We offer steel side extensions on our 83" wide models. It is also used on some hot-shot trailers since it allows the driver to carry additional cargo. Our 6" taller riser will keep your gooseneck trailer riding level.

Blackwood increases your traction when walking on the trailer deck. The bumperpull deckover dump spare tire mount is installed on the front side of the dump trailer. Since the majority of the surface of Blackwood is rubber, it doesn't fade and age like wood. This is the most convenient area to mount your spare tire since the deckover dump trailer sides fold down. With Blackwood your trailer deck will look newer and more professional for many years to come. Click the button below to add the 24" Mesh Dump Trailer Sides to your wish list. Add an extra 24″ to the sides of your dump trailer with our side extensions. Will work with tarp kit; Find Similar Products by Category. Whether you’re experienced to towing or you’re a newbie, proper setup and maintenance will help you be successful no matter what you’re hauling. The spare tire and mount can also be mounted on the driver side if requested. A torque tube absorb the twisting forces that are applied to the trailer frame during loading and hauling. These sides slide into the stake pockets and tubing on the rear doors. Blackwood is an exceptionally durable trailer deck solution. If so, you might want to consider ordering your gooseneck with a 6" taller riser. Polar Trailer #8272 Side Rail Kit for HD 1500 Series Trailers.
This would include triple axle gooseneck with three 10k or 12k axles.

Blackwood Rubber Infused Lumber (Patent Pending), Like Happy Trailer Sales on Facebook! These pull bar tarp kits can come installed from the factory or be bolted on a later date. Treater series lumber goes through strict computerized grading that greatly minimizes warping. We offer Expanded Metal Side Extensions on our 83" wide models. How do you rate this product?

This option sets the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) to 9,990 lbs (4,531 Kg). This option is most popular for users that are loading heavy equipment or large rocks. Our V-nose deck option is available on our L5 & L6 deckover trailers.. Blackwood is a wooden lumber product with rubber infused to the top of each board. Get it as soon as Wed, Nov 4. Copyright 2020 Alton Motorsports Co.
With our V-nose option, the front deck of the trailer is extended forward to make a "V" over the tongue. Under frame bridging is a 2" x 3/8" flat that spans the bottom of the trailer frame to minimize frame sag under heavy loads. Better traction makes for easier loading and unloading especially in wet weather conditions. Rectangular Tubing or I-Beam Frames PJ solid dump trailers come equipped with weld-on 4 d-rings, one in each corner. We offer HD 24" Dump Side Extensions on our 83" wide models. These sides slide into the stake pockets and tubing on the rear doors. Our tarp brackets making adding a roll-up tarp to your dump trailer painless. This option works great for snow mobile trailers and ATVs. Sitemap | Under frame bridging is standard on goosenecks 30 feet and up. This 8 ft rack mounts under the deck and is welded to the main beam of the trailer.

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