Rear sling swivel for metric FAL rifles. Made in the USA! VG to Excellent Condition! AR15.Com reserves the right to overwrite or replace any affiliate, commercial, or monetizable links, posted by users, with our own. New condition. FAL Handguards (Brown). Once JavaScript is enabled please refresh the current page. AK47/AKM East German wood lower hand-guard. Made by Penguin. You need to sign in or create an account to do that. Expect dings, scratches and gouges. $15.00. But they do look cool. FAL India Parts ID; Gas Block Drilling Fixture; AK. These accept standard Imbel/FN... G1 Trap Door Buttplate. FAL Humpback Stock, Grip, Top Cover and Blank Firing Adapter. No Hardware. They fit between the lower and the stock. Used Good Condition. Item #: 021FASP-ML-A. $80: Pistol grip, wood, US made, new. Good Condition. FAL Carry Handle. New! Wood grip front plate insert only, walnut or cherry. DARK WALNUT, NEW OLD STOCK OUT OF THE ORIGINAL BOX. German Austrian 1950s . No hardware included. Buttpads for FAL Stocks. May have small cracks or chips. Magazines Stripper Clips . New condition, no Handguard screw included. $15.00. FAL/L1A1 US Made Handguards. [ARCHIVED THREAD] - FNC handguards on FAL? New Condition! Add to Compare. It's too pretty to be wood. Carcano. Bell & Carlson. In order to shop on this Web store, you must have JavaScript enabled. Sort By: Products per page: Viewing Page 1 … Our Price: $34.95 . $9.95. If you have a related Youtube channel, enter the URL. Unissued Condition! Used Good Condition. New! Cleaning Kits Body for Metric FAL Rifles. No clip. Now FNC handguards are slightly shorter so I shimmed the inside of the handguard ring with leather to tighten up the fit. Used condition. Made By Penguin. ** Counts for 3 US Compliance Parts! Price: $15.00. They go into the bottom of the pistol grip. US Military Gear. Manufactured by Bell and Carlson. Add to Compare. Brand new Tapco Butt Pads for Metric Pattern FAL rifles with Humpback stocks. Buttstock Removal Tool for the FAL/L1A1 rifles. more info Quick view. Metric Pattern FAL Sling Ring! Fits Belgian, Argentine, Brazilian, South African and More! Complete with screw. These are are covered in Cosmoline and dust, but will clean off easily with a tooth brush and oil. Swedish Military. But why does the handguard and the buttstock different colors? Israeli army wood hand guards (left and right) for the FN FAL heavy barrel. FN FAL PLASTIC HAND GUARD WITH GROOVES FOR BIPOD REFURBISHED FN FAL PLASTIC HAND GUARD WITH GROOVES FOR BIPOD. Good condition. If you could retexture that with the cherry wood, it would like awesome. This tool makes changing out a stock easy and safe! Brand New Argentine FAL Handguards. Type 2 with finger ridge on each side. Stock, Handguard, Pistol Grip and Tapco Butt Pad. GSG-5 Handling and Safety Manual, Paperback, *NOS* $14.95. Rifle Parts C&R. FLAT BLACK REFURBISHED. Any use of this content without express written consent is prohibited. Includes furniture sets, tools, accessories, cleaning kits, etc. Swiss K31 1911 1889 Parts . Used Fair to Good Condition. Unissued FAL/L1A1 Recoil Spring Plungers! Add to Compare. Item #: 045IS-A. $125.00. $34.50. Works as a Tang Screw on all models and works as Rear Sling Swivel Screws on Metric pattern rifles only. New condition. US made! Camouflage. More Details : FAL KEYMOD HANDGUARD WITH PICATINNY TOP RAIL. ", MAGAZINE POUCHES, CARRYING CASES AND BANDOLIERS. Free men are not equal. German G3 HK91. FAL PICATINNY SCOPE MOUNT, METRIC OR INCH. Machined Aluminum Knob and Rivet Sets for Metric Pattern FAL Charging Handles. Much higher quality than the Tapco ones that are available elsewhere. Price: $69.95. Counts as 1 US compliance Part! Ferrules for Metric FAL rifles with wood stocks. STG58 type. May have light scuffs from storage wear. Shot Show Cancelled - TNVC & NGI Present vSHOTT 2021 with TNV PVS-14 Givewaway! New unissued condition! FN FAL L1A1 Parts . Fits only Metric Pattern Lower Receivers. New US GI. FN FAL KeyMod Handguard, 2-Piece Drop In, w/ Picatinny Top Rail, *NEW* $62.05. Israeli FAL Handguard Grill Wood Screw. New! Be the first to know about new products, special offers and training events! Israeli FAL Handguard Set STD $74.95. In order to shop