While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. C'est une superstar du cinéma pour adultes et un mafieux des années 1940. Also, right after that he started to flirt with him and show him he is interested in him. A nother Ship I like very much ! Angel Dust est une araignée-démon. Valentino has had enough of Angel’s lies. Unfortunately for him, he learns a little more than he was expecting to. Wiki Héros Fr. So if you love music, you love these characters, you love your ships, and you love musicals, this is the fic for you! For updates, sneak peeks, and more please follow me on Twitter or Tumblr: rebelcourtesan. Angel a également un côté violent, car il a parfois commencé à se battre avec ses poings ou ses armes, et il adore se battre. Personnages secondaires Angel Dust est le tritagoniste antihéroïque de la série animée pour adultes de 2019 Hazbin Hotel et le personnage principal du tome 1 du webcomic Hazbin Hotel. Charlotte or "Charlie" as his dear dad always called her is witness of the unfair betrayal towards her dad and tries to save him only to be separated from him and gets thrown thorough space and time. Si vous avez 18 ans ou plus ou si vous êtes à l'aise avec le matériel graphique, vous êtes libre de consulter cette page. Only time will tell. This is what their days were usually made of. leneb-odagled . Stolas, Sauf mention contraire, le contenu de la communauté est disponible sous licence. In an attempt to patch their 'relationship', Alastor follows Angel to the studios, determined to prove to the spider that he was right about the porn industry. Consommer de la drogue.Flirter avec d'autres personnes.Faire des farces.Boire.Faire chier Vaggie.Se battre (avec Cherri Bomb à ses côtés). Cependant, cette information pourrait être dépassée. It's not because he's in love, its because that's what he does. 11 notes. What about when he kissed Travis? Cherri Bomb, Helluva Boss Follow. It's 1930s and you wake with very little memory of who you are, other than you are a person making it through life in the 1930s. C'est une superstar du cinéma pour adultes et un mafieux des années 1940. Il mesure environ 1,80 m et porte de longues bottes rose foncé à hauteur de cuisse. However, the odds are stacked against Angel when the sex workers prove to be more than he ever expected. Ella habrirá las puertas de los corazones de pecadores que creyeron alguna vez no volver a sentir nada... pero la pregunta es... Podrá abrir las puertas de su propio corazón?

Angel Dust doesn't know what to make of Husk. La poitrine est entièrement composée de fourrure, poussée vers le haut par l'étroitesse de sa veste, et il la traite souvent comme s'il s'agissait d'une paire de seins. Whem Angel first saw him, his eyes got big and his mouth fell open.

We have all the characters! Il semble ne pas savoir qui est Alastor lors de sa première apparition. When Vaggie was coplaining about the bar, angel stopped her violently and said "we are keeping this". Soon, there’s very little of the human past they left behind. Chaos was somebody that happened to be no one. Alastor's shadow was there. I think he does, even though he does that to everyone. He had fucked up bad this time. Il semble aussi être fier et désespéré de se présenter comme quelqu'un de fort, allant même jusqu'à faire exploser ses amis qui pensent qu'il montre des signes de vulnérabilité. No one is safe from the musical mind of a Theater Kid that is the author! Angel Dust cons (cough cough) convinces Vaggie to go Trick or Treating with him... much to her regret.

im only doing this bc most of the stories are Husk x reader/Y/N which isnt my thing. Alastor/Angel Dust/Husk (Hazbin Hotel) (17) Angel Dust & Cherri Bomb (Hazbin Hotel) (14) Alastor & Husk (Hazbin Hotel) (12) Exclude Additional Tags Fluff (55) Angst (28) Smut (20) Hurt/Comfort (19) Gay (19) Soft Husk (Hazbin Hotel) (16) Hurt Angel Dust (Hazbin Hotel) (15) Asexual Alastor (Hazbin Hotel) (14) Cute (12) Slow Burn (12) Other tags to exclude More Options Crossovers. Compétences en matière de sexe Combat au corps à corps Armes rétractables Saut renforcéArmes à feuMorsure venimeusePeut sentir les tempêtesPeut sauter incroyablement hautCuisineCompétences en matière d'armes à feuBilinguisme. Gone are his skirts and crop tops, now replaced with suits and jackets. It never said Angel likes liquor, it said he likes drugs.

La tenue habituelle d'Angel se compose d'un costume blanc à rayures roses, d'un nœud papillon noir et rose, d'un collier noir, de gants roses, d'une mini-jupe noire et de longues bottes noires à talons hauts.

The two would get drunk, exchange glances, and then end up in between the sheets of Angel's bed. Seul le temps nous dira s'il détruira un jour les murs autour de son cœur et laissera les autres le voir pour ce qu'il est vraiment.

