Outlets (receptacles) and switches are usually shown in their approximate positions. For example, on a plot plan some of the information shown will include property lines, rights-of-way, easements, topographic features, and a north arrow. Tous les modèles de calendrier sont maintenant également compatible OpenOffice. for clarification. Structural – indicates dimensions and sizing of structural design with details for steel, joists, concrete, footings, shafts, beams etc. Symbols may vary slightly from one locale to another. Blueprint – Understanding Industrial Blueprints. ), and the addition of a line, letter, or number determines the specific meaning of that symbol. The main duct may consist of a rectangle to represent the actual size of the ductwork—including reductions. Your email address will not be published. It should be noted that electrical symbols are not standardized throughout the industry, which is one reason why electrical drawings typically have a symbol legend or list. The drawing must be properly oriented so the reader can relate the information on it to the surrounding area. For various reasons, some of the symbols on a drawing may not be standard. Others are simplified pictographs, such as the symbol for an electric meter. branches are shown by a single line with the dimensions of each noted adjacent to the lines. Copyright © 2009 by The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. such as those listed in Figures 8.11A,B,C The use of these symbols simplifies considerably the preparation of piping drawings and conserves a considerable amount of time and effort. Switch symbols are usually placed perpendicular to the wall and read from the right side or bottom of the sheet. Required fields are marked *. Nous sommes offrant la belle qualité photos…, Image result for blueprint symbols for walls, Image result for blueprint symbols for front cover. This symbol, which is usually an arrow labeled “N” for north, enables the reader of a construction drawing to orient it. In order for this system of symbols to work, each drawing within the set has its own unique number. Modified symbols are normally selected by the consultant because they are easier to draw and interpret and are sufficient for most applications. Electric contract Sec 81 all lighting project workings, Your email address will not be published. When plumbing drawings are prepared, they are not usually shown on the same sheet as the architectural floor plan. See more ideas about Blueprint symbols, Blueprints, Floor plan symbols. Do not scale a symbol to determine its size. However, designers and drafters continue to modify some of these symbols to suit their own particular needs for the types of projects they are normally commissioned to design. Different symbols may be used to represent the same item on these drawings. The main plumbing items shown on the floor plans are the fixtures. EXISTING FAN – REMOVE FAN AND BLANK OUTLET, Blueprint Standards – 1.1 GENERAL OVERVIEW, Blueprint – Layout of Construction Drawings. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. They simply indicate which switches control which lights. Blueprint Symbols Free Glossary - Floor Plan Symbols. Many times you will figure out what a symbol means by analyzing it and thinking about what it looks like. The electrical system for a small property would typically include wiring as well as devices such as switches, receptacles, light fixtures, and appliances. Some symbols may use the same or similar graphic treatments in elevation. Tous les calendriers sont conçus de manière experte pour faciliter éditer et imprimer. Construction blueprints (or construction plans) may vary from project to project but they hold a prominent place in the building process. In the preparation of working drawings for the building-construction industry, architects and engineers have devised systems of abbreviations, symbols, and keynotes to simplify the work of those preparing the drawings and to keep the size and bulk of the construction documents to an acceptable, comprehensible minimum. However, there are numerous variations of the “North” point symbol, depending on the designer’s fancy (Figure 8.2). Many materials are represented by one symbol in elevation and another symbol in section. Material symbols are used to represent materials or contents on floor plans, elevations, and detail drawings. Service lines are normally indicated on the site plan. Many electrical symbols are used to show the desired lighting arrangement. This is because many symbols are similar (square, circle, etc. Because of the complexity and space required, many symbols do not have any graphic relationship to the items they represent. Some of the symbols listed contain abbreviations, such as TV for television outlet and WP for weatherproof. Piping used in commercial and residential applications is generally termed “plumbing” and is designed to carry fresh water, liquid and solid wastes, and gas. Figure 8.12B Examples of heating symbols in general use. Other materials look pretty much the same when viewed from any direction, so their symbols are drawn the same in sections and elevations as seen in Figure 8.5. Drainage, vent, and water systems are drawn with thick