Option Skills can be leveled up with a certain probability. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser.

You can unlock your first Special Skill from the Core tree and level your other skills to increase their damage. There are 7 Battle Card slots that you can fill and each of them have different functions.

With the whole set equipped on one character, critical rate is increased by 2.7%. In the king of fighters -All-Star combat system, the Attack type is a separate set of qualities for each character.

Arena Guide.
It helps … Vicious Taste, on the other hand boost both attack and active skill damage by 3.5%. In this new The King of Fighters Allstar guide, we will be showcasing the best battle card combinations we know of that will help you boost your top fighters’ battle prowess more efficiently. Back to building up raw damage, another set of cards worth taking into consideration is Unwavering Loyalty. Cores are like skill trees in other games. Special Cards have the Purple marking on the top left of the card. Additionally, each Fighter has a special relationship with another Fighter(s). Equip 3 cards from the same Set to unlock Set skill. Great guide! There are numerous option cards that contribute to increasing attack values but these cards’ second buffs are the best for a combo-based damage buff.

Ladies on the Beach also contributes to attack and boosts it by 3.5% in addition to increasing critical damage by 5.2%.

Although each Unwavering Loyalty card provides a 5% defense boost outright, its core value lies in the set bonus. While you will hardly encounter a team in matches that is an exact copy of your very own team, there is even a smaller chance of encountering the same fighter on the opposing team that has the same enhancements as your fighter does. This is the place where you can equip Battle cards that will boost your stats and also acquire another Special Skill. For beginners who are not yet that familiar with chaining attacks and skills of their fighters, the 20-hit combo requirement you need to pull prior to activating skills may look like quite a challenge. The first Fighter in your party will always be the leader and will be able to activate his/her leader skill during battle. Feel free to share yours in the comments below. They are the most difficult to obtain as they are only available at 5 star rarity. If that is not enough to get action and adventure game enthusiasts on it, then the gacha element of obtaining and collecting fighters in tandem with various means of customizing each one should juice it up even further to pack hours after hours gaming fun and excitement. (function(){var t=document.createElement('script');t.type='text/javascript';t.async=1;t.src=(document.location.protocol == "https:"? Special Cards have the Purple marking on the top left of the card. Each Favorite Thing set card provides an option skill boost of 5% attack and when all three cards are equipped on the same character, attack is further increased by 17.8% for 5 seconds immediately following a critical hit dealt to an enemy. You can raise the stats on the Option Skill by leveling the card. Shooting Practice increases both attack and penetration by 3.5% each.
Team relations are small Stat boost given depending on your Team members (not including Strikers).

Although building up power for an ultimate skill and reducing cool down period for skills are completely different things, these are what we know can contribute the best to unleashing more skills in combat. So a high level Striker is beneficial to your team.

Option Skill can be level up. There are, of course, numerous other card combinations you can mix and match in the game. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. What we are banking on with this card combination is an overall increase in damage output and with both cards adding up for a total of 7% attack boost, each is actually good enough on its own. League of Legends: Wild Rift – Best Optimized Emulator to Play... Unlock Special Skill when equipped on specified character. In KOF Allstar, there are 5 main and 4 sub ways to increase the strength of your Fighter.

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