Tires Check out our CRF125F Big Wheel—the same great bike but a better fit for taller riders. What's the difference between a honda crf150r and a crf150f. My friends wives cant even ride it at all (unfortunatley they have tried). read our ... Honda foreman 450 2 inch lift,on 27s,snorkeled - Duration: 2:09. Transmission: five-speed Front: Single 220mm disc with twin-piston caliper Not really.   Pasted as rich text. It is solid and does not have the power band hit like a KX100. dunno what the f does, but its just sounds slow, air cooled and everythang, ummmm slow skideditdits.. if your wife dont seem like she wanna go boxing with the rocks, go slow.. Go out and buy a USED TTR-125 or CRF150F. When you’re dealing with smaller machines, every millimeter of space in the ergonomic triangle counts, and the Yamaha simply feels roomier than the Honda.

If you decide otherwise, let me know.

It can't hold a candle to the 150R in a race but its a great first trail bike. The Honda feels linear enough, but its power thins out considerably at the high end of the rev range. You have been successfully subscribed to Honda Powersports email updates, © 2020 American Honda Motor Co., Inc.• Powersports Division, We use cookies to improve your experience on this site and show you personalized advertising. I personally wanted a bike she could grow into, rather out of, and I ignored all of the advice others had give me. I only had one choice the Honda. Right away we noticed how dialed-in the CRF’s 20mm Keihin carburetor is tuned as the bike takes very little time to warm up when cold and throttle response is cleaner and crisper than the TTR-125LE’s. Some features of this site require JavaScript. Rear: 90/100-16 She loves the bike, but only likes riding it at the track.

Bore and Stroke: 52.4mm x 57.9mm Go with the 150r if u get a 150 I know 2 people with them and 1 with a 150f and the 150r's are like mini 250 f's but can also be set up for any1. But to do it right, we needed the opinion of more than just an adult. Had better suspension than my 150R! Both engines are extremely tractable. Fuel injection makes it even better and more efficient.

I think it depends on how aggressive she is. Ground Clearance: 10.4 inches Do you know anyone who would let you ride their 150R? I hope this helps. Overall feel of the 125 is great though and will stay with bigger bikes if you keep em pined. Simple enough: One of our crew was always there to catch him whenever he came to a stop. Neither bike feels anything close to what we would consider as “heavy.”. test rider Nic Garvin runs a training school for aspiring motocross and off-road riders as a side business, so we tapped him to recruit a youngster for our test, and he came up with a real diamond in 10-year-old Jett Lessing from East Vale, California. 1 of 2 Go to page.

Suspension Handling is one area where our two little thumpers dueled to an absolute draw. It might help to put a heavier flywheel on it but I probably should have bought her a ttr125.

We use cookies to improve your experience on this website and so that ads you see online can be tailored to your online browsing interests. Their tooling has long been paid for, which means that they deliver a higher profit margin for the manufacturer, which helps to defray the extensive R&D costs associated with the cutting-edge motocross off-road machines in Honda’s CRF and Yamaha YZ/WR four-stroke lines.

Even after it was warm, the TTR-125LE’s throttle response was noticeably softer than the CRF125F’s. He was also recently selected to be on the first 65cc team to tackle the notoriously difficult 24 Hours of Glen Helen. Induction: Mikuni VM 20mm carburetor Wish I still had it now. Trail: 94mm (3.7 inches) Suspension I started him on the CRF100F he was good on that unit UNTIL he found the MX track so I had to trade in the 100 after 7 months. “These bikes are fun!” he proclaimed, and indeed they are. 1. It gets up and goes! The Honda CRF125F features the more common nut-and-thread adjusters to help maintain proper chain slack whereas the TTR-125LE uses snail adjusters.

Basically ALL these bikes will hold their value (unless you buy a new one ... $$$ out the window), and any of them will introduce her to riding in a way that is not going to turn her off the sport. Suspension travel at both ends is 5.9 inches. Display as a link instead, × She is 5'2" and has very little riding experience but very aggressive for a girl. The TT-R125LE’s 31mm telescopic front fork and linked rear shock deliver more travel, 7.1 inches up front and 6.6 inches out back as well as the added benefit of preload adjustability in the fork and full adjustability for preload, compression damping and rebound damping in the shock. Fuel Capacity: 1.1 gallons 4. Rear: 110mm drum Some features of this site require JavaScript. Huge thanks to JAF Motors.Inc for letting me borrow this bike today to review for you guys. If she can plant her feet firmly on the ground, its not as bad. Now, I should mention, that my wife had some seat time on street bikes before hand, so she wasn't complete new to bikes. Their stone-reliable air-cooled four-stroke technology, which features good old-fashioned carburetion has been unchanged for decades. i would buy the ttr 125, the 150F is a pig and the 150R is alil bit racey and fast. Next Last. Ignition: DC-CDI That’s why we gave the CRF125F a strong, twin-spar-type steel frame and swingarm that are built to handle the bumps and dings of off-road riding. Need some help making a decision.

I've had really good luck with mine.

From a girls perspective, at least if your timid and worried about everyone else's feelings like me, the track makes perfect sense. Compression Ratio: 10.0:1 I bought my wife the 150R expert.

We use data about you for a number of purposes explained in the links below. The 150R is not the first bike you want her to learn on.

The CRF125F’s dependable four-stroke, single-cylinder engine offers good performance with a wide powerband—perfect for a wide range of riders, including beginners. Both feature 220mm disc brakes with two-piston calipers up front, but the Yamaha has a slightly larger rear drum out back, measuring 110mm vs. 95mm for the Honda.

Its really fun hanging out with your buds. That “almost an inch” could mean all the difference if you don’t have Jett’s dad, Garvin or someone else to catch you when you are coming to a stop. I bought my wife a brand new TTR-125. KLX 140L vs. CRF150F. From the moment young Lessing climbed aboard either of the two machines, you could see the grin under his helmet. I just sold my TTR a couple months ago.

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(If you like that kind of stuff though, its a blast!). You can post now and register later. She has difficulty with the money we spend as a result of this since she doesn't really ever end up riding enough that she leaves feeling like she got her money's worth. The 125 will keep up with the 250s on most dirt roads too. And finally, its nice not being out in the middle of no where, and knowing theres a paramedic close at hand (I know, I know, adventure...). Valve Train: SOHC, two valve per cylinder Rear: Pro-Link, single shock with adjustable spring preload; 5.9 inches travel Front: 31mm telescopic for, nonadjustable; 5.9 inches of travel. Go buy used ... and if she still wants the 150R after riding it for a month or so, sell the used bike (for what you paid) THEN buy the 150R.

Basically what you want is to buy and first bike that you can turn around in a month or two and sell for basically what you PAID for it. North American 2021 KTM Off-Road Range Announced, Haulin’ Dirtbikes with GMC’s Sierra Denali CarbonPro, 2021 Kawasaki KX250, KX450 and XC Cross Country Models Announced, Returning 2021 Kawasaki KLX and KX Off-Road Models Announced, Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship Results: Unadilla 2018, Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship Results: Washougal 2018, Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship Results: Millville 2018.

Restore formatting, × She won't let me get rid of it. × We’ve always liked snail adjusters for their ease of use and because you don’t need a wrench to turn them once the wheel is loose. I really appreciate any imput from 150R and 150F owners and will probably base my purchase on the replies I get from this thred. Compression Ratio: 9.0:1 So, despite the fact that I live in the same area as you and I have a bike for sale, I'd recommend you get the 150F.

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