lines using symbols, abbreviations, and notes. Landscaping – shows landscaping views and irrigation. Blueprint drawings—as applied to the building-construction industry—are generally used to show how a building, object, or system is to be constructed, implemented, modified, or repaired. Hundreds of blueprint symbols are used and without any strict international standards, there may be some minor variations to some of them depending on geographical location. FIRE ALARM TRANSMITTER (BASE LOOP) NUMERALS DENOTE CODE, FIRE ALARM TROUBLE TRANSMITTER (BASE LOOP) NUMERALS DENOTE, CITY FIRE ALARM MASTER STATION MTD 5′-6″ [1676mm] AFF. Abbreviations are often used in place of a graphic symbol in order to reduce drawing time and space. Figure 8.14 shows examples of basic and supplementary weld symbols and the standard location of elements of a welding symbol. PADMOUNT TRANSFORMER – NUMERAL INDICATES KVA SIZE SWITCHGEAR – SUBSCRIPT DENOTES SUBSTATION HIGH-VOLTAGE SWITCH ON CONCRETE PAD LOW-VOLTAGE SWITCH ON CONCRETE PAD, EXISTING CONDUIT IN PLACE – REMOVE EXISTING WIRES AND INSTALL NEW WIRES AS INDICATED, EXISTING CONDUIT AND WIRE TO REMAIN EXISTING CONDUIT AND WIRE TO BE ABANDONED OR REMOVED CONNECTION OF NEW CONDUIT TO EXISTING CONDUIT W/APPROVED TYPE COUPLINGS – INSTALL NEW WIRES CONDUIT SEAL FOR EXPLOSION PROOF INSTALLATION, PLACED ADJACENT TO DEVICE SYMBOL DENOTES EQUIPMENT SHALL BE REMOVED AND OUTLET BLANKED, PLACE ADJACENT TO DEVICE SYMBOL DENOTES EQUIPMENT SHALL BE REMOVED. A complete set of blueprints for an entire construction project includes but is not limited to the following types: One must differentiate between industrial and residential or commercial piping. For example, a circle drawn around an area of a drawing with an extension to a number would indicate that this portion of the drawing has been drawn to a larger scale to provide more information than would be possible at the existing scale (Figure 8.1). In Figures 8.8, 8.9, and 8.10 we see examples of receptacle symbols, alarm symbols, and other electric symbols. Throughout the remainder of this text, material symbols are presented as they appear in plan and elevation views. Many component symbols are similar to the actual item represented in plan/elevation view. Reading blueprints need some degree of getting used to especially for non-engineers or architects. Symbols are used on electrical drawings to simplify the drafting work for both the drafters and the workers interpreting the drawings. In some cases, similar symbols can have different meanings depending on the line of work being performed. Visualizing and reading construction drawings therefore necessitate a knowledge of symbols and abbreviations used in the construction industry and of their proper use in representing materials and other components and their locations (Figure 8.2). Gratuit Blank imprimable modèles de calendrier pour Excel. Individual drawings may be referenced many times throughout a set of construction drawings. Check notations, detail drawings, and specifications for identification. This is especially true on elevation drawings, as shown in Figure 8.6. Specific information should be obtained from relevant details, schedules, or specifications. Wiring is indicated by lines that show how devices are connected. There are many specialist trades, such as welding, that have their own specific symbols. Reading blueprints requires a good understanding of line types. Whichever symbol is decided upon, a drawing is properly oriented when it is held so that the north arrow shown on the drawing is pointing toward north. Symbols for the same items are usually different in plan, elevation, and section drawings. Symbols drawn to represent surface materials may cover only a representative portion of an area. Trade-specific symbols are included for the electrical, HVAC, and plumbing trades. The Meaning of Symbols: 197: Figure 8.2 Examples of typical door and window symbols shown in both plan (as it may appear on a blueprint) and in pictorial form.Reading working drawings necessitates the ability to read, and understand and visualize the various symbols. It should be noted that on some HVAC drawings one sees two types of symbols. What is a construction blueprint or construction plan? Both methods are used on HVAC drawings throughout the building-construction industry, either singly or in combination (Figure 8.13A and B). The following figures show some of the most common standard symbols; during the course of your work you will likely see many other types as well. For this reason, most drawings have a symbol list or legend drawn and lettered either on each set of working drawings or in the written specifications. The legend is used to define the symbols used in the construction plans (blueprint). The symbols discussed in this chapter are not all-inclusive by any means, but they are the ones that the builder or designer is likely to encounter in most general building-construction applications. The main function of HVAC drawings is to show the location of the heating, cooling, and air-conditioning units as well as the piping and ducting diagrams. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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