Similar things were replicated with many other breeds, most of which are considered hunting gun dogs. Behavioral training is recommended for English Coonhounds if they’ve been improperly socialized and are hostile or fearful. Pros – Friendly and outgoing, the Black and Tan Coonhound is a great choice for a family pet. Both males and females weigh around 45-65 lbs. If you’re interested in rescuing an English Coonhound, you should contact local shelters and ask if they have any. English Springer Spaniel. Bloodhound. They will often stubbornly follow a new scent trail and will independently go in search of its cause. Make sure your new puppy comes from a reputable breeder to avoid aggressive qualities. They need experienced, consistent, positive based training to mind their humans. They are a little more reserved than other hound dogs and make a good watchdog. Cons – This is a rare dog. Loyal and protective, this hunting dog can do double duty as a guard dog. Will My Dog Stop Barking If I Ignore Him? A Redbone Coonhound‘s sense of smell, enthusiasm and surefootedness makes this breed great for rocky terrain work. In the meantime, it’s advised that you cover up any carpeted areas and restrict access to rooms you don’t want to be used. Their nose may have put them at the top of the hunting dog category, but their disposition is putting them at the top of the companion dog list, too. Instead, you should try to find a reputable English Coonhound breeder. It is most commonly used as a raccoon hunting dog, but may also be kept as a pet. One of the packs belonged to President of the United States George Washington. But they have become increasingly popular as companion animals. They are lifetime learners and need mental and physical stimulation to avoid having behavioral problems. While the name may be cumbersome, it is a direct nod to this dog’s abilities. Pros – German Shorthaired Pointers are highly trainable due to their intelligence and willingness to please. Their olfactory abilities have been investigated more closely in the last decade, and proved how dogs are extremely effective at detecting drugs, bombs, tracking animals and humans, and a lot more that depends on their sense of smell (study; study; study). So they shouldn’t be too much of a challenge to train. They do well living in packs so should be fine living with other dogs. If you can’t provide lots of exercise, this breed isn’t for you. The breed is sometimes referred to as the American English Coonhound or the Redtick Coonhound. November 11, 2019 By //  by Sorrel Wilson Leave a Comment. You will usually see members of this breed in a pack leading a group of hunters on horseback. Basset Hounds are fantastic working dogs and have many traits which makes them a perfect job companion. Cons – This canine’s stand-offish attitude and large size means it isn’t a good choice for first time dog owners. As they are a deep-chested breed, they are also at risk of experiencing bloat. Basset Hound. Cons – A true hound, the Harrier is independent, stubborn, and determined. The conclusion of the study was that it's possible to measure the dog's olfactory capacity and determine which breeds have the best sense of smell. Not to be mistaken for a “yellow Lab”, it is its own breed with its own set of skills and abilities. But in a recent 2016 study, researchers have attempted to compare many breeds to see how they compare against each other in terms of their olfactory capacity. Pros – The loving, laid-back dachshund makes a wonderful family pet. They love living in packs and enjoy being companions. They do it because their veterinarian recommends it, without... Quite possibly one of the first questions people ask when researching a dog breed is, “But does it shed?” While dogs that shed can... It’s not easy caring for a blind dog, or even one that has got cataracts and can’t see well. Could the English Coonhound be the dog for you? Based on the lifestyle of these settlers, it is believed their dogs were primarily used for hunting game. There were no surprises during this testing, and researchers simply confirmed that (mostly) hunting dogs that were bred for tasks related to having a great sense of smell did indeed performed much better. It can be a challenge, but we have a puppy training guide with plenty of tips. Here are 25 highest ranking breeds listed in no particular order and ranked according to their subcategory. They need to have activities for their body and mind or they will become bored and destructive. Beagle. They even like other dogs. American Coonhound Interesting Facts and Features. Raising a puppy is a huge responsibility and it may seem overwhelming at first. Crate training is when you train a dog to become comfortable when kept in a crate or cage. Cons – The intelligence of these pups is a double-edged sword. These tough dogs tolerate weather extremes well. Read on to learn about their history, care, appearance and more. Not only are the dogs from these facilities often kept in cruel conditions, but they are likely to be irresponsibly bred too. Females are slightly smaller, standing at 21-25 inches tall. But, you should not take off its leash in public places as it has high hunting instincts. Labrador Retriever. English Springer Spaniel. The Harrier is known for its strong nose, which was used to hunt hare. Breeds that are similar to the English Coonhound include: Please comment below if you know of any more great rescues for this breed. Dogs' sense of smell overpowers our own by orders of magnitude—it's 10,000 to 100,000 times as acute, scientists say. These traits combined with a great nose make American Staffordshire Terrier an ideal choice for “search and rescue” operations, which is why this breed is becoming more popular among working dogs. It's one of the least popular dogs out there, but Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever is easily a deserved entry on the list of dogs with best sense of smell. English Coonhounds are popular working dogs with sweet temperaments and an amazing sense of smell. While the German Shepherd is the most popular dog for police work, the “Mal” is fast taking its place. Pros – It would be a tough search to find a fur-baby as easy to train and as loving as a Labrador Retriever. The “Scottie” dog is recognizable to almost everyone. It's one of the most popular police dogs today. Not only do they work for police departments, but as search and rescue, and service dogs, too. 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