From one of his dinosaurs, Diego manages to listen to Wekapipo during the Neapolitan's battle with Magent Magent. Dario Brando | The World is a close-range stand that is pretty similar to Josuke's Crazy Diamond or Jotaro Kujo's Star Platinum. 169cm (5 ft 7 in) Without much hesitation, DIO grabbed hold of Diego's throat and held him in the air. DIO: Let it be known! Later, they meet the mysterious racer Diego Brando (a counterpart to the character Dio Brando, a major antagonist in previous installments of the series), who obtains one of two Corpse eyes, while Gyro gains the other. However, a strand of Valentine's hair gets under the wheels. Irish: And I'm the Irish VS Writer the guy who has to write this battle! But it was only that just bit too slow as Diego leapt backwards. Irish: These Buds are used by implanting one of his cells into a person's head, which allows him to control people which he probably doesn't need since he is so charming that Avdol nearly fell for him. Gods of the Mountain | Nonetheless, Diego finishes the stage at the 54th place and intends on getting his revenge. Though shot dead by the constables, Dio became a vampire and slaughtered them with Jonathan setting the Joestar estate on fire in an attempt to destroy the monster Dio has become. [5] Araki described the manga's theme as "seeking for satisfaction". J. Geil | Magent Magent | Horse-riding: Diego is one the most talented jockeys of his generation, and is considered one of the favorites of the Steel Ball Run. Lang Rangler | Dio's return was inspired by Araki thinking that "evil from the past" would be a frightening thought. Toshikazu Hazamada | He harbours a grudge against his biological father Dario, and was ready to cooperate with Hot Pants when she proposed to tell him about his whereabouts[8]. He devises a plan with Hot Pants to attack Valentine as he is on the train with Lucy Steel. This race was a series of checkpoints and routes on a rough course between San Diego to New York City, For the prize of a cool 50 million dollars! Gender This page was last edited on 9 October 2020, at 14:01. Irish: He is quick enough to leap from building to building without too much effort, As mentioned before he was able to deflect Kakyoin's Emerald Splash, Speedwagon stated himself that DIO is as quick as a cheetah that are fast enough to run at about 100 to 120 km/h. Diego uses his superior speed to prevail while Hot Pants detaches her hand and controls it to ensure Valentine can't put himself between objects. This is the last time that you’ll be able to come within 2 meters of me… Come near me again and I’ll rip you apart. 20190416_165310.jpgEoH "Enough playing! 1870 Egypt 9 Glory Gods (N'Doul | Oingo | Boingo | Anubis | Mariah | Alessi | Daniel J. With the speed of a bullet, This figure known as The World smacked the blade away causing it to be deflected into a wooden wall. D-I-S-C-O | Diego suddenly stopped time and grabbed a handful of knives. DIO takes a limousine and forces his owner, a senator, to drive for him. A smile appeared on DIO's face once again as he then stared at Diego. Diego Brando (Alternate World) | Sean: But despite all of these feats and what DIO thinks of himself, He is not perfect. Sean: And thanks to DIO's strength and speed I'd say that 4 seconds would be well enough time for him to kill Diego without that much effort. Takuma Hasumi | Meanwhile, Diego makes a deal with Valentine to help him deal with the traitor (who Valentine does not know is Lucy). Diego shouted once again causing time to freeze immediately. More than just a powerful vampire, Dio Brando wields the Stand known as The World, which has the ability to stop time. Mike O. is skeptical that such a person would be able to ride in the storm in Kansas City but Diego insists on the weight before he leaves. Sean: So it's pretty strange that the best villains are still the Brando's... Irish: Like DIO Brando - The Time Stopping Vampire! [16] He also married an old 83 years old widow, who died six months later. ZZ | Despite the wound, DIO squirts blood into Jotaro's eyes, momentarily blinding him, and attacks him with a kick, but Jotaro retaliates with a punch to The World's knee. Sean: Again we will Diego's intro in the rematch, Anyway, After the death of Funny Valentine, Johnny Joestar became that bit more relaxed and he felt like he was close to finishing off this race to the end. Johnny kills Valentine in a fierce standoff, but realizes somebody else has taken the Corpse, now separate from Lucy. Full Name I’ll slash through their pride and scatter it on the ground! MUDA! Despite Ferdinand being killed and all his dinosaur minions turning back into humans, Diego escaped with the second Turbo Eye, and retained the ability to turn into a Utahraptor at will, though he initially can't control it very well. Gyro is now seriously challenging Diego. His vampiric powers include superhuman strength, self-regeneration, immortality, ability to recover lost parts from his body and to shoot high-pressure liquid from his eyes, named Space Ripper Stingy Eyes. Diego shouted as he then got into his battle stance allowing his stand to make a dramatic pose. "Break My Heart, Break Your Heart (1)", 89. Evil-doer Although he works with different factions during the course of the race, Diego is only loyal to himself. DIO's stand brought his fist forward and turned around at the same time as Diego which resulted in the two stands being launched in completely different directions. Diego was quick to react as he dodged the