Tuco then started furiously kicking No-Doze's body before ordering Gonzo to hide him somewhere. Status Jumping out of his car, Tuco dragged a comatose No-Doze out of the car and threw him to the ground, and then angrily yelled to Walt to help him. I'm a bot, bleep, bloop. ✘ No An aggravated Tuco then left with No-Doze and Gonzo. No-Doze started convulsing, and Tuco demanded to know what was wrong with him, screaming at No-Doze for not knowing how to take a beating. Tuco trying in vain to revive No-Doze. No-Doze remarked that they already had black eyes (as Tuco had knocked the two teens out with a cane). Character information He portrays Gonzo in Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul. Birth Place "Mijo" "Mijo" Appearance in El Camino "Crazy Handful of Nothin'" While at his uncle Hector's house in the countryside with Walt and Jesse as hostages, Tuco still appeared to not blame himself for killing No-Doze, saying that he should've known his place. Later that same day, Gonzo attempted to move No-Doze's body to give him better treatment, but the stack of cars where No-Doze's body lie shifted and crushed Gonzo's arm, ultimately causing him to bleed out. Tuco laughed it off and said that would be too easy. Jesus Payan Jr. is an actor. No-Doze and Gonzo were present when Tuco dragged Jimmy, Cal and Lars out into the desert. October 31, 2008 External Links While both Walt and No-Doze tried to calm Tuco down, Tuco appeared to do so, but then beat No-Doze repeatedly into unconsciousness. Their bodies were later found that night by DEA Agents Hank Schrader and Steven Gomez along with the APD. Aliases This is a way to send a video message from yours truly to a friend or loved one :). Jesus Payan Jr. is an actor. ("Seven Thirty-Seven"). Gonzo; Japan! Gonzo carrying No-Doze's unconscious body. He then handed it back to him and along with Gonzo, led them to meet Tuco. Actor - Breaking Bad. No-Doze pointed his .357 revolver at Walt, but Tuco ordered him to calm down. While Tuco, No-Doze, and Gonzo were all reeling from the shock, Walt grabbed the bag of what turned out to be mercury fulminate and threatened the trio with it. I'm an Actor, Stuntman, Boxer and former bodyguard / bouncer and I'm here to show you all mad love by recording a video message for who... more. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Afterwards, Tuco—not caring that he just beat one of his employees—acted proud of the beating and then reminded Walt and Jesse to meet again next week. Images (20). Better Call Saul First Just go to the CAMEO website and look me up under BREAKING BAD, click on "Book" by breakingbadsgonzo in breakingbad breakingbadsgonzo 0 points 1 point 2 points 7 months ago . No-Doze and Gonzo stood guard outside of Tuco's office. Occupation Portrayed by Jesse tried to steal back the meth and run, but No-Doze and Gonzo caught him and took him back to his seat. While Tuco looked over the pound, No-Doze and Gonzo led Walt into his office to meet him. Last No-Doze roughly frisked him and took Walt's pound of what appeared to also be meth, which he handed to Gonzo, who gave it to Tuco. Breaking Bad Season 1. Appearances Gonzo then carried No-Doze's unconscious body into the back of Tuco's Escalade and they drove off ("A No-Rough-Stuff-Type Deal"). unknown Characters from Breaking Bad in Better Call Saul, Deceased characters from season 2 (Breaking Bad), https://breakingbad.fandom.com/wiki/No-Doze?oldid=109501, No-Doze's mugshot later appeared on the DEA's board during a meeting which Hank presided over. "Grilled" is the second episode of the second season of Breaking Bad and the ninth episode altogether. Also on the board were the mugshots of, No-Doze was the third character to die overall, and the first not killed by. Tuco then snorted some of the crystal and assured Walt and Jesse that they would make a lot of money together. After some negotiating, Tuco gave Walt all of the money and they ultimately agreed to four pounds for the next week. No-Doze then warned the two to remember who they were working for. Deceased (Info / ^Contact), Beep bop bleep not a stinking bot, I shared that, If you have any questions about Breaking Bad just ask :), Press J to jump to the feed. Beep … Hello everybody this is your big homie Gonzo from Breaking Bad , Better Call Saul and the Feature film 2 GUNS. https://breakingbad.fandom.com/wiki/Jesus_Payan?oldid=106512. Tuco then gave Walt his money and the two arranged a deal for two more pounds of crystal the next week before Walt left the ransacked office ("Crazy Handful of Nothin'"). He then handed it back to him and along with Gonzo, led them to meet Tuco. Birth Date He ordered Walt and Jesse to give No-Doze CPR and then to breathe into his mouth, but No-Doze died before they could revive him. Gonzo While Gonzo was hesitant at first, he ultimately acquiesced and carried No-Doze's body out of view, hiding him under a car and covering his body with a large piece of scrap metal. Relationships I'm the real Actor Jesus Payan "Gonzo" from Breaking Bad. No-Doze was one of Tuco Salamanca's head lieutenants in his drug organization. ✔ Seasons 1, 2 Appearances in Better Call Saul First Jesse Pinkman and Skinny Pete arrived to arrange a deal with Tuco for a pound of crystal meth. No-Doze and Gonzo stood guard outside of Tuco's office. Photos of No-Doze and Gonzo later appeared on the news as the DEA and APD continued to be on the manhunt for Tuco ("Grilled"). Jesse Pinkman and Skinny Pete arrived to arrange a deal with Tuco for a pound of crystal meth. Hello everybody this is your big homie Gonzo from Breaking Bad , Better Call Saul and the Feature film 2 GUNS. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Juárez Cartel Lieutenant ✔ Season 1 The following week, Walt and Jesse met with Tuco, No-Doze, and Gonzo at a junkyard somewhere outside of town. However, Tuco took No-Doze's remark as being disrespectful towards Walt and Jesse, and ultimately came to the conclusion that No-Doze was both calling Tuco stupid and speaking for him.

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