4. Hopscotch Dubai, Homelessness, Begging, Unemployment 844 Words | Hard work will not guarantee you success. With time, I have adapted to his way of thinking and turned into a hardworking person. To review rules on rephrasing please refer to your institution plagiarism policy. University Of Roehampton Address, Since young, I have been a hardworking person and this trait of mine has helped me to excel in both academics and extra-curricular activities. Among other things, I am slow at judging people on the decisions that they make. The Industry is the key to success, Industry makes and idleness mars a nation. That person is still living today and I am proud to call him, father. I read of a boy the author Simon Wykoff whose own father was homeless for many years and mainly whom the essay is written about, Wykoff often stayed on the streets with his father. Stalin, the late prime minister of Russia, was the son of a mere cobbler. You Are The Sunshine Of My Life Piano Sheet Music, Plus, it will give the reader a better reason to give you their money. The hardworking and successful person - UCF application, She is a determined, hardworking person. Do You Know Who You Are Poster, Big Bigger, Biggest Concept, He could not afford a lamp and read borrowed books with the light of the fire in the hearth. There is no tomorrow for him. I was so very excited! As one grows and discovers many things around the world, especially during the teenage period, we start questioning the very ideals we were taught, and in my case, spirituality. 6  Pages. Five weeks before graduating from California State University Los Angeles (CSULA) with my bachelors in social work, Difference as an Educator It's wonderful that you are passionate and pursue goals that you have in life, but this, in and of itself does not fully communicate why you deserve this scholarship. Required fields are marked *. On First Listen, Working hard also means working honestly. Having a job where you are constantly working with the public can become very overwhelming at times. Regulate Album, The Streets, Eating, Sleep 841  Words | I have healthy self-esteem, I am confident, and I do not easily shy away from talking to people either individually or in a group. Meiosis And Mitosis Quiz Doc, I, Carlos Delgado, truly believe that my past and current work experience has served as preparation to pursue my master’s degree in social work. 3  Pages. The hard work is a price that we pay for success in life. Tendon Meaning In Tamil, Required fields are marked *.

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