Husk is in heat, and it's up to Alastor and Angel to help him out. Bien qu'il soit généralement représenté avec six membres, Angel possède une troisième paire de bras rétractables qu'il peut faire appel à volonté. Husk can't help but worry.Note: This fic is based on numerous fan arts I've seen around twitter, and has some similar tones to the instagram drama. Cependant, dans l'art que Vivienne a fait, il a tendance à mettre des mèches ou des motifs dans ses cheveux lorsqu'il fait aussi du drag queen. Your name is Billie and you keep dying on the same day. Malgré son côté violent et fier, Angel est protecteur de ceux qu'il juge sympathiques, comme Cherri Bomb, et Charlie, qu'il a fini par plaindre pour avoir terni la réputation de l'hôtel. Alastor seems thrilled with this new Angel Dust, but Husk had been there for the fight. He had heard the scathing words Alastor had said, and seen the crushed look in Angel's eye. Il existe une drogue à son nom de scène. I think husk likes angel, because when angel blew an air kiss, husk's expression was suprised not frustrated or annoyed! When demons fall into Hell, the memories of the life they lived are fresh, as if their lives before had never stopped. Cependant, sous ce comportement se cache un côté beaucoup plus tragique et vulnérable d'Angel Dust qu'il a peur de montrer au reste de l'enfer. Unfortunately, it's your death day that you keep living over and over again. thats not true.in the wiki,it said that Angel thinks of Alastor as a prick.So anyway yeah i think you're right. How do you break the cycle, especially when you're being pursued by that up and coming radio presentor everyone keeps talking about? Angel Dust has a Crush on Husk Whem Angel first saw him, his eyes got big and his mouth fell open. He knew better than to accept whatever bullshit Angel was trying to feed them. Please consider turning it on! Wrong! No none of this should make him someone you should fear, just one that you should never piss off. Personnages principaux No song will be turn away! (Tags will be updated to match future chapters/warning in notes). Reblog . La seule personne qui le sait est Cherri Bomb, mais elle essaie de ne jamais montrer ce côté à personne d'autre, même pas à Charlie. charlastor angel dust x vaggie angel dust x husk angel dust x cherri bomb. Husk doesn't know what to make of Angel Dust. Anthony and Henry find each other amongst Mob controlled New York. But as the years go on, those memories begin to fade like photo negatives exposed to the sun. En tant que star du porno gay, drogué et célébrité, ses bouffonneries compliquent le succès du Happy Hotel, dont il devient le premier client. Lost, alone and scared she is taken by a good man called "Husk" and gets raised only to fall into another tragedy but this time she refuses to let go and fights to save her loved ones. No one is safe! You discover some things your not supposed to and end up getting thrown out of Heaven and into Hell. What if Lucifer was never bad all along? Husk x Angel Dust (i cant think of a title) 10K 146 76 i dunno, just read the title.

Update: I noticed, at 29:49 of the Pilot, Angel gives Husk an Air Kiss to wich Husk, to wich he reacts suprised. exactly he flirts with almost everyone dude, I think he is like that because he saw the bar, First i thought it was because of the bar and the liquor, but the more i watched the Pilot episode, I noticed that instead of showing interest in the liquor,Angel showed interest in Husk.If Angel actually did that because of the alcohol then she would have shown interest in the liqour,and not Husk.Directly after angel attacked Vaggie he directly went for Husk and not the liquor.So i think Angel actually DOES like Husk in that romantic way.if you see in Angel's wikipedia,it said that Angel was attracted Husk when he was first summoned to the hotel,and for the ones who say"he offered a blowjob to Alastor though,doesnt that mean he likes him too?' And this story is all about it! To the People that say its because of the bar: And what about the air kiss? Hazbin Hotel Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. But no Alastor. And if he was excited about the bar, he would have done that a LONG time ago, when he first went into the hotel, because it was already there. When Vaggie was coplaining about the bar, angel stopped her violently and said "we are keeping this". Lorsqu'il est drag queen, ses cheveux sont plus longs, car il porte une perruque. Angel Dust •

More ship !

Angel a un comportement de salope et un sens de l'humour plein d'esprit, et ne se laisse pas arrêter par les insultes ou la douleur. All the ships! Selon un vieux dessin de Vivziepop, Arackniss est en fait celui qui a tué Angel après lui avoir fait un oeil au beurre noir. Also sorry for just taking a Photo of my Monitor. Sa peau/sa fourrure est blanche, avec quelques points rose clair sur ses cheveux. Angel Dust and Husk are both struggling as they begin to remember their human lives after many years. More ship !

Angel has been working longer hours than normal, and it's taking a physical toll on his body. Lucifer, the infamous Fallen Angel, the Prince of Lies and God's favored child is always judged as an evil being but what if God actually made a mistake and Lucifer was the one betrayed? Angel Dust est le tritagoniste antihéroïque de la série animée pour adultes de 2019 Hazbin Hotel et le personnage principal du tome 1 du webcomic Hazbin Hotel. After a spat in the parlor, Angel feels it's time for a change to his wardrobe.
And most importantly,he can read people and spin a lie an you would believe him. Now you have to protect yourself from demons who want to rip out your wings and break your halo. Life IS a musical Vaggie! In this story Lucifer is betrayed by his brothers and in the process looses his dear daughter as he falls to the deepest pits of hell. Ces bottes sont parfois représentées avec des rayures roses dans les œuvres d'art officielles, mais ces rayures n'apparaissent pas dans le spectacle. After an unwanted and unexpected pregnancy, Angel finds himself between a block and hard place.. Ok so, your an angel, living it up in Heaven where it’s sunshine and rainbows, except...it isn’t.

est une communauté de FANDOM appartenant à la catégorie Mode de vie. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Yeah he summons demons to help people and he's not sold his soul ever. Une mère non identifiée (décédée) Arackniss (frère cadet) Molly (sœur jumelle), Vaggie (rivale)HuskNifftyAlastorCherri Bomb (meilleure amie).

4. Blitzo • Millie • Moxxie • Loona Ses pupilles sont roses, et ses sclérotiques sont jaune clair dans l'œil droit et rose foncé dans l'œil gauche. Emportez vos fandoms favoris partout avec vous. Going to the least expected place, she finds the family she lost, new friends, a strange beloved and powers beyond her wildest imagination. https://heros-fr.fandom.com/fr/wiki/Angel_Dust?oldid=9729, Angel est ouvertement gay et précise que si il faut qu'il couche avec des femmes, elle doivent payer plus, comme dans le comics quand.

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