Goku asks Frieza what's going on, and Frieza says he's just here for the Dragon Balls, which he calls to him via telekinesis as his goons stumble after them, falling onto the snow. Broly doesn't stand a chance and Gogeta absolutely dominates him until he's screaming in fury. The pod seems to have been ruined in a crash landing, but Broly is not there. Frieza tries to shoot them down, but Gogeta grabs his hand and says "nuh-uh". Paragus flies off in a panic, crashing through the stained-glass window of the throne room to head for the spaceport. Taro then mentions that Frieza has been asking around about the legendary Super Saiyan, which makes Bardock even more suspicious. Frieza continues to hold down the fort while they wait another 30 minutes. He hasn't reached his maximum power yet, but Broly is about to power up again, and Goku doesn't want to wait. They are Saiyans, though Frieza is sure they have already figured this out. Frieza has good news, though: Prince Vegeta is still alive. Kakarot is the only one they can save. On September 30, it was announced that the film will have an early release on November 14, to 1,000 people selected via lottery through Weekly Shōnen Jump No.47 and the December V Jump.[10]. It is the first Dragon Ball Super movie. Dragon Ball Z Movie 8: Broly- The Legendary Super . The portion of the film set during Age 732 is said to be set 41 years prior to the present day portions,[5][6] indicating that the present day events are set in Age 773, however when the Ages are going by to reach the present day they end up at Age 775. The Ultimate Survival Battle!! Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Universe Mission!! Lost password? Hoping to get a bonus, they make landing and investigate the old wreckage. As they pass by Planet Vampa, they intercept a distress signal from an older-model ship. Paragus dons some kind of mask and they begin to search for Broly using one of the old scout-scopes. They go at it and the fight is a little bit closer to even now, but Goku is still struggling. Goku, struggling to get it together, says that's okay; Piccolo is his escape plan. When Broly loses control, he uses the remote control he keeps in his belt to electrocute Broly into submission. Zoom. In addition, he only wants to grow 5 centimeters to avoid suspicion from others, similar to Bulma wanting to be only 5 years younger for the same reason. But soon enough, Broly tanks a solid punch to the face, pushing back defiantly against Vegeta's fist. … Paragus also questions this and Frieza is surprised he has never seen a Super Saiyan before. The attack transforms the landscape around them, releasing the magma below the surface, but Goku is unharmed.

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