Visit New York’s Department of Environmental Conservation for the most up to date information. On the other hand, according to the “Singing-ground Survey” (SGS) conducted by the U.S.

Whistling in the dogs that now had noses full of bird scent called for leashes and snacks to assist in regaining their poise. Grouse are still at hand, although the best grouse locations have changed with the season, especially once snow flies. If you are interested in hunting public lands such as State Forests or Wildlife Management Areas, contact the regional DEC biologist or forester where you want to hunt. He will be your lead guide on our Adirondack grouse and woodcock hunts! This survey asks hunters to record their daily grouse and woodcock hunting activities in a "hunting log", including the number of birds flushed and the number of hours hunted. We introduced each other and he said his name was Ron. Here again I have not yet explored, as when I reached its border, night was upon me and the chill of the evening along with two hungry hard-working English Cockers summoned me to the fire ring of hand-laid shale with the promise of a good meal and evening coffee. Whether the slight improvements indicate a recovery of sorts in bird numbers or merely a seasonal upswing due to spring weather conditions and better recruitment is too early to say conclusively. They provide excellent hunting opportunities. There are stocking efforts and stocking sites throughout the rest of the state offering a great opportunity for bird hunting New York. With a ground cover of wild raspberries, the thought of future flushes puts me in a dreamy state.

We worked the area to the west to no avail, and as we came back out on the road so did the other hunter, an older gentleman with the most tattered apparel I had ever seen. Two more hours went by and the absence of any bird left me to wonder if something had happened.

Classic in structure and weathered green in color, it blends in with the native pines that surround it.

I had taken a call the previous morning summoning me back to my shooting preserve, Pheasants On The Flats, to provide a member of a very large corporation a tour of our grounds. But the areas that provide food and cover change depending upon the time of season. There are plenty of hunting clubs and outfitters who stock quail and chukars.

Pick a likely location and spend a morning getting to know it. You don’t need much hunting equipment – just a good pair of boots, some blaze orange clothing, and a …

We will have the article updated with links to local chapters for bird hunting groups, etc. Learn how your comment data is processed. That includes Partridge Run WMA and state forest and Cole Hill State Forest in Albany County. Scattered in areas throughout the state are 110 wildlife management areas totaling nearly 197,000 acres. These folks are in the field every day and are directly involved in habitat improvements on wildlife management areas and timber harvesting on state forests and other public lands.

Despite declines in their numbers over the past 40 years, ruffed grouse are still common, particularly in younger forests.

Some of the best woodcock habitat is found on DEC-managed lands and Cooperative Hunting Areas such as the Rocky Point Management Area and Otis Pike Preserve. As is often the case in early fall, the cover was so dense I was not afforded a shot on the re-flush of two of the birds.

Bird hunting New York for American woodcock is simply phenomenal.

For detailed information about season dates in your area, please refer to the Hunting and Trapping Regulations Guide or view the grouse hunting season map. Areas where thick conifers and pines border these softwood stands offer sunny openings and both shelter and food. I’m simply a morning person in general, and nothing is quite as peaceful and relaxing to me as an early morning in the grouse woods with my dog.

I asked whether he preferred early morning to evening hunting. Adventure Guide Service specializes in:. According to the New York Department of Conservation, sometime between Sept. 2 when the grouse season opens in northern New York (and Oct. 1 in southern regions) and the close of the season on Feb. 28, about 75,000 hunters will take to the uplands in search of the state’s second most popular game bird. Improve Dove Odds With Timing, Practice, Shot Pattern, Nosler Trophy Grade Long Range Ammo: Here’s What You Need to Know, Pumpkin Carving the Fun Way: With a Sig Sauer M17, Enter the Biggest Wide Open Spaces Hunting Sweepstakes Ever, MDC co-hosts youth deer hunting clinic in Hawk Point Oct. 7, New Trends We’re Seeing in Shooting Optics, Sandhill Crane Hunting: Identification, Gear, and Tactics. His wire-haired pointer looked nearly his age, but the Beretta 20 gauge O/U looked like it had just come out of the box. The edges of tote roads, logging roads, snowmobile and ATV trails and the like are also likely spots to find birds. We are requesting assistance from hunters in a study of ruffed grouse recruitment (the number of young produced per adult female). Mazie and I crawled into my sleeping bag, gazing at the starlit sky as we drifted off quickly to dreams of tomorrow’s coverts and flushes.

They will also seek shelter from cold temperatures and winds.

Ruffed grouse and American woodcock are widely distributed across New York State. ADIRONDACK GROUSE (PARTRIDGE-pronouced “Pa-tridge” in the local dialect) and WOODCOCK HUNT with Tucker the Pointing Wire Haired Griffon, 2 Hunters- $250.00 per hunter per 8 hour day, 3 Hunters- $195.00 per hunter per 8 hour day. AJ, 35 years ago when I was raising and hunting English setters along w/ the labs there were lots of grouse just south of here near naples NY . It is a good way to get involved, learn about local hotspots, and improve habitat. Spruce grouse are frequently seen along roadsides during the fall eating gravel. Good hunting is also possible within the Finger Lake National Forest in Schuyler and Seneca counties and on some 64,000 acres of the Fort Drum military base in Jefferson County. Colder than the previous night, the autumn floor of our camp sparkled as if covered with diamonds. Buddy asking to make a nature’s call around 5 am. Thicker than blazes, I flushed a lone grouse in its center during my hunt back in ’07, but nary a shot was given due to the tight-gripping tangle of cover. By continuing to use our website, you agree to our use of such cookies.

We headed down to another spot called the truck trail where I also had taken a grouse in ’07.

New York Snipe and Rails season runs from September 1–November 9.

The trail ahead looked promising and the need to explore took over, as we followed what is now called Vienna Trail to its swampy end. With hot and tired feet, I decided to borrow the roadside lawn of a lonely camp.

Please check season dates on the proper department website for each state you plan on hunting.

For local chapter information visit

That’s when the flushes began. Grouse hunting is many people’s first introduction to hunting for several good reasons: Vast public lands are available and many are managed specifically for forest wildlife like ruffed grouse.

Three hours had passed and not a thing had me a bit concerned, but I knew there should be birds in the area.

Though as of this writing Fireman’s Grouse Camp no longer exists as I experienced it, I for one will search my remaining days to find others like it. It is part of Helderberg Bird Conservation Area, a 6,594-acre complex of hardwood and conifer plantations, young regenerating woodlands, old fields, shrub land, reverting farmland and wetland.

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