“bro i think i might want to do more than just kiss the homies gn”, “bruh nah it ain’t gay we had our socks on”, Lan Wangji longingly lying awake wondering what Wei Wuxian is doing- cut to wwx chugging expired milk, Do I just want wwx to say poggers? Am I justifying JGY actions? [5], Although Qin Cangye was hesitant because of Jin Guangyao's origins, eventually, both Qin Cangye and Jin Guangshan approved the match. Family Courtesy Name You think I'm scared of you?" As the war intensified in Langya, Jin Guangshan finally called for Nie Mingjue's aid. [2], Unfortunately, he had arrived on the birthday of Jin Guangshan's only legitimate son, Jin Zixuan. He returned the token and assured Lan Xichen that Lan Wangji would not be thought an accomplice. [Image description: a screenshot of Jin Zixun with Su She behind him, saying “Why are you everywhere?” End image description], Jin Guangyao with wet hair for tonight…. He brought a pearl that his father had given his mother as a token, and requested it be shown to Jin Guangshan. [6], Jin Guangyao expressed fear of his father's retribution, pointing out thatJin Guangshan had recently brought his half-brother Mo Xuanyu to Carp Tower to ensure that Jin Guangyao could never succeed him. before Nie Mingjue broke his neck. [6], On the surface, Jin Guangyao showed a caring and humble demeanor. HELL NOOOOO. Voice Actor (Chinese) In actuality, Xue Yang was beaten half-to-death before escaping. [28], After somehow discovering that everyone had survived, and that Bicao and Sisi had spoken to the recovering cultivators at Lotus Pier, Jin Guangyao allegedly destroyed the Yin Tiger Tally and prepared to flee to Dongying. [24] He went into seclusion, and in his last appearance in the novel, still seemed to be suffering profound grief. Absolutely NOT. Jin liebt es "Dad-Witze" zu reißen. Hats may be peaked. Although Nie Mingjue found Meng Yao, he witnessed him use the techniques of the Qishan Wen Sect to kill his commander. In den letzten Monaten sorgten sich Fans aber um ein Mitglied besonders: Jin! [5] As Jin Guangyao later claimed responsibility for his son's death, it is unknown if he murdered his son and framed his political opponent, or merely felt responsible. He already had a peculiar view on morality YES and Nie Mingjue saw him do some twisted things to accomplish their victory BUT I can't totally blame him. When the horrified Nie Mingjue tried to give him spiritual energy, Meng Yao froze Nie Mingjue's qi and escaped, to the latter's shock and outrage. MDZSQ [5], Bicao gave Qin Su a letter the night before the discussion conference, informing her of her true relationship with Jin Guangyao. Season 1, Episode 9 Although he expressed distress when Xue Yang threw He Su into a cage alive to be torn apart in front of his younger siblings, he did not intervene. Status Weapon Fans befürchten, dass sich diese Pflicht negativ auf die Band auswirken könnte.Jin nicht mehr bei BTS? Text. Doch neueres Überdenken der bisherigen Regeln brachte keine guten Nachrichten für Jin  Die Regeln für Musiker sollen nicht geändert werden. [8], Underneath his kind and gentle facade, however, Jin Guangyao was deeply insecure about his roots. He hoped that his mother, a prostitute, would receive enough worship to reincarnate into a better life. Though some sects initially objected, suspecting that he merely wished to gain more power for the Lanling Jin Sect, but Jin Guangyao persisted. I think it is fair to assume that he doesn’t really approve of them much (between the fighting, name calling, relation to Jiang Cheng, spoiled behavior, and overall loudness), but he esp doesn’t like Jin Ling, but he respects Sizhui’s choices. Jin Guangyao Now, I don't want to be the one claiming shit like "JGY DID NOTHING WRONG" but honestly sometimes the fandom just needs to stop and think a little bit more about him, his past, and how his experiences and traumas actually shaped (the worst way possible, even) his mind. 5. 孟瑶 – Mèng Yáo孟 mèng – eldest amongst brothers瑶 yáo – jade, precious stone Quote. His features were clean, attractive, and ingenious, with the shadow of a smile playing on the corners of his lips and brows. Ultimately, more than 1,200 watchtowers were built, and the system had saved more lives than any previous efforts. Once Lan Xichen closed his eyes in acceptance, Jin Guangyao realized that his brother still cared for him, and pushed him to safety. one of my favorite things about the untamed is that everyone is always there, nobody gets to be messy in peace. Animation [5], Unbeknownst to the two, Wei Wuxian had entered their room as a paperman, where he found the head of Nie Mingjue and the land deed for the Guanyin Temple. Meng Yao convinced his master to allow him to take Nie Mingjue to the Fire Palace for a slow death, and once Wen Ruohan's guard was down, killed him instead. At Wei Wuxian's puzzled response, an infuriated Lan Xichen informed Wei Wuxian of Lan Wangji's feelings. [2] He also wore a