Most food delivery services have fairly comparable pay – drivers typically earn anywhere from $11-20 per hour, and up to $40/hour depending on the area you're delivering in and the demand for deliveries. Credit Repair Explained: Should You Pay For Help? The driver left my order on my door steps in the rain and it wasn't even in a bag. Had one woman give me an office building on 7th floor with secured floors ( no unit #, no company name ) and she gave her name not her boyfriend's name that works there as it was supposed to be a surprise for him?! After waiting for my food for almost an hour, items were missing. The morons that think we are just drone employees and need to bend over backwards for them is the problem. Some people can't wait 5-7 days for refunds. September 30, 2020Posted in: Side Hustles. The last three times my food had been cold and soggy. I called Door Dash and was offered $10 coupon. You can drive for multiple delivery services at the same time, toggling back in forth between apps, so you’re very rarely going without a delivery. I have sent 2 emails and get no response! Accurate And Undamaged Orders . You always keep 100% of this amount. This also includes swaps, funding campaigns, or items for sale. No explanation of what I "did". If I clear $12 an hour, it's a good day. i was driving an hour from home across a toll bridge and the tooth of a transmission gear popped loose and tore up the transmission, with silver glitter in the trans fluid. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Do not post false information on purpose. Offered me $5 door dash credit. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. No racism, sexism, vulgar content or personal attacks on other users. I am beyond frustrated. For real Dasher pay, here are a few DoorDash driver reviews from Reddit: Overall, DoorDash driver pay averages pretty close to $20/hour. I'm going to give it a try. DoorDash vs. Grubhub: As a driver, GrubHub pays a flat fee per order, plus 100% of your tips. This includes posting promotional codes and/or referral links. We’re in this together! This will explain everything from signing up to making more than the average Dasher. DoorDash is similar, but since they don't have a flat fee per order, there is potential to earn a bit more. I'm so unsatisfied with my order and they wouldn't even refund me. Same, my car is from '03 and it's pretty reliable but if it breaks down I can fix it or just get a different $1k-2k car. I used to like door dash until recently. For real Dasher pay, here are a few DoorDash driver reviews from Reddit: $200-$300 a week working an average of 14 hours = $14-$21/hour; $120 in five hours = $24/hour; $750-$900 a week working 35-45 hours a week = $16-$25/hour; $150-$300 in 10-20 hours over the course of 2 days = $7.50-$30/hour I'd always tip at least 20% or $10, whichever was more. except my breakfast place, that shit is poppin <3. If you have too many moving violations in the past few years, DoorDash may turn down your application. No food and yet to see a refund. The door dasher picked up the food and drove it in the opposite direction even though we live 2 minutes from the place! Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Will keep everything you say in mind.

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