strike with ease and rolled across the floor, Allowing the two stands to attack each other at speeds faster than a machine gun. Irish: That's what we are gonna figure a Death Battle! In particular, he has shown extremely favorable attitudes towards Enrico Pucci, who also showed loyalty in return. "Where the hell did he go?" In JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven, an alternative version of DIO named Heaven Ascension DIO (DIO, Gone To Heaven in English) is the main antagonist of its Story Mode, with his Stand having evolved into "The World Over Heaven". DIO's time stop lasts for 11 seconds, while Diego's only last for 5 seconds. Horse It wasn't long before DIO had drunk all of Diego's remaining blood and felt like he was completely better. Diego huffed in exhaustion as he suddenly fell over If his theory was correct that if he smashed his brain to bits it would stop him from regenerating. Diego Brando (ディエゴ・ブランドー, Diego Burandō), commonly referred to as Dio (ディオ), is a major antagonist featured in the seventh part of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Steel Ball Run. The boy grew up resenting everyone who abandoned them and swore to himself to get revenge against the man who had harassed his mother. Sean: Yeah it starts getting very...weird when DIO gets Jonathan's body. ), (Aqua turtleneck with tan grid and light brown gloves. Upon hearing about the Corpses, he first sought them for himself and as soon as he found himself in a disadvantageous position with a crippled horse, didn't waste time in proposing his services to Funny Valentine, demanding mayorship of Manhattan in exchange for his participation[7]. "Catch the Rainbow (On a Stormy Night...) (1–2)", 45. Suddenly, DIO looked up and saw Diego's stand inches away from his face with his fist reeled. Irish: Dio did not have a great childhood because of his abusive father that would batter the shite out of him and spend all of the money that poor little Dio made, hell that isn't even the evilest thing that Dario did to his that was when he forced his son to sell his dead mother's clothes so he could buy more booze. Diego decides to sneakily turn the fleas on his horse into dinosaurs and sics them at Valkyrie's eye, disturbing the horse. Anyway, DIO has one of his favourite weapons during Part 3...his Flesh Buds. Valentine grabs him and forces him into the flag. I will gouge your organs out. Diego once worked in the Joestar family ranch, Introduction in SBR Chapter 1, mentioned by Steven Steel, Mountain Tim and Diego Brando as the race's fan favorites, Diego and Sandman coming neck and neck as they approached the next stage, Johnny Joestar notices the cracks on Diego's neck, Diego falls asleep around dinosaur fossils, foreshadowing Scary Monsters, Diego wants Manhattan Island in exchange for Valentine's deal, Diego disguises himself as one of Valentine's guards, Diego's official render for Eyes of Heaven, Ultra Jump 2006 Issue #1 - UJ PRESS (Inside Illustration), Ultra Jump 2008 Issue #10 - UJ PRESS (Inside Illustration), Ultra Jump 2009 Issue #4 - UJ PRESS (Inside Illustration), From JoJo's Bizarre Encyclopedia - JoJo Wiki. Tan pants and brown boots. Turning into a dinosaur, Diego and his horse leaps to the roof of the building and Diego observes from above. Villain' Themed Death Battles, Death Battles completed by the Irish VS Writer, 'Weekly Shōnen Jump' themed Death Battles, Death Battles with a Returning OMM Combatant, Death Battles with a returning DBX combatant, DIO's ambition shift from conquering the world to creating a perfect world for him and his servants. When she refuses, Dio prepares to kill her but is stopped by the arrival of Jonathan and his gang. DIO laughed as he then suddenly grabbed a hand full of blades and prepared to throw the projectiles towards the trapped Diego. DIO Brando vs Diego Brando is a Death Battle by The Irish VS Writer! Tarkus | DinoDiegoEoH.jpg|Diego in his dinosaur form, EoH Still, Diego's optimal route choice only widens the gap between them. Sean: Alright, Alright it was just a bleedin' joke. Necromercer Prediction 2: so, I actually have a new prediction. After Diego's death by the hands of Funny Valentine, Valentine summons a Diego from an alternate universe. Sean: Now Diego's horse, Silver Bullet seems to be very well tamed which makes sense not only thanks to his personality but also those little circular blades on his boots are actually used to jab the horse to make them faster in a race. He was not specifically planned to have a disability at the start of the production; rather, his disability was the result of the series' focus on protagonists growing through overcoming hardships, and Araki wanting to create a character who was forced to rely on people and horses during the race and had room to grow both mentally and physically. And trust me as a person who knows Jockey's being hit by a horse will fuck you up! Foo Fighters | DIO smirked as the struggle continued, "How stupid do you think I am?" When Dio enters the mansion, Jonathan tries to help him carry his suitcase up the stairs. Hanae Orikasa | Irish: Yeah...let's just move on since apparently I have an unpopular main, Speaking of which: Diego has his trusty horse that he named "Silver Bullet" that is a 4-Year Old Arab thoroughbred and the horse which matters since some breeds of horses weigh more or have better stamina. William Cardinal | Pillar Men (Santana | Esidisi | Wamuu | Kars), Stardust Crusaders

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