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The pigeon pea is used in many different ways in many different parts of the world. Deer Taking additional care of the pigeon pea plants will result in good growth of the plants which will ultimately maximize the total yield. Pigeon peas are a fast growing perennial legume that have many uses in a food forest or permaculture environment. Subscribe ROY'S FARM newsletter for news, updates and receiving notifications of new posts by email. It is a nutritious and high-protein pulse crop. You can use all the parts of pigeon pea plants. Job Circular If you notice additional weeds, try hoeing about 3 weeks after sowing the seeds. It is super easy to grow from seed. 26.

Sheep, Bee The Pigeon pea plant is a drought-resistant and warm-weather crop that grows easily even in tough conditions and dries quickly. While in Dominican Republic and Hawali, the seeds are used for canning and they have a nutty-grainy taste. The pigeon pea is also known by some other names in many other parts of the world. Article by Plant Instructions. The pigeon pea plants are deep rooted crop, and they responds well to proper soil preparation. Some of the popular pigeon pea varieties are; Along with these varieties, there are also some other varieties available.

They are drought tolerant and can do well in dry conditions.

Article by Agnela Lake. After properly tilling the soil, add organic materials into it. Currently there is one area where Pigeon peas are growing at Three Acre Paradise. Further irrigation during flowering stage is essential for good yield. The plants are also used to reduce soil erosion. They can even survive in poor soil conditions and they are able to tolerate dry weather. And for grain purpose, start harvesting when 75 to 80 percent pods turn brown and dry. 4. The pictures in this post are of the same plants over a several month period. Next spring I will be starting two new areas and they will be better protected against damage. The plant has edible beans that are popular in the West Indies. They are cool-weather plants, so around spring is best for planting time. This can be accomplished by simply pruning the plant and dropping the cuttings on the ground. Growing Pigeon Peas. But for large scale or commercial production, the first irrigation should be done within 3-4 weeks after sowing the seeds.

The plants deep tap root can grow to up to six feet in length which helps the plant to locate water. Hope you have enjoyed this guide for growing pigeon pea. Pigeon pea is very nutritious and it is very good for human health. The following is a planting guide for growing green pigeon peas. But preparing the soil by tilling and adding fertilizers into it will ensure good growth of the plants and will increase total yield. Cow Mulching: Mulching will help to retain moisture into the soil and it will also help to reduce weeds from the field. Space the rows to about 1 feet apart in smaller varieties, and about 1.5 feet apart for the tall varieties.

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