleza(ah-blay-za)…. I'm happy to have met you. audio element. MATOHOTA/Grizzly bear/mah-doh-ghoh-dah. Search Press search or ENTER (on your keyboard) to look up the word you typed in the search field. Cookies help us deliver our services.

0000006762 00000 n From the Lakota uŋȟnápi, from ȟná 'to groan, snort, growl, grunt, utter like a bear (as an expression of emotional excitement or self encouragement in meeting pain or danger bravely, also anger, sorrow)'.

AHAHAKA / Careless/ ahgh – ahngh – ahn – kah, AHIHICIYA / Caution/ ahgh – eegh – eechee – yah, AHOICIPE / Pride/ ah – hoh – ee – chee – pay, AHTATESNIYA / Unceasing/ ah – ghdah – Day – shnee – yah, AHWAYELA / Gently And Quietly/ ah – ghwah – yea – lah.

Zisa  <<< >>>  Orange, Your browser does not support the Dakotah(dah-ko-tah)…. (transitive) To give birth to someone or something. Sicáya ecámu. Óta wayáta hwo? he had grown into his warrior name, Mato would remember ho…. [1744], A large, hairy man, especially one who is homosexual. English Lakota Type an English word in the search field to look up its equivalent in Lakota. Lakota pray for health, welfare, and personal direction. He táku hwo? To take upon oneself a charge or a compromise. <<< >>>   Where do you live? <<< Mato remembered his early days with fondness, ANAGOPTA / Listen/ ahn – ah – ghoh – p – dahn, ANAHLOHLO / Bubble/ ah – nah – ghloh – ghloh. Tezí mayázan. Characterized by declining prices in securities markets or by belief that the prices will fall.

high above my head?" A large omnivorous mammal, related to the dog and raccoon, having shaggy hair, a very small tail, and flat feet; a member of family Ursidae, particularly of subfamily, A rough, unmannerly, uncouth person.

audio element. Lakota Sioux symbols reflect this engagement with the natural and spiritual worlds, as well as commitment to respect, rather than dominate, the natural world. The word "Matoska" is Lakota (Sioux) for "white bear."

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