GROWING OLD DISGRACEFULLY – a celebration of ageing through humour, story and song. These newer poems are proof that the interest in bush poetry is more than a nostalgic look back to ‘the good old days’, and also proof that we have not succumbed completely to the passive seat by the television and internet screen. This collection of classic bush poems celebrates the great poets of Australia’s ‘colonial golden years’ – including Henry Lawson, A B ‘Banjo’ Paterson, C J Dennis, P J Hartigan (‘John O’Brien’), G H ‘Ironbark’ Gibson, Harry ‘The Breaker’ Morant, E G ‘Dryblower’ Murphy, Joseph ‘Tom Collins’ Furphy, Will Lawson, Adam Lindsay Gordon, Will Ogilvie, John Neilson, W T Goodge, and the prolific ‘Anonymous’.

In 2006 his book, ‘Centenary Edition: ‘Banjo’ Paterson’s Old Bush Songs’ was awarded ‘Heritage Book of the Year’. In the silence it's a knowledge And its tendrils wrap the heart With a longing to return there, Though many miles may part. Bush Spirit - Book 3: The Goating Bug by Jennifer Bush Spirit by Jennifer The stories told in these poems were often heartbreaking stories familiar to most frontier societies: memories of distant home, missed loved ones, and the ever-present ache of separation. From its first publication in 1880 this magazine, often known as ‘The Bushman’s Bible’, encouraged and published many bush poems contributed by average workers, and, well into the 20th century, was still being read by city and country person alike. We definitely need more stories in our 21st century lives! There's somethin' there to grab.

Entertainment continued to change dramatically, especially after the introduction of commercially priced gramophone machines and, later, radio. Warren Fahey recites ‘The Wombat’. The funny work of Australian people is also very famous all over the globe and it includes all genres as well. Bush poetry by Andrew Hull. The publication of ‘Australian Bush Ballads’, edited by Douglas Stewart and Nancy Keesing, by Angus & Robertson, in 1955, provided a landmark collection, combining classics with newly located unpublished bush verse. There’s a popular song from 1979 called ‘Video Killed The Radio Star’ however it could be said that ‘radio killed the reciter’ as the spirit of much traditional entertainment disappeared with the increasing popularity of the wireless. The funny Australian poems are no doubt, a real treat for all those people who want to make smile on their face just by reading such poems. I can get me arms 'round there. For some strange reason, explained here after decades of poking and prodding, the mystery of why wombats have square turds is revealed by an anonymous poet. Even when we had left the bush and moved to the city she would sit with pen and paper in hand and reminisce about the bush. The call is ever present, Though it is often pushed away, Just a sound or a scent can revive it, And it's back again to stay. His repertoire includes a swag of bush yarns, ballads, drinking toasts, city ditties and, of course, Australia’s classic bush poetry. The Drovers is another one of her great bush poems about the time when droving cattle was a big part of outback life before the road trains eventually took over. We recited on horseback, around the fire and around the homestead hearth. Warren Fahey has been collecting and performing Australian folklore, including classic bush poetry, for nigh on forty years. My sister loved 'Bellbirds' & 'The Last Of His Tribe' by Henry Kendall as well as some other wonderful poems.

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