Each audiobook can be converted one-third of content by AudFree. AAC to MP3 - Convert file now View other audio file formats: Technical Details: AAC is similar in concept to MP3 but goes further. Thank you for contacting us. Now, all audiobook files from the Audible app are transferred to AAXC, which has completely replaced AA/AAX format for downloads. Part 1. So with Epubor Audible Converter, we can still and always convert Audible to MP3 effortlessly. It is also part of the MPEG-4 standard, it is most widely used to create small digital audio files. Drop files here. Audible AAXC files can’t be converted to MP3 since now Audible added an address copyright protection to them, but a good workaround is to download Audible books as AAX or AA format instead to convert to MP3 smoothly with Audible Converter software. Step 2download and install the most powerful and easy-to-use Epubor Audible Converter to your computer. Now let's follow the tutorial to see if it satisfies your needs. I think this is possible because we have many customers from Europe. 100 MB maximum file size or. Confirmed in a phone call to Audible, AAXC is the new format that Audible is now using through Audible app, which means all the audiobooks downloaded from the new Audible App released on June 20, 2019 or later are saved in the AAXC format. Do you think you will support converting directly from AAXC in the future? It is beneficial for Audible to protect audiobooks in this new DRM format, which offers extra address protection. This new AAXC format will not influence the way you listen to Audible books online. In Europe it is not possible to download with computer audible files, so in Europe this program don't work with new audible files and in my opinion is not correct that the company continue to sell it without an upgrade !! All Rights Reserved. If you can download audible books via  windows app, you will get aax format audible books. Thank you for asking. So please upgrade the  audible converter to licensed version. Then we will try our best to help you fix it. Both converted only the first 10 minutes of the audiobook into mp3 (although epubor shows the correct length of the audiobook before converting). Select files from Computer, Google Drive, Dropbox, URL or by dragging it on the page. Split Audible audiobooks to several small segments by 3 ways, Listen to Audible AA/AAX audiobooks on any device and player. These two step-by-step guides will show you how to convert AAC files into MP3 format. By the way, if you want to split Audible files into chapters, before hitting the Convert to MP3 button, you need to click on the edit icon to the right of the book title and check Split by chapters and click OK. ; Click the “Convert to MP3” button to start the conversion. I have no trouble downloading my Audible Audiobooks - all 3000+ of them. Glad to know that. And all of your Audible books including the Romance titles can be downloaded in AAX format through Audible App for Windows. TunesKit Audible Audiobook Converter has powerful and professional features in aspects of converting Audible audiobooks losslessly. Also, you can screenshot and show me the details via my email: epubor.iris@outlook.com. hmm... do let us know the moment that you crack the aaxc protections because i have both InAudible and OpenAudible, both of which work wonderfully on original AAX or AA files... coincidentally, i was playing around with an AAXC file, trying to get it working in one of the many audible conversion apps i use, and i renamed it .AAX instead, and guess what happened??? Right now AAXC format is only applied to Audible App for Android, in case someday AAXC format is used on all Audible books no matter you download the book from Audible website or Audible App for Windows. Part 2. Step 1download Audible books from Audible websites or Audible App for Windows to your computer. All the same the apps we have got can only download AAXC files. The AAXC format is a new Audible format created in the latest released Audible App for Android and used for all Audible books downloaded through the app. Thank you for asking. Besides, We are not sure whether audiobooks from all Audible source will turn to AAXC someday. What is Audible AAXC? We are working on this aaxc format. AAC (Advanced Audio Coding) is a lossy audio compression format, based audio-encoding standard for MPEG-2 and MPEG-4. Release DRM from Audible, iTunes audiobooks, Apple Music, etc. Yes of course,I asked about to amazon /audible, In Europe you can’t download offline for sure, You can only in device, android, iOS, windows app, and in this case you have aaxc files… and all software like your don't works until now. On June 20, 2019, Audible released a new Audible App for Android. There is another big surprise: this intelligent software can automatically split audiobooks by 3 different ways: by hours/mins, by segments average, or by chapters, depending on your requirements. You need to convert and download at least 1 file to provide feedback! Many Android phone users felt a sudden rush of panic at the thought of no longer being able to convert AAXC to any other format. I cannot find anything online which describes what this is. For Audible books that you purchased (not borrowed), they can be downloaded in enhance format(.aax) from Audible website. Step 3launch Epubor Audible Converter, click Add button to upload Audible books to the software automatically or simply drag and drop AAX files to the main interface of the software, then click Convert to MP3 to start the conversion. This format was originally created as an alternative to mp3. Therefore, in this article, I am going to offer you a different way to convert Audible AAXC to MP3 for offline playback. It's like an added protection on Audible contents to avoid some users to convert them. Once we have any progress, we will let you know. Fortunately, as long as you don’t download Audible Books through Audible App for Android, you can still get AAX files. On the Japanese audible, it is not possible to download AAX or AA files. Max you are using your PC wrong if you cant download them ok. Stop using IE and use a real browser like Chrome/Firefox. Almost any player on any platform can open mp3 files. Copyright © 2011-2020 www.epubor.com. It is available to download this powerful tool for a free trial. We use both open source and custom software to make sure our conversions are of the highest quality. Have you contacted the customer service about this issue? How to Convert AAC to MP3? Once we have any progress, we will let you know. Now you successfully download and convert Audible audiobooks to local files on the computer. Thank you for contacting us. You can convert all of your Audible MP3 files to mobile devices or other portable players without downloading AAXC audiobooks. Any more problems, please feel free to contact us. Hillary Lopez works for Epubor and writes articles about eBooks and eReaders. So we highly recommend you to back up all of your Audible books as soon as possible.

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