– iridescent cobalt blue 'Papillion glass' vase by 'Loetz' of Austria, (founded 1840 by Johann Loetz, now the Czech Republic). – paintings by Jacob Jacobs, 1844, ships coming into Antwerp harbour, £15,000. £400 – collection of 1780s Royal Worcester china, c.£3-500 each – Gilded baptismal spoon with Saint Andrew on handle, 1634 (Charles I of England) by Richard Cross, £2,000 – collection of terracotta figurines, hand made in India during the British Raj, 1900s, £200 each – football memorabilia, autographed 1966 FIFA World Cup tickets, £20,000 – Isle of Wight Austin 7 club, 75 members, 90 Austin Motor Company cars: Austin 7s; Austin limosines and taxi, 1924 Austin 12. Made in Russia in the 1840s using Karelian birchwood, includes regulator dial for Observational astronomy. – WWII memorabilia, pics and shrapnel and log book £500 – collection of 900 dolls including Simon and Halbig and Betty Oxo – Victorian crinoline dress, £100 – brown stoneware flask, marked 'W Jordan, "Cock and Hoop", London 1840s. – Chinese monkey statue made for export to Europe, 1760s, £3,000 for pair – collection of drawings by Persis Kolmsey, 1920s, £2,000 $6,000 / £1500 – Chinese porcelain bowls, c.1700, £200 – Japanese enamelled porcelain statue of the 'rice god' Daikoku-ten, 1660, £5,000 Cufflinks and letter, gifted by George VI of the United Kingdom in 1937; items made by Collingwood & Co of 171 New Bond Street, London, and by Hennell Of Bond Street Ltd (circa 1739–2001) – American Art glass by Lewis Comfort Tiffany, decorated Iridescence gold, 1900s, marked Fabriole. – collection of theatrical memorabilia, 6,000 pieces ranging from Roman theatre tickets, tricks of Chung Ling Soo conjuror (alias of William Ellsworth Robinson). – collection of silverware including 1776 Salver by Richard Rugg, £3,000 – set of decorated golf themed buttons, 1910, £400 Psychobilly brain necklace - zombie apocalypse brain jewelry - weird jewelry - zombie jewelry - frankenstein horror necklace creepy jewelry TocsinDesigns. – Japanese cast metal casket, 1890s, decorated with scenes, e.g. – Arts and Crafts movement Jewellery by Charles Sargeant Jagger, (sculptor): ring £500; ring £800; pendant £1,500 – Royal Worcester tea cup, transfer decorated, £50 – plate decorated by Bruce Bairnsfather cartoon 1910, £15 – Georgian Tallboy (furniture) – blue enamel and diamond locket, '18th century revival' style from 19th century France, £5,000 – Paul Atterbury: part of the keel of Captain Cook's ship HMS Endeavour, with 1828 letter of provenance requesting it to be shipped to the UK from the wreck in the US. Harvest scene labelled Aoust (old form of Août, August), £3,000 of Budapest, £2,000 – Staffordshire Potteries scene of 1848 Murders at Stanfield Hall, when James Blomfield Rush murdered, Isaac Jermy and his son Isaac Jermy Jermy. – Gilt Ormolu clock with two horizontal 'chapter rings' instead of a dial, Sold by W Davis and Sons, of Birmingham, made by Japy Frères of France. – collection of 200 British Regency pictures, watercolours, drawings and cards from the Hippisley Coxe family of Ston Easton Park in Somerset, £2,000 – early 20th century Arts and Crafts movement jewellery, made in Newlyn, Cornwall, possibly by Reginald Dick, £1,000 – Swiss singing bird box. – set of Japanese style concentric pots by Bernard Leach, signed 'BL St Ives', £2,000 – collection of early 19th century Scrimshaw, .... £2,000 Base made in England by James Edgar of Liverpool. Faux Egyptian scene, £8,000 £2,000 – buttons from Charles Dickens' smoking jacket, in leather bound presentation volume with letter of provenance signed by Georgina Hogarth, (his wife's sister, his mistress), dated 9 June 1870. – Omar Ramsden enamel inkwell, Citroen car design, £2,500 c.