As a reporter I have covered many stories about Oregon's legal system that show how flawed it can be, and how corrupt it can be. She attended the 'Moon Valley High School' in Phoenix. To join us by phone, dial 1.559.726.1200 with Access Code: 660481 To connect via computer and/or join the broadcast chat room, click to "See More" under our program description Toward the end of the year, Downs finally got an offer of surrogacy. Tim: And this is where your grandchildren fall into the story again with the prosecutor adopting the grandchildren, have you ever heard a story like that? Following the crimes, she told police a man had attempted to carjack her and had shot the children. Becky Babcock said that despite her supportive upbringing, she felt this need to know why her biological parents were not raising her. Family. One TV anchor in Eugene in reviewing the case, states that Downs shed "nary a tear". Tim: People do things for personal gain. Also Known As: Elizabeth Diane Frederickson Downs, Elizabeth Diane Frederickson, Spouse/Ex-: Steve Downs (m. 1973 – div. I have read through this several times now and my mind is just boggled. Prior to her arrest, Downs was employed by the United States Postal Service, assigned to the main routes in the city of Cottage Grove, Oregon. Diane Downs is an American murder convict who has been serving a life sentence since 1984. I wonder how those reporters would feel if they had a bullet through their arm. Wes: I wouldn't believe the police in Eugene, Oregon any more than if somebody came up and said, 'I think Diane did it' when then don't know anything. [8] Downs herself had been shot in the left forearm. She then drove them to the 'McKenzie-Willamette Hospital,' where Cheryl was pronounced dead. After high school, Downs attended the 'Pacific Coast Baptist Bible College' in Orange, California, while Steve was enlisted in the navy. Downs herself had been shot in the left forearm. Because she seemed "aloof". It is possible that the young girl, who the prosecutor, Fred Hugi, wanted to adopt, was well-coached, if not blatantly coerced. No trace metal. She was renamed “Rebecca (Becky) Babcock.”. But that is an amazing story. Many have chastised Downs for … [18] While in prison, she has earned an associate degree in General Studies. The children/family could claim what is called "personal injury" in that situation and sue for emotional damages they have suffered due to the tragic death, followed by separation from their mother and cutting ties with all their relatives, if the real guilty party or parties is realized and brought to justice.

On June 17, 1984, Diane was incarcerated for murder, attempted murder and aasault.
Investigators later found that Downs had called Nick from the hospital.

On May 8, 1982, Downs gave birth to a daughter through surrogacy. She then drove at a pace of between 5-7 mph to the local hospital, according to witnesses, where she then claimed to hospital staff she had been car-jacked by a stranger who shot herself and her children. Downs gave birth to her fourth child during her trial.

Please sign my BOTH Petitions and share it with as many people as possible. He and his wife Joanne adopted them in 1986. It sounds like Diane was trying to tell her to stay away from bad influences. She has testified that her father sexually abused her when she was 12 years old. Similarly Downs was born on August 7, 1955 in Phoenix, Arizona . Tim: And his wife became a judge right after this? On May 19, 1983, Downs shot her three children: Stephen, Cheryl, and Christie. Wes: The judges don't think it's important. They eloped and got married on November 13, 1973. Until the age of 14, Diane Downs followed the conservative values of her family. She was the oldest of four children. Tim: Right. Of her three children, one died immediately after the shootout. [2][3], Diane Downs was born in Phoenix, Arizona, on August 7, 1955, to parents Wesley Linden (1930–2017) and Willadene (Engle) Frederickson. Further, she claimed that her father abused her when she was a child. Babcock learned who her mother was at age 11, after tricking her babysitter to divulge the name. She was denied parole in December 2008 and again in December 2010; she is eligible to try again in 2020, at age 65. "Danny, a computer whiz, is still partially paralyzed from the bullet in his back, but he is living a happy and normal life. To inquire about a licence to reproduce material, visit our Syndication site.

You know he was shaking his head as a young reporter throughout the whole thing. She was later adopted by another family. Even though Rule never interviewed Downs, she wrote a book and signed a subsequent movie deal, casting her as guilty. Say what you want about how people handle tragidies differently, because of different "coping mechanisms", but I personally have NEVER seen a parent who loses a child, "cope" like that. She is the subject of a book by Ann Rule and a made-for-TV movie based upon it, both called Small Sacrifices. ... Diane had said this move was to start a new life and be closer to her parents for the sake of her children.

They actually contacted Diane. Likewise, she was born to Danish and English American parents Wesley Linden (1930-2017) and Willadene (Engle) Frederickson. However, the most significant witness against Downs was her surviving daughter, Christie, whose speech was impaired for several months due to a stroke she suffered from the incident. We had people in several cities that would have taken them, that were family members.

In 1994, Downs was transferred to the 'California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.' I had to quit reading it because it's so ridiculous. Despite her parents' disapproval, she continued the affair. Downs said: "I got pregnant because I miss Christie and I miss Danny and I miss Cheryl so much. [4] She has testified that her father sexually abused her when she was 12 years old. I would get "locked up", myself, because I COULDN'T cope. For further details of our complaints policy and to make a complaint please click here. Their first child, Christie Ann, was born in 1974. Wes Frederickson, father of convicted murderer, Diane Downs. Tim: No I don't think the courts were fair either in looking back at this, but it is the Register Guard where we can go read about certain parts of this case that will really make you shake your head. Postal service when Diane was around eleven years old.

After high school, she enrolled at Pacific Coast Baptist Bible College in Orange, California, but was expelled after only one year for promiscuous behavior and soon returned to her parents’ home in Arizona. She gave birth to a daughter through surrogacy on May 8, 1982. "You can’t replace children, but you can replace the effect they give you. Also the lawyer, Jagger, um, seems.. OK well you just, we went over the one court document, that was the police officer that ran the forensic tests that indicated that she hadn't used a weapon.

She claimed she was carjacked on a rural road near Springfield, Oregon, by a strange man who shot her and the children.

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