signature black gauze cap on his head. Also, JGY'a actor (who I believe uNDERSTANDS HIS CHARACTER MORE THAN EVERYONE ELSE IN THIS WORLD let alone the author SO I BELIEVE THAT SMALL SUNSHINE) confirmed in more than one interview how JGY truly cared for LXC and respected him in all way possible, claiming that, those are his exact words, "JGY would have NEVER EVER EVER EVER hurt LXC". I think his final fate of being locked in a coffin with no chance of reincarnation to be needlessly cruel. endstream endobj 79 0 obj <>/Metadata 3 0 R/Outlines 7 0 R/PageLayout/OneColumn/Pages 76 0 R/StructTreeRoot 16 0 R/Type/Catalog>> endobj 80 0 obj <>/ExtGState<>/Font<>/XObject<>>>/Rotate 0/StructParents 0/Tabs/S/Type/Page>> endobj 81 0 obj <>stream Yang Tianxiang (animation)Jiang Guangtao (audio drama)Su Shangqing (web series) they’ve got their tv drama hair because I SAY SO. Ort: Goethe-Universität, Campus Bockenheim, Senckenberganlage 31, Frankfurt am Main . Gender Immediately, Lan Xichen mortally wounded Jin Guangyao without a glance behind. [2], One night, Nie Mingjue overheard a conversation between the visiting Lan Xichen and Meng Yao, in which Lan Xichen asked whether Meng Yao still wished to earn his father's approval. [3] He was exceptionally skilled with words, and easily used his talent to gain advantages over his opponents. [1], Jin Guangyao was also filial towards his mother, going so far as to build a Guanyin Temple with a statue in her likeness. 金光瑶 – Jīn Guāngyáo金 jīn – gold光 guāng – bright瑶 yáo – jade, precious stone Jin Guangyao At 170 cm, Jin Guangyao is the shortest adult male character in the cast. kommenden Jahr seinen Armee-Dienst antreten. [11] In his own words, he had killed "his father, brother, teacher, wife, son, and friend" by the end of the book. When Nie Mingjue awoke, he ignored Meng Yao's pleas that he had killed his subordinates to save Nie Mingjue's life. However, once Wei Wuxian shouted his feelings for Lan Wangji, Jin Guangyao let the string fall. A member of the Venerated Triad, he was also Jin Zixuan's half-brother and Jin Ling's uncle. 2013 hatte er … However, these charges were revealed to be false, as Mo Xuanyu merely wanted to warn Qin Su that Jin Guangyao was her half-brother. MDZSQ He continued to beg her to tell him who wrote the letter, and she continued to refuse. Jin Guangyao then sealed several meridians and took her into their secret treasure chamber to rest. [4], However, when Lan Xichen turned ask Nie Huaisang for the pain pills he had given him, Nie Huaisang feigned terror that Jin Guangyao was about to attack him. [8], He was interrupted by the arrival of Nie Mingjue's Fierce Corpse. Live-Action Actor Jin Guangyao (金光瑶, Jīn Guāngyáo), born Meng Yao (孟瑶, Mèng Yáo) was the leader of the Lanling Jin Clan after the death of Jin Guangshan. NOCH ist aber wenigstens etwas Zeit, in der sich die Jungs ganz vielen Projekten für ihre Fans widmen wollen. [4], Jin Guangyao's last words were "Fuck you, Nie Mingjue! He had big respect for him, he was the only one who always was by his side no matter what. He is used to sacrifice, he is used to think some people are less worthy and even though this is pretty fucked up it's pretty understandable how such view is stuck in his mind. "Wahrheit oder Pflicht" - die besten Fragen und Aufgaben, "Stranger Things" Alle Infos zu Staffel 4, Die echten Namen der "Berlin – Tag und Nacht"-Darsteller. Although tradition held that he should denigrate the accomplishments of his late brother, he allowed Jin Zixuan's murals to exist alongside his. Birth Name [5] Notably, however, his ruthlessness was not entirely without his own brand of mercy: he elected to save his mother's friend Sisi despite the fact that she was a dangerous witness to his murder of Jin Guangshan, [12] and to marry his own half-sister because she had already become pregnant before he knew of their relation. 170 cm Eventually, he promoted Meng Yao to be his right-hand man, and was greatly pleased by Meng Yao's capabilities and conduct. I would like nothing more for him to continue being beautiful and ruthless and extremely competent for the rest of his long life, starting with building those additional two thousand watchtowers. Personal Information [13] Jin Guangyao even went so far as to help rebuild the Cloud Recesses exactly as it was before, and to protect Lan Xichen from Nie Mingjue's fierce corpse.[5]. Friendly reminder, without MY help the Wens would probably have won the war, so he was free to choose his path and he deliberately choose he righteous one EVEN if he wasn't sure if it was the convenient one. Given that Jin Guangyao later revealed that Jin Guangshan had asked him to arrange Wei Wuxian's downfall, it seems likely that Jin Guangyao arranged for Xue Yang to control Wen Ning. [15], After Jin Guangshan's death, Jin Guangyao was chosen to become Chief Cultivator. https://www.bravo.de/bts-keine-hoffnung-fuer-jin-382740.html

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