£100 each – 3 original manuscripts by R. M. Ballantyne: The iron horse 16 August 1871; The Lifeboat; Fighting the flames, a tale of the London fire brigade. Sir John Knollys' medallion from the coronation of Edward VII of the United Kingdom £600; brooch £1,200; reverse painted medallion, (Essex crystal) £1750; wrist watch £2000; brooch £2,000 Made by 'Thomas Brigg & sons of London', (In 1893, Thomas Brigg and Sons received its first Royal warrant of appointment from Her Majesty Queen Victoria – the first umbrella maker to be thus honoured. – 1884 miniature Royal Doulton pot £70 – Mrs Beecher's Book of Recipes. – diamond and ruby Bumble Bee brooch meaning 'Bee sure of our love', made by Lacloche Frères, 1890s, £10,000 – 'cold painted' bronze sculpture of parakeets on a leaf, made by Franz Xavier Bergman, Vienna, £1,500 – Japanese depiction of skeletons dancing[clarification needed] – set of 19th century South American mate drinking cups, £150 each, plus silver Bombilla (drinking straws), £30 each, – 1900s English Art Nouveau brooch, gold, silver and diamonds, £3,000 Painted by Alfred Edward Emslie circa 1895, £15,000 – Strangers Hall, Norwich, weavers centre – Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs porcelain statues dressed in cloth and felt, made by Chad Valley £1,800; – double-barrelled Pistol sword ), £1,500 – toy Papier-mâché dogs with wheels and 'growlers', 1860–1880s French, Made by the Manufacture nationale de Sèvres, marked Louis XV of France 1766, painted by Guillaume Noël, £10,000 Hilary has a particular interest in antique mechanical objects and one of her favourite Roadshow items was at Chatsworth House in 1996. – tall son of an Earlsfield evacuee that Michael Aspel knew in the 1940s. Leather book/box made by Riviere & Sons, te leading bookbinders of London and Bristol. – 1920s travelling clock made in solid silver enamelled and machined solid silver, and retailed by Cartier £1200 [7] His 'paying off pennant', flown on his last voyage in 1810 on HMS Ville de Paris, 1 foot per year of service; miniature portrait; ship's log book, $120,000 / £50,000 – two model railway engines: The Lion 1838 from Liverpool and Manchester Railway £1,500 and Britannia 1951, £3,000 The dates in brackets given below are the dates each episode was filmed at the location. e.g. – oil painting, £2,000 £800 – Victorian watercolour of two sisters, gifted by Charles Longley, Archbishop of Canterbury, painted by Janet Russell, 1870, (member of the Society of Women Artists) £2,000 Silence £600 – Chinese porcelain bowl repaired with rivets, £200 – group of 1930s Dinky Toys of aircraft (Die-cast toys), £250 each, – Millennium Forum, Derry – ashtray/bowl in Chelsea porcelain, 1749–1751, £1,000 When back on dry land, she spends a lot of time travelling to weird and wonderful places with her photographer husband. "practically worthless but priceless"[3], – Spanish Armada shipwrecked at Northern Ireland, certificate and token absolving soldiers from sins – amber necklace, £400 Collection £100,000 £300 – photograph plus program printed on silk from the concert held at the Royal Exhibition Building in Melbourne, celebrating the opening of first federal parliament in Melbourne on 9 May 1901. up to £1,000 each – collection of World War I shell cases, Trench art. – Polyphon Musical box, 1880s, American, playing vertically mounted tin discs, 1907, £5,000 A. Milne's books. 1710, £1,500 – collection of pots decorated with Indigenous Australian art (Aboriginal art) by Thancoupie (Gloria Fletcher, born Gloria James), £1,000 / $2,500 each – mock Queen Ann Pitoscott deluxe radiogram, 1949, £1,500 – Pye Ltd. mid 20th century radios and televisions, Art Deco radio of the Jazz Age, Early 19th century polished bootwood. – bronze medal presented to crew members of RMS Carpathia, that aided the RMS Titanic, (14 gold, 110 silver, 180 bronze medals minted), £2,000 with caveats Series 27 (2004/05) comprised 25 editions that were broadcast by the BBC from 5 September 2004 – 20 March 2005[1][2][3]. – autograph album and memorabilia assembled by 1950s band leader Geoff Love. – painting that survived a Zeppelin raid on London with the 1916 newspaper story. – peddler doll, covered with threads and buttons, (gromtahl) doll, c.1850 £1,300 – jug in the style of peasant art, 1850, £250 Hilary Kay – pair of Royal Worcester porcelain jars decorated with Scottish Highlands scene painted by Harry Stinton , £3,000 / $8,000 Australian – painting of Sydney Cove c.1820 by Major James Taylor (artist) [5] of the 48th (Northamptonshire) Regiment of Foot , £1,500 / $3,000 – Witley Court decorated by John Nash and Samuel Daukes for Lord Ward, later Earl of Dudley £8,000 Hilary joined the Antiques Roadshow team of experts in 1978 and was delighted to get the opportunity to work with her childhood hero Arthur Negus – ‘Arthur was an inspiration, and became a guide and mentor during my first years on Antiques Roadshow’. "practically worthless but priceless" Hilary worked for Sotheby’s for over 20 years as an auctioneer and Senior Director and left to establish a company which provides antiques-based events and entertainment. £800 – Pilkington's Lancastrian Pottery & Tiles from Swinton, £200 – Lord Nelson's sword pistol – valued at £20,000[3], – Royal Worcester powder blue vases, 1928–1932, painted by Edward Townsend, Moseley, and Albert Schuck. – 1920s Dutch chest, inlaid with Mother of pearl, in the style of the 1640s, £1,000 Probably a pair of de Lamerie salt cellars reshaped as cream boats. – belt and buckle of North Eastern Railway (UK) policeman. – family portrait of 15-year-old Douglas Clifton Brown, 1st Viscount Ruffside who became Speaker of House of Commons in 1943. – Tunstall, Staffordshire pottery from 'Lingard Webster', potted by Charles Hancock (sculptor) who trained Clarice Cliff. – jewellery and memorabilia from lady Charlotte Knollys and Alexandra of Denmark (Queen Alexandra), given to nanny Martinham c.1902. – collection of smoking pipes carved in solid stone from Istanbul. – collection of Chinese, plates, jars, buffet dishes. – carved wooden Claude glass, (named after artist Claude Lorrain), a framing device for planning paintings, carved in the Bushey school style. – Great Witley church – Royal Doulton pot with 'Chinet decoration, 1900s, £100 – 22 Toy Footballers, (cast Lead) with 'Flick n Kick'action. – collection of World War II memorabilia of G.I.s stationed in Northern Ireland – 1950s Alfred Dunhill Aquarium lighter, (decorated Perspex), value £1,500 [7] His 'paying off pennant', flown on his last voyage in 1810 on HMS Ville de Paris, 1 foot per year of service; miniature portrait; ship's log book, $120,000 / £50,000 – decorated Book bindings in various leathers, vellum and pigskin. – toy train set, 1913, steam powered steam engine, hand enamelled, £3,500 Send me exclusive offers, unique gift ideas, and personalized tips for shopping and selling on Etsy. – bronze statue of Egyptian god Amun, from Howard Carter's estate, 600BC, £3,000 – two cup and saucer sets by Susie Cooper, decorated by carving and 'Scrafito, 1950s, £100 and £150 – 1880s Victorian Kitsch, silverplate Jug with Ivory handles by H & H (Hugin & Heap), designed by Doctor Christopher Dresser, £400 – 1920s reproduction George II of Great Britain miniature cabinet, model of wedding gift. England team in full Union Jack shirts versus 11 'Johnny Foreigners', £500 – French side cabinet, (meuble d'acquis), one of a pair made for the Exposition Universelle (1855) (aka Great Paris Exhibition), the other is at the Prince's Palace of Monaco. – 1680s Secretaire en portefeuille in English oak, £3,000 £1,000 – shagreen (shark skin) cover containing pocket globe made by 'Cary's Pocket Globes', 1791, £3,000[3], – collection of jewellery £15,000. – shotgun cartridge case converted to contain shooting 'place-finders' (shortest straw). – Symphonium dual turntable Music box, £20,000[3], – Rochdale Great hall with a Hammerbeam roof and Mintons tiled floor £1,000 Hilary Kay – a coral bracelet valued at £30,000, – an unusual doll, – a dress by Vivienne Westwood – a pendant carried up and down Mount Everest 3 times. – a Russian cigarette case valued at £5,000.

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