on this Web store, you must have cookies enabled. Libyan Contract Type C Stocks for Metric FAL Rifles. Add to Compare. New condition. Available in walnut (left grip below) or beech (lower pic, shaped the same as a plastic grip). Belgian FN FAL (FALO) Wood Stock & Forend Set, Original. NEW OLD STOCK. These springs will help your Rifle function better, than if you keep using those old springs. Israeli FAL Handguard Set HB. $1.00. Counts as a 922r US compliance part. Plastic will be well worn and possibly gouged. Once cookies are enabled please refresh the current page. :) Thanks great mods keep it up. May have light scuffs from storage wear. These are brand new and were made at the Lithgow factory in Australia. Looks like bakelite to me. These will work with Penguin Stocks. US made by Penguin. Made by FN at their facility in the USA. FAL Pistol Grip. Which is a big plus! Make sure to drill pilot holes for the rear sling and tang screws! Israeli Heavy Barrel Stock, Complete Flip Up Buttplate and Sling Swivel Assembly. $34.50. $8 each. US made by Penguin. JavaScript is disabled. Does not include screws. Good Condition. more info Quick view. **Handguard Screw Not Included**. Price $62.05. Springfield 1903-A3 handguard. AK-47 Area. Very Good condition! Made by Penguin. Item #: 021SDE-A. Imbel Pistol Grips have a slot cut inside to keep these secured in place. New! May have some light scuffs from storage wear. Comes with all mounting hardware. These fit perfect on Metric FAL Rifles. Freedom is not free. Metric Pattern FAL Handguard Ring. Priced £35: REPRODUCTION .303CAL BREN AA HANDLE in super order and manufactured to a high standard and would grace any MK1 Bren Gun. (covered in grease). Military Gun Parts Misc. Ultra rare, only 1 available! | Developed by Cole Patrick Digital Marketing | Privacy Policy, FAL Tutorial: Installing FAL Israel Gas Block, FAL, short flash suppressor (combo device) tool, FAL, handguard, free float, US made 922, EAI, L1A1, buttstock, wood, Australia, refinished, FAL, furniture set, black, US made 922, PSAW, L1A1, magazine, 20 round, FAL spring & follower, L1A1, magazine, 20 round, FAL spring and follower (qty 10). Brand new Brown US Made Pistol Grips for Metric Pattern FAL rifles. M1 CARBINE METAL VENTILATED HAND GUARD. Austrian StG-58 stocks with texture painted surface. © 2018, T. Mark Graham, Arizona Response Systems, LLC. Swiss Military Gear. ergos about the same, ditto with heat dissipation. Will work on all FAL rifles except for Heavy Barrels. M1 Carbine walnut handguard. Made by Penguin. FAL M-LOK HANDGUARD WITH M-LOK AND PICATINNY TOP RAILS. | All rights reserved. AK47/AKM East German lower hand guard, no metal. More Details Buy. Lithgow. New! FAL Carry Handle. Pistol grip, Australian, wood, without any plunger parts, new $30. Enter the full URL of your item or group's Facebook page, Enter the full URL of your item or group's Twitter page. Item #: 023IS. Counts as 1 US compliance Part! more info Quick view Add to Cart. Metric FAL Furniture Sets. Made by Penguin. Belgium FAL composite stock new $24.95. Used Very Good Condition! Metric FAL Pistol Grips. Used Fair to Good Condition. M14 US GI Vietnam Era fiber glass hand guard for the M14 Rifle. AK47/AKM LOWER HANDGUARD WOOD, NEW. Paint may be chipped or starting to peal. Copyright © 1996-2020 AR15.COM LLC. Price: $29.99 New! (These do not come with a pull thru.). Metric Handguard screw in fair to good condition. CETME. Price: $64.95. Will work in all light barrel Metric pattern rifles. FAL KEYMOD HANDGUARD AND TOP RAIL. Can be used on just about anything that has 1913 Picatinny rail. FAL (Israeli) rear sling swivel assembly with screws, for Israeli type wood stock only, new. Expect Dings and Scratches from use in War. Used Good Condition. **Hardware Not Included! May have dried cosmoline on the surface and some storage wear from long term storage. DSA FAL SA58 Metric Pistol Length Gas System M-LOK Interface Handguard. EAST GERMAN AK47/AKM LOWER WOOD HAND-GUARD USED CONDITION. ORIGINAL EAST GERMAN, M1 GARAND FRONT HAND GUARD NEW WITH METAL, M1 CARBINE HANDGUARD WALNUT EARLY TYPE WITH 2 RIVETS, 1903A3 SPRINGFIELD HANDGUARD BOX OF 4 PIECES.

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